V380 Camera App For Mac

Jan 02, 2020  Though the application arrives with such amazing features, the app is completely available at free of cost. Download V380 Pro for PC, Mac, Windows for free. As we said previously, there is no official version of the V380 Pro for windows. However, you can use the app on your PC using the Bluestack emulator.

{Last Update: 2019/11/10, Latest Version: V380.} Searching for the software of the V380 for PC? If Yes! then you are now the perfect place! Because here is the total solution by discussing every platform for V380 camera software 32/64bit without BlueStacks. Maybe you are a Windows 7, 8, 10 or a MacBook operating system user. So please be patient and carefully go ahead step by step following the guide below.

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Download V380 for PC – Official Version

Download and install V380 software on a computer for surveillance your video cam. It is the fastest-growing cam for controlling the CCTV cameras from your desktop. Maybe you are already trying on the various website for free download the latest version. But I sure you can not find the real software. And, almost every website is suggested you to using BuleStacsk or any other Android app emulator. Sure?

But don’t worry. I will share the V380 software EXE file for Windows users. Also, I will give you the perfect system to install it on your Mac and Windows laptop/desktop via BlueStacks.

As a result, here are the two methods to download the soft file for computers. One is directly installing an EXE file (without BlueStacks) and another one is using BlueStacks. So let’s Go>


V380 For Windows 10, 8, 7 (Without BlueStacks)

As the most using computer operating system, Windows is now in the first position between its competitors. So huge peoples are using this OS nowadays. You can download the software file free for Windows all versions like 10, 8.1, 8, 7 and XP even!

A user can also log in and use v380 from his Windows Computer. There are two options for the login or creating a new account for live detection. Directly use your email ID or scan the QR code to get instant access!

The updated version is only 29.75MB. So get it free from the link below. I think it will satisfy yourself and you will give us gratitude by sharing this article on the social media wall. Or, dropping a perfect review of 5Star with a positive comment!

NoteBook: Please download the above-linked software as you wish. Because we can not give currently about it.

Setup Guide on YouTube

This YouTube video is maybe very helpful for you. Please watch the full video and like, comment on it.

V380 Camera App For Mac Free

V380 For Mac and Windows With BlueStacks (official Version)

By installing the Android application emulator on your Mac/Windows computer, you can use the official Android version for free! Though this method is very disgusting. But it is recommended for you. Because it is the only way to install the authorized version.

Basically, this software is uploaded on the authorized Android web app store at Google Play Store. But everyone knows that it is impossible to install any application for the play store to PC.

V380 features On The Latest Version October 2019

V380 has many unique features that can surprise you. Now see some special features of this cam.

  • Live video: By using this app, you can view the real-time video in anytime and anywhere.
  • Live control: this app support to remote PTZ control, with camera direction and rotation performed with many others by touching the screen.
  • Real-time audio monitoring
  • You can remotely video playback with the image capture
  • Voice intercom with video calls
  • Creative cloud streaming device technology
  • By using the V380 app, you can view the recorded video in an album

This app also supported VR wifi camera

If you are able to install an Android emulator on your computer. You can get the full Android facilities on your PC! Such as if you install the latest version of BlueStacks emulator, You can logging on the play store with your google mail-related credentials. And finally, you can download V380 for PC from the Play Store even! So download this emulator and install the V380 app on your computer.

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  • 6 FAQs

Follow this easy tutorial to download V380s PC. You can run the V380s for PC on Windows 7/8/10 and macOS-powered computers. As of May 2020, this tutorial works fine.

In a time when security is more important than ever, tools like V380s are made for the right job. It is a cloud-based video monitoring app that connects with Android devices via Network.

Hence, an Android device can be used to monitor a video of a CCTV camera using V380s. This app allows saving videos in the cloud. Therefore, users do not have to worry about space.

Moreover, it offers a wide array of features that make it more than just a regular CCTV app.

V380s – Brief Overview

Let’s take a look at the features of the V380s. The most important feature is the live video feed. By connecting any camera with this app (Via WiFi) users can view the live feed.

This is done in real-time. Therefore, you can monitor anything in your house, office, and do it on any device. Moreover, it offers Pan-Tilt-Zoom cameras. Therefore, users can view the space and controls all angles of the camera using the app only.

Since it has a touchscreen interface, therefore it really feels like using a mobile phone camera. Some other features include an option to add intercom.

It’s pretty useful if parents want to monitor their kids and even infants. When kids are in their rooms, parents can easily know what they’re doing, when they cry, wake up, and so on.

All the videos recorded using V380s are stored. They can be stored online as well as offline. Moreover, V380s has a built-in video player. The playback option allows owners to view the stream back in time.

Features like these make V380s one of the best CCTV monitoring apps for Android. It is available for Android on Google Play Store. However, its functionality is extendable to computers as well.

V380s for PC is installed using Bluestacks 3. It offers complete controls just like a mobile phone. The plus point is that you can have a much larger storage space on a computer or laptop.

As of 2020, this is the hand-tested method to download V380s for PC. To install V380s PC, download and install Bluestacks 4 for Windows. There are two main methods for installing it.

Either use the APK method or install it via the Play Store. Make sure that your PC is running Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 10 or Mac OS X operating system. Below are the steps to install V380s on laptops and computers.

Requirements to download v380s for PC

  • Internet connection.
  • CCTV Camera installed on your premises.
  • Windows or macOS-powered Desktop PC or Laptop.
  • Android Emulator – We recommend BlueStacks 4.1.
  • v380s APK – for the APK method only.
  • This tutorial.

Download v380s for PC in 2020

  1. Open the BlueStacks and log in using your existing/new Google Account.
  2. In the BlueStacks, open the Play Store and find V380s.
  3. As you find V380s, install it.
  4. After the installation comes to an end, launch V380s.
  5. Enter your camera details to connect it to the v380s for PC.
  6. Follow on-screen instructions now to start the surveillance.

How to install V380s for PC using APK

  1. Download and save V380s APK from the requirements section above.
  2. Install the BlueStacks 4.1 on your Windows or macOS PC.
  3. Sign in to the BlueStacks using old/new Google Account, it’s free.
  4. Double-click on the downloaded v380s APK, it will be installed via BlueStacks.
  5. Now launch BlueStacks and open v380s inside BlueStacks.
  6. Set up v380s by following the on-screen instructions.

V380s PC – Video Tutorial

For any queries, feel free to drop your message in the comment box below. We will try to get back to you as soon as possible.


Is V380s and V380 Pro the same app?

For the most part, YES! V380s and V380 Pro are the same apps. There is a difference of a few features only. Both apps are offered by the same developer and both apps have the same functionality.

How can I download V380s Pro for PC?

You can easily download V380s Pro for PC via BlueStacks 4.2 for Windows and BlueStacks 4.1 for macOS.

Is V380s for PC Safe?

YES! V380s is available officially in the Google Play Store. We are downlading V380s for PC via the Play Store in an Emulator. You can trust this method and the app.

Is V380s for PC free?

YES! V380s for PC is completely free because this app is available for free in the Google Play Store.

Do we have official V380s PC Version?

NO! We do not have official V380s PC version, but we can download its Android version as the PC version.

Can I download V380s on Windows 10?

YES! You can download V380s on Windows 10 via BlueStacks 4.2.