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The Canon Camera Connect app is an official software made by Canon Inc. for transferring the images taken from its camera product to smartphones, tablets, and even computers. With the Canon Camera Connect software, you will also be able to control remotely your camera that was made by Canon from your computer, tablet, or phone.

Download and install MMC NPL APP on PC and you can install MMC NPL APP v1.9 on your Windows PC and Mac OS. MMC NPL APP is developed by KPR INFOTECH and listed. Home Medical MMC NPL APP APK File. Install MMC NPL APP in PC (Windows 7,8/10 or MAC). We will be using BlueStacks and Nox app player however you can also use any one of. Sep 18, 2018 Fix Nox Player Stuck at 99% on Starting NoxPlayerStuck99% Facebook Page: Follow on twitter: Nox App Player Review: When it comes to heavy Android games Mobile devices and Networks may not suit the game requirements, so Nox App Player comes with a great solution to allow the users to play large Android games on your Desktop or Laptop. Actually, Nox App Player is an Emulator that emulates Android apps and games on your bigger screens.

This allows you to take a shot with a simple tap or click from your smartphone, or tablet. You can also set your device to embed the location information to the image of your camera.

When searching for an installer of the Canon Camera Connect for PC on Windows or Mac, you might notice that the only available in the Android and iOS versions. That’s because they only made this software for the said platforms.

Installing software on a Mac is different from installing software on Windows. So for Nox App Player. The first time you install and start Nox on your Mac, you may need to do the following to assure its proper running. It fixes also the stuck at 99% issue. The first time you open Nox App Player (or any downloaded application), you’ll see a. Nox App Player Download for Mac. Latest Version 2020. Check the above link for the updated version which already fixed one small bug that is “Nox App Player for Mac Version Won’t Start Issue or Nox App Player Mac Stuck at 99% Issue”. Update: Hey Guy’s one more stable update for you all. Nox App Player software updated to 3.7.

However, there’s a way to use the Canon Camera Connect for PC, but this method will require additional software installed on your computer. This software is the Android emulator. Although you can also use the iOS emulator, in this article, we will only focus on the Android version of the Canon Camera Connect app.

Some of you will also get doubts about emulator programs but there’s nothing wrong with using it. In fact, millions of people use it daily. If you want to continue using this method, the next step is to prepare your computer for the installation of the best emulator for running the Canon Camera Connect software.

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Table of Contents

Preparation Of Computer For Installing The Canon Camera Connect For PC – Windows 10, 8, 7 & Mac

To run the Canon Camera Connect app on Windows or Mac, you need to have an emulator program. So, your computer should have good hardware before you can run it. You can refer to the data below for the PC requirements.

  • An emulator program requires a processor that is capable of running at least 1 GHz speed. This won’t be a problem for any modern computer nowadays. However, for an older system, you need to make sure that you have it.
  • It also requires a decent enough memory installed on your computer. Based on the popular android emulators, they required a RAM at least 2 GB or better.
  • If you have a low disk space or starting to running out, free or delete some of your unnecessary files or create a backup of it on the cloud/ external storage. This is because an emulator program and Canon Camera Connect app for PC require you to have at least 10 GB storage and above.

Now, the next step is to ensure that you have the Windows software requirements.

  • It requires a framework called .Net to be installed or updated to the latest version. Make sure that your computer has it already.
  • You may also need to install the Visual C++ Redistributable. Get both x86 and x64 and install it on your computer. Most emulator program for Windows Operating System relies on that.
  • The other major software requirements of the emulator program are the DirectX and OpenGL installed. You can download this package from the Microsoft website, otherwise, you can also download and update your GFX drivers and both of those packages will be included.

Ensuring that you follow the requirements above will make your computer compatible with the Canon Camera Connect app using the emulator program.

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Installation Of The Canon Camera Connect For Windows Or Mac With Nox Player

An emulator that you can use for running the Canon Camera Connect on Windows or Mac is the Nox Player. This android emulator is very popular and trusted by many people around the world.

It is free to download and does not require you to purchase it. To get the package installer of the Nox Player, you can refer to their official website by checking the link here.

Make sure that you get the package for your Operating System and then download it. After you finished the download, double click the installer to launch it.

