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    BirdiCode / Soundcloud Downloader for Mac

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Tag: free music app SoundCloud brings music fans more than 135 million tracks SoundCloud is the world’s largest audio and music streaming platform, now. Jul 16, 2015  I’m saying so much about this app, because I am wishing to present you the perfect way to make SoundCloud download for PC. SoundCloud for PC Download, App on Windows 8/8.1/7. Before downloading it to PC, you need to download an app player to your laptop. To get this SoundCloud app, there are bunch of emulators (app players) avail.

  1. One of the greatest features of the app is the ability to download songs, audiobooks, and podcasts for offline listening later. It’s important to remember that you’ll need either at least 3G speed on data or access to high-speed Wi-Fi to use the app and avoid buffering issues; some people have complained that certain carriers (T-Mobile, in.
  2. When you combine Pro Unlimited with SoundCloud Go+ you get the ultimate DJ package: the best creator tools and access to SoundCloud's massive catalog. Pro Unlimited subscribers can add on SoundCloud Go+ for half the price.
  3. The whole thing is just an internet explorer browser. It opens Everything is huge, I can't control the playback easily, the browser version is just simply better. I somehow ended up finding a loophole to the browser version within the app, but it couldn't actually play the music, it said it was just playing it.

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Soundcloud Downloader is a small but efficient tool that allows you to download your favorite songs from online cloud service To make your downloading experience more enjoyable you can queue entire pages of songs, download five of them at the time, and put successfully downloaded songs (either on desktop or in a folder of your choice) directly into your iTunes playlist, from where you can sync those songs on all your home and portable devices. By having Soundcloud Downloader installed on your Mac, you can incredibly easy expand the size of your personal music library. With the app hosting over 20 million songs from world’s most talented musicians, you can be sure that you can always easily discover new great music from thousands of popular and rising artists.
Interface of Soundcloud Downloader for macOS is very simple, enabling anyone to easily download songs by simply copying and pasting the URL of the app webpage to the very small and simple dashboard. This dashboard can however be expanded by clicking on the “Check Faves” button that will open integrated the app content browser, enabling you to set your Favorite songs or artists, browse for new content with ease and check a list of already downloaded songs. All the content that is pulled from the tool can be listened there on the spot or instantly downloaded. Customization screen of the app offers a single page of tweaks, from default directory, import to iTunes, automatic download of new songs in favorite channels, and setting up your notifications. App supports creation of large download lists, with notification for starting and ending of downloads for each song.
Features and Highlights
Simple UI
A very basic user interface to download directly from
Have a soundcloud account? Soundcloud Downloader can automatically download all of the songs you marked as your favorites.
Simultaneous downloads
Download up to 5 songs at the same time to your mac. There's an accurate progress bar and a cancel button to cancel the download at any time. After the download is complete, you can easily find the downloaded file on your mac by pressing the magnification button next to the progress bar.
Soundcloud browser
An integrated browser into the app downloader lets you download directly inside of the application itself without visiting it in your web browser. Also you can preview any song directly from the application itself before you download it.
Growl notifications
Growl comes integrated into sound cloud downloader. It will notify you when a download has finished or when a download just automatically has begun. Don't know what Growl is? Check it out on our Website.
Note: Requires 64-bit processor.