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Oct 03, 2018  On your Mac open System Preferences. Now click on the ‘Dock‘ icon to access its options. Once on the Dock options page, look for the ‘Show recent applications in Dock‘. Uncheck the box next to it. After you have unchecked the box, the recent application icons will disappear from the dock. Nov 09, 2018  Despite Apple’s continuous upgrades, there are a few things that you can’t do such as removing native apps, stretching the Dock to the sides, etc. That’s why I have made the list of the best Mac Dock customization apps. You have two choices here. You can either use these apps and the Mac Dock side by side.

Dec 14, 2013  Can I just remove an icon from the dock using terminal. I would like to remove the app from the dock as well, Like most uninstallers do. I usually see them kill the dock. Do shell script 'killall Dock' But how do I remove the app?-At the moment I added some GUI Scripting but I would perfer not to use GUI scripting, because its a bit flaky. Oct 02, 2016  The Music app can be added to the Dock and may also be shown there as a Recent app, along with a button for adding it to the Dock permanently, should you wish. Separately from the Music app, the Now Playing app may also be shown in the Dock. This is similar to, but different from, the menu option of the same name within the Music app.

New Mac users might wonder how to put often-used apps, documents, and folders down into the Dock for quick access. Luckily, it’s quite easy. Here’s how.

How to Add an App Icon From the Mac Dock

1.) Open the Applications folder and find the icon of the app you wish to add to your Mac’s Dock. (This also works with folders and documents.)

2.) Hover your mouse pointer over the app, document, or folder icon you wish to add to the Dock, and click and hold your mouse button or trackpad.


3.) Drag the icon down to the Dock, to the location where you want to move it. (Note: You’ll notice the Dock has a dividing line. Applications need to be dropped on the left side of this line, while documents and folders should be dropped to the right side of the line.)

4.) Hover the icon over the spot you wish to drop to. You should see the icons move over to make room for the new icon.

5.) Release your mouse button, the app will drop into place on the Dock.

How to Remove an App Icon From the Mac Dock

Removing Apps From Dock Mac

There are two ways to remove an icon from the Dock.

Removing Apps From Mac Dock

Note: You can only remove an application icon from the Dock if the app is closed. If the Dock icon shows a dot beneath the icon, the app is currently running. Close the app before attempting to remove its icon from the Dock.

Method One

Method one is to right-click the icon while it sits in the Dock. You’ll see a pop-up menu appear. Hover your mouse over the “Options” menu item. A new menu will appear. Click “Remove from Dock.” The icon will disappear from the Dock.

Mac Remove App From Dock When Closed

Method Two

Remove Apps From Dock Mac

Method two is to hover your mouse pointer over the icon you wish to remove, and then click and hold. Begin dragging the icon up and away from the Dock to an empty space on your Mac’s Desktop. You’ll soon see a bubble with the word “Remove” in it. You can now release the mouse button. The icon will be gone from the Dock.

Remove App From Dock Macbook Pro

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