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Your wedding is just around the corner and you know you have taken a long time in deciding upon it. This naturally makes you wish that your wedding day should be the best day of your life. To ensure that to be the case, an organized wedding is what you want and then you will realize that you need wedding planning help to achieve what you desire. You have a heard a lot about professional wedding planners and know that if you depend on one, almost nothing can make your special day go wrong. But do you know what is it that they use to organize a perfect wedding? That object of wonder is known as wedding planning tool. With the help of this wedding planning tool you can ensure the updates on the wedding guest list, you exactly know what the plan of seating is like, how wedding invitations have been sent or will be sent, and whether or not all the replies have been received.

Wedding planning: instead of hiring a wedding planner, Wedding Planning Software can be a simple and ideal solution. As its name suggests, it is an assistant in the management of a wedding preparation. It can help in preparing guest list, musicians and others. Budget manager: Wedding Planning Software can help couples regardless their budgets.


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Planning a wedding and turning it into a successful event is a tough job. A number of tasks are involved while planning a wedding and these require immense organizational and planning skills. But this is a quality not everybody possesses and when wedding planners see that they have a great deal to manage, they employ professional wedding planners to assist them in their jobs.

Organizing is not the only area where a wedding planning tool comes to the rescue. While professional planners need to keep track of the tasks involved, they also need to be aware of how each task is going and at what stage each one of them is. The human mind is not so efficient to follow up each of these tasks and hence a professional planner finds it essential to take the assistance of wedding planning software.

Professional wedding planning software tools can also be of great help when it comes to keeping track of budget details concerning your wedding. This is definitely a difficult task since there are innumerous areas that require budget allocation and remembering every field of allocation can be stressful when other things also need to be taken care of. The biggest advantage of using wedding planning software lies in the fact that it is rather inexpensive and that extra expenditure is included in what you need to pay to the professional planner.

In short, the software takes care of all that you could ever think of. Most importantly this software lets you take a peek in to your wedding day. Right from the theme of your wedding to the timeline within which all important tasks should be performed, wedding planning software is the magic solution that can relieve you of all your worries. Other than those already mentioned wedding planning software also helps you schedule pre- marital counseling sessions, reserve wedding sites and book hotels to put up guests.

Before going through your wedding you should remember that every aspect concerning it is equally important. So, in order to have a less stressful time starting from the wedding to the honeymoon make use of wedding planning software or suggest its use to your event planner.

Top 10 Professional Wedding Planning Software:



Easy-to-use, web-based wedding planning software tools built for the professional wedding planner. Manage your events, clients & business. Free trial.


Guaranteed to keep your wedding business organized. Wedding planner software for professional wedding planners.


Wedding Planning Software For Mac Downloads


Welcome to the NEW Aisle Planner: Wedding planning software and CRM tool for professional planners / couples and an online Wedding Advice / Inspiration resource for brides.


Wedding planner Software, you have achieved an amazing skill set. Everything from last-minute detail changes, meeting with brides and picking the right vendors.


AAWP Wedding-Planning Software

The Software that Enables YOU to Manage Your or Your Clients & Weddings Effortlessly!


Elm Software creates wedding planning software for brides and grooms and wedding professionals. The complete wedding planning software program.



A Do-It-Yourself professional wedding planner app for the iPad, and available on the Mac, with everything a bride & groom needs to plan their special day!


Seating Arrangement is a free wedding and event planning software. Design the Floor Plan, Manage the Guest List, Track RSVPs, Manage Menu Options, Assign Seating, and more.



Wedding Planning Software For Mac Download Free

Events Clique’s 3D Event Designer is web-based 2D and 3D interactive floor plan software for event professionals.


Awesome Wedding planning, free tools to get you started, help you organise everything, get inspired with images and find venues. Moposa, create your perfect wedding


Wedding Planning Software For Mac Download Software

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