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Layout analysis software, that divide scanned documents into zones suitable for OCR Graphical interfaces to one or more OCR engines Software development kits that are used to add OCR capabilities to other software (e.g. Forms processing applications, document imaging management systems, e-discovery systems, records management solutions). Apr 12, 2019  ICR Handwriting Recognition Software: Transforming Dark Data. Today, organizations look for ways to shed light on hidden content in the form of handwritten information that exists on forms, contracts and other documents. Despite the desire to be digital-first, the truth is that a great number of business forms and documents still contain. Ocr handwriting free download - Pen to Print - Handwriting OCR, Handwriting, Handwriting, and many more programs. Enter to Search. Ocr, free ocr software, gta 6, free ocr.

Best 6 Free OCR Software for Mac 2019-2020 (Desktop & Offline) There are 2 types of free OCR solutions for Mac users, either online or offline. In this part, we list 6 top free OCR software for MacOS basing on text recognition accuracy and overall features. PDF OCR X Community. OCR – Optical Character Recognition - This recent OCR technology converts handwritten text to editable and searchable text on your computer. You can OCR scanned PDFs or image-based PDFs to digital files and convert scanned handwriting to text. The technology was developed in.

Handwriting Recognition Software – Convert Your Handwritten Documents into Digital Text Documents


Having a lot of handwritten documents in your business can be really confusing if you want to digitize your business. Typing all the documents manually can take a lot of time to complete. Thus, handwriting recognition software is necessary for you to automate all the process. This software helps you to convert your handwritten documents into digitized text documents, which make them more readable and easier to store.

This is useful if you want to convert all of your paper documents into digital documents. Not only paper documents, this software can also be used to recognize handwriting input from various sources, including touchscreen devices and photographs.


TopOCR is an OCR software developed for document cameras, which is a new way to scan documents with the best accuracy. Thus, this software can be used to scan books and magazines and convert them into digital documents easily. It can output to PDF text and PDF image files, making it easier for you to keep and organize the digital documents in your drive.


Best Ocr For Mac

FreeOCR offers a handwriting recognition technology that allows you to scan handwritten documents and convert it into text format, which you can then export as a Microsoft Word document. The software can also scan your handwritten documents and convert it into a JPG image file or PDF. The software is only available for Microsoft Windows.


Neuroph OCR

Neuroph OCR is an open source handwriting recognition tool that is developed to recognize various handwritten letters and characters. The software is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux, and it can be used as a standalone software or as a plug in. It is a simple software the gets the job done to recognize the handwritten letters and convert it into digital document formats.


Handwriting software free

PenOffice provides an accurate handwriting recognition software with the extensive set of pen-based collaboration tools. It features new user interface, multi-monitor systems, multi-language support, new handwriting recognition engine, built-in dictionary, inline gestures, and customizable on-screen keyboard. This software can be integrated with Microsoft Office and OpenOffice software.

WritePad Pro

Ocr That Reads Handwriting

WritePad Pro is a word processing app with handwriting recognition engine embedded in it, allowing you to recognize your handwriting as you type on the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch devices. The app can save your file in HTML format, in which you can view in any web browser. It features handwriting recognition, document import formats, text formatting, multimedia, document sharing, translator, and a file manager.

AceCad DigiMemo

DigiMemo is a software that allows you to take and organize digital memo. It is embedded with memory and handwriting recognition. It features the user interface that is available in various languages, send to OneNote function, and online writing function. The handwriting recognition software provided by DigiMemo can help you to recognize handwriting, diagrams, tables, and shapes, and convert them into Microsoft Word format.

Other Handwriting Recognition Software for Different Platforms

Some handwriting recognition software is available only for the Microsoft Windows platform, but some others are available for other platforms as well. Aside from that, there are some mobile apps that allow you to convert your handwriting into digital texts, and save the file as a Word document.

Windows Journal

Windows Journal is a built-in application that is available on Windows, which you can use to convert your handwritten letters into text documents. You can find this small utility by searching with the keyword “Journal” in your Windows search box. It offers the text correction feature, allowing you to keep the accuracy of your converted text.

inkBook for Mac

inkBook for Mac facilitates the old way of taking notes, allowing you to write your note as if you are writing it on a paper. Using a digital pen and tablet, you can easily create notes with your handwriting, and with the help of this software, convert it into text files accurately. It features multi-notebook style interface, customizable tabs, gestural input, handwriting recognition, and freeform layout.

Google Handwriting Input

This simple app allows you to convert your handwriting into digital texts, with support for emoji. Aside from typing your handwriting directly on your Android phone or tablet, you can also covert printed and cursive writing into digital texts as well. It features touchscreen typing, voice input, emoji drawing, and support for all types of handwriting.

Ink2Text Handwriting Recognition System

This is a simple open-source software that allows you to convert your printed and cursive writing into text documents. This software is available only for Linux system. It can also recognize the gesture input that you give via your keyboard, handwriting input panel, or tablet computers. It should be used in collaboration with S/HIP (Stylus/Handwriting Input Panel) project.

ABBYY FineReader – Best Handwriting Recognition Software of 2016

This software allows you to convert paper documents, PDF, and digital photos into editable text documents. The software’s main feature is that it provides the output text documents with a high level of accuracy, which helps you to reduce the amount of time needed for you to edit and format the output documents. The text recognition engine embedded in this software can recognize up to 190 different languages. This handwriting recognition software is available for Windows and Mac.

What is Handwriting Recognition Software?

