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If you have an iPod where all of your music tracks are saved, you might want to learn how to transfer music from your iPod to your Mac to enjoy these tracks on your Mac machine as well. There are various ways to do it and this guide covers multiple of those ways for you.

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How to Use iMusic- iPod Transfer Software to Transfer Music from iPod to iTunes Step 1 — Download, Install, and Launch iMusic Connect your iPod First, you’re going to need to have iMusic installed. Do so by downloading the FREE trial that is available on the iMusic website (Mac. Free iPod to iTunes Transfer - How to Transfer Music from iPod to iTunes. Many iPod users may be tired of copying multiple music files from iPod to iTunes or to computer using iTunes, as it may waste a lot of time and the steps are not easy to handle. Many iPod users are loyal to the device as it can store amount of songs, and provides high-quality music in iTunes store. IPod has been popular for many years, and the songs may have been stored in the device for years, so when the users updated to a new Mac computer, they will try to find a way to transfer music from iPod to Mac. 2.2 Sync Music from iPod to iTunes; 2.3 Transfer Software to Transfer Music from iPod to iTunes; 2.4 Transfer Songs from iTunes to iPod Shuffle; 2.5 Transfer Music from iPod to iTunes on Mac or Windows; 2.6 Transfer Music from iPod to iTunes Free; 2.7 Transfer Music from iPod to iTunes Windows 10; 2.8 Transfer Music from iPod to iTunes on Mac.

Apple’s iPod is one of the amazing devices you can ever have for listening to your favorite music tracks. It is extremely easy to use media player that you can use just like how you use your iPhone, but with the main focus being on your entertainment needs. If you have got yourself such a device, you may sometimes want to sync music from your iPod to your Mac.

Since both iPod and Mac are made by the same company, it is actually pretty easy to do the sync and have your iPod music available on your Mac machine. Although it requires using certain apps to do the task, you can finally get your favorite tracks on your Mac without much hassle. The following are some of the ways to transfer music from an iPod to a Mac.

Part 1. Transfer Music from iPod to Mac with iTunes

Most people who want to do something with their iOS device such as an iPod will use the iTunes app to do their task. It is because the app provides you with all the features you need to be able to get your content from your device to your Mac and vice versa.

While iTunes has its own restrictions as to what you can transfer from your device to your Mac and so on, it can still be used to transfer music from your iPod to your Mac machine. You will not actually be syncing it but you will use the Finder to extract individual music files from your device.

The following are the steps on how you can go about doing it on your Mac.

Step 1. One of the things you will need to do is prevent iTunes from auto-syncing your iPod. To do it, plug the iPod into your computer and launch iTunes while holding down both Command and Options buttons.

Step 2. Your iPod should now be available as a storage device in the Finder. You should be able to access its files just like how you can access other files on your Mac.

Step 3. You will need to enable hidden files on your Mac to view iPod files. Open the Terminal and run the following command in it to do so.

defaults write AppleShowAllFiles True; killall Finder;

Step 4. Open the Finder and click on your iPod name in the sidebar.

Step 5. Access the folder that says iPod_Control and then open the Music folder. You can now copy the files you want from here to your Mac.

Access the iPod Music Folder

That is all there is to it.

While you can always sync your iPod using iTunes to get your music files to your Mac, it is going to apply various other changes as well to your iPod. The above method only transfers the chosen music files which are exactly what you are looking to do.

Part 2. Transfer Music from iPod to Mac without iTunes via AnyTrans

On most modern computers, you are actually going to face issues mounting your iPod as a storage device. It is because newer Macs do not recognize the iPod as a storage device and so they will prevent it from appearing in the Finder sidebar.

One of the ways to tackle the issue is to use a third-party app. There is an app called AnyTrans for iOS that allows you to load music on your Mac from an iPod without needing the iTunes app. You do not even have to get your iPod mounted as a storage device as the app will do it all for you. If you are ready to do the transfer, the following is all you need to do to transfer music from an iPod to a Mac without iTunes.

Step 1. Grab the latest version of the AnyTrans for iOS and install it on your computer.

Free Download * 100% Clean & Safe

Step 2. Connect your iPod to your Mac using a USB cable. Ensure you use the original cable that came with your device.

Step 3. Launch the app on your Mac. Click on the option that says Device Manager in the left sidebar and then choose Music from the right-hand side pane.

Access the Music Transfer Feature in AnyTrans for iOS

Step 4. Click on Song in the left sidebar to view all the available songs on your iPod. Then, pick the songs you want to transfer to your Mac on the right-hand side pane. Finally, click on the To Mac button at the top to start transferring your songs.

Step 5. Once the music files are transferred, you will see them in the Finder on your Mac.

View iPod Music on the Mac

As you can clearly see, all it took was just a few clicks to transfer your chosen music files from your iPod to your Mac. If it was iTunes or something else, it would have required you to transfer a dozen other file types before you could transfer your music files.

Bonus Tip. Transfer Music from iPod to iTunes

If you followed the second method shown above to transfer music from your iPod to a Mac, you would have noticed that it transfers your files to a folder on your machine. Your music files are kept as standalone files in their individual folders and they are not imported into any apps like iTunes.

However, if you use iTunes to manage your media files, you will want to get these music files added to the app. One of the ways to do that is to manually add the files to your app. But it is going to take really long, especially if you have a number of files to transfer. A better solution would be to use AnyTrans for iOS. It helps you transfer files from your iPod directly to the iTunes app on your Mac. The following is how you do it.

Step 1. Download and install the AnyTrans for iOS on your Mac.

Free Download * 100% Clean & Safe

Step 2. Plug your iPod into your computer and launch the app.

Step 3. Click on Device Manager in the left sidebar and choose Audio from the right-hand side menu.

