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Quilt Designing Software For Mac

From McCaw Designs: This app simplifies and speeds up the process of designing, building, and finishing a quilt. If you're like me, you like creating quilts. Sometimes, you use a pattern and every. Electric Quilt-Electric Quilt 7 For MAC. EQ7 is the most user- friendly quilt design software yet! From traditional to modern pieced to applique- you can design it all.

Add to Wishlist Electric Quilt is the industry's go-to computer software for quilt designing. From professionals, to the everyday quilter, EQ has all the right tools and features for every designer. NEW LOOK: EQ8 is redesigned with a friendly new look that includes large interface elements for faster, more intuitive learning.


What is quilting software?

Which program to choose?

How to make quilting more enjoyable?

The answer to these and more questions you will find in this article.

For a long time women all over the world have been sewing quilts in order to make their families warm. And for all these centuries they have been making quilts by hand, which extremely limited the production due to a huge number of hours spent to design and sewing.

Nowadays we are luckier as we can use various programs which do this tedious work for us. Here are the most famous quilting software systems.


Quilted Photo Deluxe

This program has 16 new pixel shapes, automatically makes amazing contoured and paper piecing patterns. This is the best quilting photo software in the world, as it is reliable and easy to use. This software includes options for realistic color palettes and grayscale. You will be also able to print a shopping sheet that will tell you finished quilt sizes, how much fabric you will need and even more. The most time saving and incredible feature is that you can print your pattern in full size with your own numbers. You will only have to tape those pages together and start working.


Electric quilt 7 is supposed to be the best to use. And it's fairly simple. This software offers you such a huge variety of options, so your design opportunities are endless. If you are a beginner or an advanced user, it really doesn't matter, because this program will suit both down to the ground. It offers possibility of design with many available options, or if you wish, you can create your own design. There are 20 000 items which can be used to add to your own design with choices of colors, blocks, fabrics and embroidery designs. It is also possible to add photos and scan fabrics into the software.

PC Quilt


The new versions of this software offer new powerful tools for designing quilts.

  • - You won't need to know how to draw. Select applique shapes from the menu and create wonderful applique blocks.
  • - Use Circle Around tool to circle around shapes for as many times as you want to create a great applique.
  • - This program has a whole library of Foundation Piecing Blocks that are numbered and ready to be printed out and used.
  • - You can scan your fabrics and try them out and see in your quilts and blocks. The process is very easy. You may also want to play with their collection of fabrics and designs, or try different fabrics from the Internet.


This software has been on the market for some time. Here you can design complete quilts, with color palettes and custom blocks. The program creates templates for piecing and cutting. Quilt library includes 20 designs, Block library has over 300. There 128 fabrics fill, 8 palettes with 64 colors, 1 pattern palette featuring 150 patterns, 1 fabric palette that has 32 fabrics. It is fairly simple and convenient to use.


Quilt Design App For Mac

This software the best for advanced users. Quilt Pro has advanced features to draw your own blocks and is able to convert your designs into graphic files. It's a bit easier than EQ, however, you have to check which features you will need. It has two screens - one for quilt or block drawing and the other is for automatic quilt layout. It includes many Color Tools and an improved Fabric Palette.

Quilt Design Software For Mac

Quilting Studio

Quilt Designing Software For Mac Pro

If you are a beginner, this software was designed for you. You will be able to try out different designs with many fabrics, blocks, borders, and sashing. You can select the size of your quilt and it will calculate the amount of fabrics so that you could print the result in no time. If you like to draw your own blocks, you will be able to include them in the software. There is another good feature about it is that you can get started online.