Handwriting recognition software, often called OCR software, is the type of software that allows you to convert your handwritten documents into digital documents. Not only that, the software can also convert the handwriting done on a touchscreen interface, using digital pen and stylus. You can convert your handwritten documents or texts into various formats, such as Microsoft Word, PDF, and JPG formats. Some handwriting recognition software can also recognize drawing, shapes, tables, and diagrams and convert them into digital formats as well. Whereas you can usually use this software with a stylus, digital pen, or any touchscreen device, you can also use your scanner and camera to scan your paper documents and convert them into digital documents with the help of this software.

How to Install Handwriting Recognition Software?

Some handwriting recognition software is only available for specific platforms. So, you should make sure that your platform is compatible with the software before you start installing it. To install the software, you need to download the installation file to your device and run the installation process by clicking the downloaded file. To use the software, you need to have the associated accessories, such as touchscreen panel, digital pen, and stylus. Some handwriting recognition software is also available for mobile devices.

Converting paper documents into digital documents can take a lot of time to do if you do it manually. OCR or handwriting recognition software can help you to convert multiple paper documents into digital documents at the same time. This will save your time in the process. As the handwriting recognition technology is advancing day by day, the accuracy of the handwriting recognition software is increasing. Nowadays, you can accurately convert printed and cursive handwriting into digital text files without much editing needed. All the formatting is done by the software so that you don’t need to spend your time fixing errors due to bad accuracy in the handwriting recognition system.

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This comparison of optical character recognition software includes:

  • OCR engines, that do the actual character identification
  • Layout analysis software, that divide scanned documents into zones suitable for OCR
  • Graphical interfaces to one or more OCR engines
  • Software development kits that are used to add OCR capabilities to other software (e.g. forms processing applications, document imaging management systems, e-discovery systems, records management solutions)
Sortable table
NameFounded yearLatest stable versionRelease yearLicenseOnlineWindowsMac OS XLinuxBSDProgramming languageSDK?LanguagesFontsOutput FormatsNotes
Google Drive OCR or Google Cloud Vision2015ProprietaryYesBrowserBrowserBrowserUnknownUnknownYes200+All fontstextGoogle blog post [1][2]
Tesseract19854.1.12019ApacheNoYesYesYesYesC++, CYes100+[3]Any printed fontText, ALTO, hOCR,[4] PDF, others with different user interfaces[5] or the APICreated by Hewlett-Packard; under further development by Google[6]
ABBYY FineReader1989152019ProprietaryYesYesYesYesYesC/C++Yes192[7]All fontsDOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX, PPTX, RTF, PDF, HTML, CSV, TXT, ODT, DjVu, EPUB, FB2[8]ABBYY also supplies SDKs for embedded and mobile devices. Professional, Corporate and Site License Editions for Windows, Express Edition for Mac.[9]
E-aksharayan2010YesNoYesNo14RTF, TXT, BRL
Asprise OCR SDK1998152015ProprietaryYesYesYesYesYesJava, C#,VB.NET, C/C++/DelphiYes20+[10]?Plain text, searchable PDF, XML[11]Java, C#, VB.NET, C/C++/Delphi SDKs for OCR and Barcode recognition on Windows, Linux, Mac OS X and Unix.[12]
AnyDoc Software1989??ProprietaryNoYesNoNoNoVBScript???Works with structured, semi-structured, and unstructured documents.
CuneiForm19961.12011-04-19BSD variantNoYesYesYesYesC/C++Yes28Any printed fontHTML, hOCR, native, RTF, TeX, TXT[13]Enterprise-class system, can save text formatting and recognizes complicated tables of any structure
Dynamsoft OCR SDK20038.22012ProprietaryYesYesNoNoNoC/C++Yes40+[14]?PDF, TXT
OmniPage1970s19.22015ProprietaryYesYesYesYesNoC/C++, C#[15]Yes125[16]Machine and handprinted fontsDOC/DOCX XLS/XLSX PPTX RTF PDF PDF/A Searchable PDF HTML Text XML ePUB MP3Product of Nuance Communications
Microsoft Office OneNote 20072011?2007ProprietaryNoYesNoNoNo????
Ocrad?0.26[19]2017-03-31GPLYesNoYesYesYesC++YesLatin alphabet?Command line
SmartScore199110.5.82015-07ProprietaryNoYesYesNoNo????For musical scores
Microsoft Office Document Imaging?Office 20072007ProprietaryNoYesNoNoNo????Uses OmniPage[citation needed]
Puma.NET??2009-10-29BSDNoYesNoNoNoC#Yes28Any printed font.NET OCR SDK based on Cognitive Technologies' CuneiForm recognition engine. Wraps Puma COM server and provides simplified API for .NET applications
ReadSoft???ProprietaryNoYesNoNoNo????Scan, capture and classify business documents such as invoices, forms and purchase orders integrated with business processes.
Scantron???ProprietaryNoYesNoNoNo????For working with localized interfaces, corresponding language support is required.
OCRFeeder2009-030.8.12014-12-22GPLNoNoNoYesNoPython???Features a full user interface and has a command-line tool for automatic operations. Has its own segmentation algorithm but uses system-wide OCR engines like Tesseract or Ocrad
OCRopus20071.3.32017-12-16ApacheNoNoYesYesYesPython?All languages using Latin script (other languages can be trained)Normal Latin script and Fraktur (other scripts can be trained)TXT, hOCR[20], PDF[21]Pluggable framework under active development, used for Google Books
OCRvision2019YesNoNoNo90+Searchable PDF
NameFounded yearLatest stable versionRelease yearLicenseOnlineWindowsMac OS XLinuxBSDProgramming languageSDK?LanguagesFontsOutput FormatsNotes


An analysis of the accuracy and reliability of the OCR packages Google Docs OCR, Tesseract, ABBYY FineReader, and Transym, employing a dataset including 1227 images from 15 different categories concluded Google Docs OCR and ABBYY to be performing better than others.[22]


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