Personal Contact Management Software For Mac

OfficeClip provides you with a Free Contact Manager that has most features of a CRM avoiding unnecessary complexities. It includes ability to:

Infoflo is a contact management system with none of the complexities of CRM products. This feature rich system empowers users to manage large amounts of information without losing. The following list of free and open source database software for the Mac provides overviews only. You'll want to use the list as a starting place for conducting your own research to find the right Mac database software for your needs. Remember, a database that works well. The Contact Management Software Solution for Home or Business. Join thousands of satisfied customers that use Contact Wolf every day to manage their contacts. Quality contact management software that makes it EASY to keep track of. Clients, customers or businesses. Apr 21, 2020  Right Balance between Functionality and Usability Business Contact Book is a well-organized and easy to navigate app with extended functionality to manage your personal and business contacts.Thanks to its intuitive interface and complete feature set, Business Contact Book is the best software to manage your existing contacts and make new ones.

  • Keep your Sales and Marketing teams organized
  • Drives Sales Growth
  • Facilitates Customer Retention

Our Free Contact Management Software will help you link documents, notes, emails, campaigns, tasks, and follow-ups for each contact.

What is included?

  • It is available as Installed or Hosted. You can install it on your machine, private cloud (like Amazon AWS) or use it at our website.
  • Unlimited space for the installed edition. For hosted edition the file limit is 5GB.
  • Free access to the Mobile App (in the Android Play Store or Apple App Store)
  • All our software is advertisement free. For advanced features, the users can upgrade as per their requirements.

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Fully Free Featured Contact Management

Personal Contact Management Software For Mac

OfficeClip Contact Management Software lets you:

  • Send Invoices to contacts.
  • Maintain a list of all your Accounts, Competitors and Opportunities.
  • Attach Documents.
  • Create tasks and events.
  • Send Campaigns and Emails.
  • Write public or privates notes.
  • Set up Call List for each contact to call up customers at regular intervals.
  • Add Tags to contacts to categorize them on the basis of their interests or actions.
  • Link to Social Networking sites.
  • Search contacts using the Search and Filter Option.

Working with Customers

Accounts help an organization to manage the data of all its clients in one place. It helps to tag an account as well as make notes for an account, create contacts and opportunities for an account. Client records can be imported to OfficeClip in CSV format from different spreadsheets, forms, etc.

Create and Send Campaigns and Newsletters

Sending campaigns to customers usually requires proper planning and timely execution. OfficeClip Campaign Management simplifies planning, automates execution by sending the campaign to selected contacts using a filter and the user can also track the campaign history. Users can create campaigns like business campaigns, marketing campaigns, administrative campaigns, etc. Campaigns in OfficeClip Contact Management helps to deliver the right messages to the right contacts through proper channels.

Manage and Share Documents

Documents in OfficeClip allows you to store different kinds of records in different folders. The users can copy, move, delete or share the documents within the organization or with extranet users. Access to documents can be given through permissions, so that required information is shared with appropriate people. DropSite in documents also allows extranet users or customers to upload their documents, receipts, forms, etc.

Track Appointments and Followups in Calendar

Calendar management in CRM helps to manage and organize your work. It helps scheduling appointments, reminding your tasks, create recurring events, a calendar can also be shared with extranet users; users can also book their appointments from the website. Calendar events can be imported and exported in CSV format and even through iCalendar.

Manage Tasks and Projects

Task management organizes all your tasks and will also show the status, priority, due date of the task. The administrator can easily create a task and assign it to the users. The user receives a notification when a task is created. Tasks can be viewed using different filters.

Access using Mobile Devices

The user need not have access to his desktop all the time, with the mobile app the user can access OfficeClip with their smartphones or tablets. The user can easily add a new contact, edit, delete or can also view contacts, accounts, etc. He can also create his tasks, write notes and create events through the calendar.

With so many features and applications in a Free Contact Manager, OfficeClip provides options of setting up Contact Manager on an Installed version (Installed on your computer) or a Hosted version (Setup up an account online). With all your data in one place, this Contact Management software will enhance your relationship with customers, will automate your tasks and will also help to improve your team efficiency.

Are you looking for the best Personal Information Manager software solution for download? By downloading and using the best PIM solutions, you will not only save yourself the pain of losing data but also have access to important, stored information whenever you need them. These solutions have made it simple to file, manage, and retrieve private information. They have taken away the worries of losing data, and you can use any of them as your primary tool for storing and receiving information.


Data Management

The one thing that makes Tree Pad great Personal Information Management software is that it is user-friendly and easy to use. Besides being compact, Tree Pad is portable, and that means you can run the software from an external storage media, such as a CD or DVD-ROM, USB drive, or an SD Card.

PIM Xtreme

PIM Xtreme is a five-star solution for managing personal information. Features include unique financial modules for accounting and reporting, encryption nodes, high-level security, and a task scheduler. The software can export data to several formats, including XML, CSV, and iCal. Moreover, you can use PIM Extreme to store contacts, notes, and alerts.



Win PIM can help you to allocate and manage tasks. You can use the software to record sound, compose HTML files, and share your data over a network. It is a great solution for personal as well as business data management. There are a free version and a premium version of the software.

Personal Information Manager for Other Platforms

Instead of keeping important information in a diary, you should consider storing them on your local computer or in the cloud. While diaries are good for storing information, they aren’t always reliable, which means they can get lost and they are subject to wear and tear. PIM software is different because it stores your information securely on your computer system.

Banktivity for Mac

If you are looking for the best PIM software for Mac, you should consider downloading Banktivity. It is the best financial information manager of the time. Features and functions include the DA investment transactions, case sensitive important rule, and more.

Personal Information Manager for Android

Do you want to take data and your information with you wherever you go and wondering whether that’s possible? You can use Efficcess, an efficient, full-featured, cross-platform solution developed to help you manage personal information. The Android app is very free, and you can use it to manage schedule, appointments, and more.

Zoot Personal Information Manager for Windows

Zoot PIM for Windows features a friendly user-interface. It is the best PIM software for those who prefer Windows Operating Systems to other Operating Systems. It is robust, easy to use, and it guarantees the best results. You can use the software to manage your schedules, tasks, business activities, and appointments.

Essential PIM Personal Information Manager Popular for 2016

Personal Contact Management Software For Mac Small Business

Are you looking for a PIM software solution that can let you manage more than just personal notes? You should try the Essential PIM, the best PIM solution for 2016. You can download the software and use it as a desktop app. Moreover, there is an app for Android as well as a PIM solution for iOS.

Personal Money Management Software For Mac

What is Personal Information Manager?

A Personal Information Manager is a computer program developed to help you store, manage, and retrieve personal information. The PIM software is a perfect alternative to a personal diary because it is not subject to wear and tear. In fact, the software has a diary facility where you can enter events, personal or work activities, and appointments.

Many software vendors – online and in the local goods store – now offer the best PIM software, best in the sense that they are easy to use and don’t need long instruction manuals or how-to-use guides. The best thing about each software solution is they make managing all your personal data quick and easy.

Personal Information Management has become quite easy in the sense that you no longer have to depend on pens and papers anymore. In fact, they eliminate the need for manual diaries and pens. When you use PIM software to manage your information, you are sure of never losing important information.

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