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VTech Kidizoom Camera

VTech Toys Australia is an award winning electronic learning toys company offering the best learning toys on the market today. Purchase toys from VTech Australia. VTech Kidizoom Selfie Cam 4-9 YEARS Kidizoom Smartwatch DX2 Purple 4-12 YEARS Kidizoom Smartwatch DX2 Blue 4-12 YEARS Kidizoom Smartwatch DX2 - Pink. Sep 20, 2018  VTech Kidizoom Camera software provides you options to recover photos and videos from digital camera, SD cards, Memory cards, external storage, USB sticks and hard drives. It supports recovery of more than 100 multimedia file types. The KidiZoom Pixi compact camera is a super-fun way to take selfies and pictures of friends Kids can customize their look with face and hair filters—or add fun and silly photo effects! The camera comes with five games including Master Chef, Animal Connect 4 and a magic augmented reality game.

Vtech Kidizoom Camera Software For Mac
Editor Rating: Good (3.0)
  • Pros

    • Durable case.
    • Real camera operation.
    • Plenty of filters and overlays.
    • SD card slot.
    • Includes games.
    • Good packaging.
  • Cons

    • 1.3 Megapixels is a little low.
    • Included disposable batteries are carbon zinc, not alkaline or lithium.
    • Initial volume is loud.
    • No Flash.
    • Smallish viewer.
  • Bottom Line

    The VTech Kidizoom Camera lets toddlers and small children 'be like mommy' by shooting stills with a ruggedized camera just for them. Whimsical overlays and games round out the entertainment value.

The VTech Kidizoom Camera ($39.99 list) is a 1.3-megapixel point and shoot camera designed for small children. Its orange exterior is ruggedized to take the occasional drop from the tabletop to the floor, and while it looks like a toy, it will take decent if unspectacular pictures. It has plenty of fun sound effects, a few games, and enough on board storage to hold 1,000 pictures. While I think more kids will want to use a hand me down phone as a camera these days, the Kidizoom is a good introduction to using a 'real' camera.

The Kidizoom looks like its predecessor from a few years ago, also named Kidizoom. It's got a rugged camera body with two large molded handgrips on the sides, and two viewfinder ports so a child can frame her picture with both eyes instead of using one. Both features make it easier for the child who is using a camera for the first time. The exterior is covered with grippy plastic, and it's well made, flexible plastic that's likely to shrug off the occasional drop to a concrete floor. The shutter button is right where you'd expect it, and the fixed focus lens means there's no focus lag to worry about. The new version of the Kidizoom has dedicated zoom in/out buttons on the right handgrip, which necessitates using the LCD viewfinder instead of the optical ones. The camera has a 4x digital zoom, standard for a camera in this price range.

The camera has a 1.3-Megapixel sensor, which is decent for quick snapshots, though a hand-me-down phonecam may have more pixels in its sensor. The pictures came out fine, with similar quality to phonecam snapshots. The Kidizoom's small LCD display was bright, but it could've been a little larger (there's a lot of blank plastic on the back of the camera). My four-year-old son didn't complain too much though, it's sufficient for the task at hand as well as for playing the three built in games. The LCD is also handy for framing the pre-loaded templates and filters that add a little whimsy to the digital pics.

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The camera uses two AA batteries, and you'll want to replace them as soon as you open the packaging. Vtech's description on the side of the box state that the included (carbon zinc) batteries are meant for in-store demos rather than full time use. The camera's non-alkaline batteries soon discharge during normal use. For best results, seek out and install lithium powered AA batteries. The camera can also use rechargeable NiMH AA batteries.

Vtech Kidizoom Camera

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