The installer window will now show on your screen. You must agree and accept its requirements and after that, click the “Install” button to continue to the installation.

Be patient while this emulator installs itself into your computer. After that, launch it using the shortcut icon from your desktop.

Nox Stuck On 99

Find the Play Store icon and click to start it. You need to enter your account information on Gmail to log in to your account. Once you have provided your account, you will be able to see the apps of the Google Play Store.

The next step is to search for the Canon Camera Connect software. If you cannot find it, you can check the screenshot above for the reference or just click this for the Google Play Store link.

Once you found this app, hover your mouse to the download button and click it. Wait for it to finish and then go back to the home of Nox Player.

It will generate the shortcut icon of Canon Camera Connect for PC once the installation has finished. Tap or click its icon to start launching this camera app into your computer.

How To Install The Canon Camera Connect App For PC Using BlueStacks

In case you have trouble installing or using the Nox App Player, you can try an alternative one. This emulator is called “BlueStacks”. Many people also know this emulator and use it for the purpose of using android apps on their computers.

To use this emulator, you need to download the installer first. Go and visit their website by checking this URL.

After that, download the emulator and make sure to get the right installer for the Operating System you are using. Locate the BlueStacks package installer and execute it.

You need to accept the terms and conditions to continue. Now click the button for the installation once you have agreed with it.

Wait a bit since it will connect to the internet to download other files. Usually, it should be done for 10 – 20 minutes. For slower internet, it can also reach for about 30 minutes or more.

Once you have installed this, open the BlueStacks emulator. This will also open the window of the Play Store account login. Enter the details of your account or create a new Gmail address and use it here. Otherwise, you won’t be able to use it later.

Assuming that you entered your account, you will now have access to the Play Store apps. Look for the Canon Camera Connect app by using the search button.

Hit the download button and this will also install it automatically into your computer. The BlueStacks will generate a shortcut on your desktop.

This is the shortcut of the Canon Camera Connect app for computers. Just double click its icon from your desktop and this will launch this app to your PC.

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How To Install It Using APK File

If the Play Store is blocked in your country, you can install a great VPN application and unblocked it. Otherwise, your other option is to install the Canon Camera Connect APK.

Nox player 6

An APK is a file installer for Android devices. Just like .exe or .dmg file for Windows or Mac. Using it will allow you to bypass the integration of your Google Play account which is useful for people who don’t want to enter their account or the Play Store is blocked from your location.

If you want to use this method, download the Canon Camera Connect APK using the Google search engine or Bing. Download the APK and save it to your computer.

Open either BlueStacks or Nox Player emulator and start dragging the APK file into its window to start the installation. Click the “Install” button once it appears on your screen.

This will install the Canon Camera Connect for Windows or Mac even without a Play Store account. Just remember, the Play Store cannot update it automatically because it was downloaded from an external source.

To update it, you have to get the latest version of the Canon Camera APK and install it again. This will replace the old version to the newest one.

How To Fix Slow Emulation Speed Of Canon Camera Connect App

In some cases, the emulation speed of the Canon Camera Connect may be lagging or stuttering. Usually, this issue is only related to the virtualization technology option.

Enabling this option will allow your computer to fully utilize it for running a virtual environment. Some computers set this option as disabled by default that’s why running an emulator for the first time might slow.

To run the Canon Camera Connect on PC with full speed, you need to enable this by checking this setting from your BIOS. You will be able to find this setting once you reboot your computer by repeatedly tapping the “F2” or “Del” key of your keyboard.

Make sure that you don’t touch any other option other than virtualization if you aren’t familiar with BIOS to prevent some issues. Restart your computer after you enable this option and see if it works.

Most of the time, this will fix the issue but if you still have problems, the problem might be your hardware. There’s no other solution aside from upgrading your system in case you are still encountering this problem.

Final Words

Now that we have an emulator program, running android apps such as the Canon Camera Connect on the computer is possible. Even without the official version, you can still use this app on your Windows or Mac and enjoy remoting your canon camera from your laptop or computer.