Access the Audio Feature in AnyTrans for iOS

Step 4. Select the Music option and then choose the music tracks you would like to transfer to iTunes on your Mac. Then, click on the Send to iTunes option at the top to start transferring your chosen files from your iPod to your Mac.

Step 5. You should be able to see the live progress of the music transfer on your screen. It will notify you when the files are all transferred to iTunes on your Mac.

Transfer Songs From Itunes To Ipod

With the aforementioned app, all it takes to transfer music from an iPod to iTunes is just a few clicks and you are good to go. The app can also be used to transfer files as normal files as you saw in the earlier method.

The Bottom Line

If you are not sure how to transfer music from an iPod to a Mac but you want to do it, the above guide has several methods showing how to get the task done on your machine. We hope you can find a suitable method for yourself and get your music moved to your Mac computer.

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By Nathan E. Malpass, Last updated: October 28, 2019

iPods are great entertainment companions. They help us enjoy music when we want them. They store our favorite sound in one device that we can take wherever we go. The only trouble with iPod is the limited storage. You can only store up to the gigabyte you purchase. External storage can be an issue.

When the iPod is about to be full, it may slow down and deliver less smooth performance. Because of this, you’d opt to transfer music from iPod to computer free. We use the computer as a backup for our music. Don’t settle for a slow-performing iPod. Keep it at its best state by using these methods for music transfer:

Part 1: Transfer Music from iPod to Computer Free via Phone Transfer

Third-party programs are one of the simplest and quickest ways to freely transfer data from an iPod to a computer. With the vast choices available on the Internet, it can be a challenge to find the best and most efficient in getting the job done.

FoneDog Phone Transfer is powerful software you can download for all your transfer solution needs. It comes in a Free Download option so you can try the software before purchasing. This app flawlessly imports data such as music, videos, photos, and other media into a computer. FoneDog Phone Transfer is an effective software that allows transfer for mobile to mobile, mobile to PC, and vice versa.

Forget about data loss. FoneDog Phone Transfer is the app that you can count on for data backup and transfers. Using FoneDog Phone Transfer is very simple and easy. Here’s how you can use FoneDog Phone Transfer for transferring music from your iPod to your computer:

Step 01 - Download FoneDog Phone Transfer

Find the FoneDog Phone Transfer app, select it and download it. Once the app is downloaded, install the software.

Free Software To Transfer Music From Ipod To Itunes For Mac

Step 02 - Connect iPod to PC

Launch the FoneDog Phone Transfer app. Select your preferred iPod to computer transfer option. Using an authentic cord, connect your iPod on the computer.

Step 03 - Choose Music

Choose “Music” on the left.

Step 04 - Select Music Items to Transfer

Select the music items and tap “Export to PC”. Make a destination folder where the imported music will be stored.

Transferring music from your iPod to your computer can be a breeze with the help of FoneDog Phone Transfer. It can be a hassle to fill the built-in storage memory of the iPod and this is where an app like FoneDog Phone Transfer definitely matters.

Part 2: Transfer Music from iPod to Computer Free without Software

If you want to kick it old style and prefer to go app-free, there is also a solution for you. Transferring music from your iPod to your computer is easy by following these simple steps:

Step 01 - Use a genuine cable to plug the iPod into the USB port of the computer.

Step 02 - Click on the prompt, “Trust this Computer.”

Step 03 - Navigate the iPod using our file browser. If you are using Windows, tick on the “View” tab and select the choice “Hidden items.”

Step 04 - Open “iPod_Control” and “Music” folder. You will not see the hidden items if step 03 is not performed.

Step 05 - Choose the Music Folder and drag it to where you want it placed in your computer. Following these steps will transfer your iPod songs to your computer.

Transferring music from iPod does not always require iTunes. Above mentioned shows how you can simply drag and drop to transfer music from iPod to computer free. This is a convenient way to go about iPod transfers.

Transfer Music From Ipod To Itunes Mac Free Software

Part 3: Transfer Music from iPod to Computer using iTunes

The benefit of using iPhone devices is the streamlining of access. You can get music and other forms of media using iTunes. Of course, we’d want to enjoy our music on all of our devices. This is where it helps to have iTunes. Here are the ways to transfer your music from the iPod to the computer:

Step 01 - Plug the iPod to the computer using a genuine cable.

Step 02 - On your computer open iTunes. If there is an update, follow the instructions to perform it.

Step 03 - After completing the update, tick File and move to Devices. Click the option “Transfer Purchases from iPhone.”

Step 04 - Allow the transfer process to complete. The length of transfer time varies depending on the number of devices and the size of the file.

Step 05 - Head on to “Recently Added on iTunes.”

Step 06 - check and choose the music you want to transfer.

Step 07 - On the lower right corner of the song of your choice, tick the “Download” icon.

Step 08 - Wait for the download to finish and you should enjoy music transferred to the computer.

There you have it! Using iTunes to transfer music from iPod to your computer. Another easy and fast way to ensure that you get music playing in your device of choice.

Part 4: Summary

There are many ways to transfer music from iPod to computer. One of the most efficient is the use of FoneDog Phone Transfer. Compared to other apps, FoneDog Phone Transfer offers an easy and quick transfer of your songs and music to your computer better and more effectively. You can also seamlessly transfer files with added features. All you have to do is download and install the app and it will deliver as it promised. Do your file transfer any time with more features to enjoy.

Be with the more convenient and efficient choice, download and try out FoneDog Phone Transfer. However you want to transfer your files, FoneDog Phone Transfer got it covered. There are also other methods you can use to transfer music as discussed above. In the end, the choice is yours. Whatever floats your boat. Go give these tips a try and tell us how it worked for you.

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