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Best Virtual Machine For Windows

Drum Virtual Instrument and Sample Library with 103 Kick Drums, 111 Snares, Hundreds of Tom/Cymbal/Percussion Sounds, and 1,000 Grooves - Mac/Windows AAX, VST, AU $ 99.00 6-month Promotional Financing Available ‡. Dubstep Drum Pads is a virtual drum machine / drum pad / drum computer. It includes many great Dubstep sounds and cool features like pitch, record, loop/playback, totally customizable sound assignment and metronome. With Dubstep Drum Pads You can play together with your friends, in a band or in your studio. Rupture Lite for Mac & PC is a lightweight 100% FREE Virtual Drum Machine Developed by Dopekitz. Packed Full of High Quality, Hard Hitting, Royalty Free Virtual Drum Kits! DopeKitz Presents Rupture a free 16 track virtual drum machine. With Rupture you can easily pick your kit, mix, and create all in one place.

Windows Virtual Machine On Mac

No need to find that elusive drummer with impeccable timing to lay down beats. Or invest in a pricey drum machine. Boom is an easy-to-use and effective virtual drum machine and sequencer that enables you to quickly add and customize beats for your music. And now this Pro Tools standard plugin is available to all Pro Tools First users at an incredible low price.



System requirements

WindowsWindows 7 and later
MacMac OS 10.9x and later
Pro ToolsPro Tools First
Copy Protection Requires iLok


This site provides downloads for our installers, sources and demos.


Due to the variety of linux distributions we do not provide packages for Linux. If you do not find hydrogen in the repository of your distribution, please ask the people behind your distribution to include hydrogen.

Virtual Drum Machine Software

Virtual drum machine software

If you’re using ubuntu, there’s also the kxstudio repository which provides packages for hydrogen.

Current stable version:

Most recent beta version:

Older versions:

  • Windows installer 64-Bit (0.9.7 RC-1)
  • Windows installer (0.9.6-alpha1 snapshot of February 2011)
  • Windows installer (experimental 0.9.6 branch snapshot of 10 may 2010)

Current stable version

Set Up Virtual Machine On Windows 10

Most recent beta version:

Older versions:


The hydrogen sourcecode can be fetched via github:

For more information about building hydrogen from source, see our Linux compilation howto.


You can find demo audio files for some of our drumkits here.

All files

All files (sources/binaries) for all platforms (Linux, Mac OS X and Windows) can be found on Sourceforge.