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Nox App Player Errors & Fixes

In today’s world, smartphones have become an integral part of everyone’s life. Under such circumstances, the smartphone, although being a tough multitasking device and a robust machine, it cannot handle the programs that it needs to run simultaneously. The user may want to delete some of the applications on the phone to make way for newer applications and also to boost the speed and working capability. Some of the important applications cannot be uninstalled which slows down the working of the cell phone.

Here comes the use of Android App Emulators which basically create a platform between a personal computer and an Android-based cell phone. There are many such emulators but Nox App Player is one of the most advanced applications used for running the smartphone applications on the personal computer. In many of the smartphones, the games tend to take up more space and also drain out the battery quickly. To avoid this, many users switch to Nox App Player that forms a seamless transition of the applications on to the PCs.

Nox App Player Not Working


Due to certain glitches in the software, the Nox App Player application may not work. There are many reasons for the software to fail. One of the main reasons is the automatic download of certain files that have malicious contents. More often than not, these malware piggyback on the authentic software and get downloaded.

This results in severe security concerns to the main software as well as the PC itself. The Nox App Player being popular, miscreants often attach one or more malware to the base of the software. This is one of the main reasons due to which the Nox application doesn’t work and crashes the instant it is downloaded.

This results in severe security concerns to the main software as well as the PC itself. The Nox App Player being popular, miscreants often attach one or more malware to the base of the software. This is one of the main reasons due to which the Nox application doesn’t work and crashes the instant it is downloaded.

Nox Stuck at 99%

The progress bar that appears after the installation starts doesn’t actually tell about the actual progress. That bar automatically appears when an event is initialized and the computer starts to perform the sequential tasks. There are many reasons for software to stop at 99%. When the computer detects a security threat or a problem during the last stages of the installation, it halts the download and gets stuck at the 99%.

Also, due to the background processes which run, the operating system doesn’t send the status of the progress bar at regular intervals of time. Another main reason for this problem to occur is the different computers that are being used. The developers may have run the codes on their computers and the software would have run perfectly without any glitches. But when downloaded on a user’s PC, it may create some problems due to different hardware and OS.

Nox Virtual Machine Error

All the Android emulators work on the basic principle of a virtual machine. It is basically an operating system which can be run on multiple personal computers via a server. The errors related to this can be due to the malfunction of the server itself or the individual node in the virtual machine.

How to Fix All Problems

To fix the first problem, first, it must be checked on which system the software is downloaded on. If the system is 64 Bit Windows, a file named Bignox must be opened which is usually present under C:Program Files (X86). By double clicking on ‘uninst’, the application starts to perform as expected. The same solution holds good for 32 Bit Windows 7. If the PC on which the software is downloaded is of earlier versions, then the Firewall settings must be checked and the access to all the programs must be enabled.

The same solution holds good for 32 Bit Windows 7. If the PC on which the software is downloaded is of earlier versions, then the Firewall settings must be checked and the access to all the programs must be enabled. Besides all these, the best way to fix this error is to download latest version of Nox right now!

Fix Nox App Player Stuck at 99% Mac/PC

Nox App Player Download For Pc

One of the best solutions to tackle the 99% problem is to enable the Virtualization Technology, also known as VT. First of all, the BIOS type must be checked and further, the VT can be enabled accordingly by searching the internet for the specific steps. Also, by changing the file name from FAT32 to NTFS will enable the uninterrupted download of the application. The FAT32 has a size limit of a single file and hence it restricts the download. The problem may also arise due to the graphics card that is present in the system. If it is less than 2.0, then it must be changed.

Nox App Player For Mac

Fix Virtual Machine Error Nox

Nox App Player Mac Stuck At 99

There are several methods to overcome the problem of the virtual machine errors. One of them is to follow the path C:Program FilesBignoxBigNoxVMRTdriversXQHDrv folder and right click on XQHDrv.inf. On the pop-up menu, choose to install and restart the Nox App Player. Another method to tackle the problem would be to close all the other Android Emulators that are present on the system. This software hinder the installation and download of the Nox App Player.

Final Words on Nox Errors

Nox Player For Mac

The major problems related to the malfunctioning of the Nox App Player is discussed and cleared in the above section. Apart from these, there should not be any major malfunctions. But if there are any queries related to this, the readers can leave their respective problems in the comment section below.