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If you’re thinking about foraying into the world of home video then you’ll want to get a good MP4 editor Windows 10 to get you going. If that sounds scarily like you’re going to have to shell out a lot of money for a product that you’ll probably only use a couple of the features form then don’t worry because we have you covered. The world has changed and you can now find some of the best video editing tools are not only easy to download but are completely free! So whether you’re an experienced home videographer looking to find some software that matches your new Windows 10 device or you’re taking your first steps into home videos we’ve found some great software that will get you going.

  1. How To Edit A Mp4
  2. Edit Mp4 Files Windows 10
  3. How To Edit Mp4 Audio

Jul 05, 2017  Trim a Video or Audio File RELATED: Use Your Mac's Preview App to Merge, Split, Mark Up, and Sign PDFs. To get started, open an.mp4 file or another video with QuickTime. QuickTime is the default video player, so you should just be able to double-click your video file. Oct 12, 2019  Fimora Video Editor (or Fimora Video Editor for Mac) is a trustworthy MP4 video editing software to edit MP4 files. There is no problem of importing and export MP4 formatted videos. You can import MP4 videos for editing freely. Tag Editor Free is handy spreadsheet for batch tagging and renaming of audio files. Load tags from files and folders names. Edit, copy, paste, find and replace.

1. Best MP4 Editor Windows 10 for Beginners

We live in a world where we’re always taking photos and filming what’s going on around us. Sometimes it’s nice to just but these clips together to make something memorable. Whether it’s a holiday, wedding or even a graduation video, putting it together into an easy to watch bite-size video is better than showing people all of the raw footage. The Movavi Video Editor is one of the best on the market when it comes to MP4 editing. With it’s simple settings and drag-and-drop controls, it’s easy to get to grips with making stunning videos even if you’re a complete novice! Movavi Video Editor comes with a 7 day free trial period so you can see how you feel about it and then can make the decision to get the full amount or not.

It’s main features include:

  • A short learning curve – you can master Movavi in under 20 minutes.
  • Smooth transitions, filters and even titles to make your video look excellent.
  • Fast and easy to export to format with direct sharing to YouTube enabled.

How To Edit A Mp4

2. Editing Videos on Windows 10

Video editing is fast and easy and only takes a few simple steps for you to have amazing videos. Here’s some simple steps to get your started on MP4 editor Windows 10:

Edit Mp4 Files Windows 10

  • Add files to the program – Once you’ve got your files into the editing software you can cut and snip them as you like. To do this only takes a couple of clicks of a button. First click on ‘Add Media Files’ and then locate the files you want to add.
  • Split Video into Different Parts & Delete Unwanted Segments – The most important part of video editing is managing to cut the video at the perfect moment. Simply click on the clip you want to cut and then place the red icon where you want the cut to take place and click on the scissors icon. If you aren’t going to use the remainder of the video then click on it and then click delete on the keyboard.
  • Apply Effects to Videos and Pictures – Using different filters is just like when you use them on other apps. With hundreds of filters at the tip of your fingers you just need to click on the Filters button and you will see all of the effects you can use. Click on the icon to see how the filter will look in use and then drag it to the clip to apply it.
  • Make Transitions Smooth – The Transitions button allows you to glide effortlessly between clips. Choose the transition you like to see a preview and then place it onto the timeline between two clips you want to use.
  • Add Titles – Titles are a quick and easy way to let people know what the video is about. The Titles tab will show you a list of readymade titles and you simple need to drag it onto the timeline. To edit the title just double click on the timeline and you’ll be able to make it your own.
  • Adjust the Audio – You can edit this just like video to make longer songs last the right amount of time and add loops into songs that aren’t quite long enough.
  • Save the Project – Click on Save Project As in the File menu and then decide where you want it to be saved just like a normal file.
  • Export the Finished Product – Click Export, choose your desired format and then click start. Quick, simple and easy!

3. Other Free MP4 Editor Windows 10

While Movavi is easily the best MP4 editor for Windows 10, if you’re after something that is completely free but still top of the range quality then check some of these out:

  • VSDC Free Video Editor – This video editing software might not be as easy to get to grips with as others out there but once you’ve gotten your head round the slightly odd way of working you’ll be able to make stellar videos. With professional quality at your fingertips, you can find numerous editing wizards on the internet that will guide you through this program the first few times you use it.
  • Hitfilm Express – Another program that has professional level features without costing a penny, the basic editor has an amazing array of cutting tools, filters and compositing options. If there’s anything you feel like you’re missing out on then you can buy some extra packs for a fee to make your videos even more impressive. Before you go with this you’ll need to check the technical requirements as it is a lot more demanding that some software out there.
  • Shotcut – Having started out as a Linux application, Shotcut certainly has a steep learning curve but if you’re willing to put the time and effort in you can achieve some incredible looking films. Not running like the normal editing software at all, you will need to be dedicated to the cause if you’re going to stick with Shotcut but if you do, you can achieve some simply incredible results.

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