Quit Mac Apps With Red X


Immediately quit any app. This command doesn’t just minimize the app (as sometimes happens when you hit the red “X” button at the top of any Mac app)—it completely shuts it down. Jul 13, 2017  The other answers are correct, but — we’re talking about Macs here, not Windows boxes — there’s really no compelling reason to quit an app you won’t be using for a while. If some other app needs the RAM, MacOS will just quietly move the idle app o. One thing which i'm unable to get used to is that while the red button closes a window, the program will remain open until you quit the application using the Menu Bar. One option to bypass it is use the key combination Command + Q but by doing that all the instances of that program opens up the next time I open that application.

To quit (close) a Mac app normally, choose Quit from the app's menu in the menu bar, or press Command (⌘)-Q. If the app doesn't quit, follow these steps to force the app to quit.

Quit Mac Apps With Red X

How to force an app to quit

  1. Press these three keys together: Option, Command, and Esc (Escape). This is similar to pressing Control-Alt-Delete on a PC. Or choose Force Quit from the Apple () menu in the upper-left corner of your screen.
  2. Select the app in the Force Quit window, then click Force Quit.

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Quit Mac Apps With Red X Ray

  • You can also force the Finder to quit, if it stops responding. Select Finder in the Force Quit window, then click Relaunch.
  • If none of your apps are responding, you can force your Mac to restart.
  • You can also force an app to close on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.