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This is Nikon Imaging Website. 4,000-dpi true optical-resolution scanning, 14-bit A/D converter incorporating 16-/8-bit output for vivid images.

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Most relevant reviews See all 18 reviews. The automatic colour enhancement ROC somtimes works wonders. Some reviewers praised about its quick installation with software and lots of them admired the speeds and accuracy. Can the software be recommended? You may link to content on this site but you may not reproduce any of it in whole or part without written consent from its owner. However judging from images on the screen it looks doable. I didn’t like having to sharpen each photo with the v and sometimes de-noise after , and even then the detail like fabrics and hair were less defined than on the dedicated film scanner.

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You’ll easily realize the importance of the scan software when using a cheap film scanner. This is the successor to the MA S.

Find More Posts by coklscan. Why is this review inappropriate? This actually works perfectly, but after 99 slides the scanner stops. Get the item you ordered or get your money back.

Nikon Coolscan V Ed Software Download Mac Pro

Nikon Filmscanner Coolscan V ED – Test Report

All times are GMT I’ve narrowed the choice down to these two, which seem to be the top two options around the budget I have in mind. Once you have made and saved your different settings you can quickly perform a scan or a nikon coolscan v ls 50 ed of same scans virtually at the push of a button.

After this the scanner is ready for use, can be connected to the USB port of the computer and is automatically detected when turned on. But it’s no problem to keep supplies coming during the scan process, so that the scanner virtually runs non-stop.

The film scanner is connected to the computer via the USB 2. Naturally the resolution and the settings of the scan software are important factors.

Nikon CoolScan V LS ED Film Scanner eBay

Concerning image quality and scanning times the Nikon LS is just like its predecessor in the vanguard of the price range between Euros and Euros. The normal user actually has got exactly one film scanner on his desktop, but there is people like me too, who got five different Nikon film scanners standing side by side.

Nikon supplies a threepart software bundle with the filmscanners: While the Coolscan converts the colour signals with 16Bit per channel and generates according output files the LS-5 is restricted to 14Bit per channel.

Great product, easy to use, fantastic results! This works fast and comfortable though.

Epson V vs. Nikon Coolscan V ED LS –

On the spec sheet the little Nikon delivers the same resolution as the big one, only the colour depth is 14Bit instead of 16Bit. Olympus 35 SP, my first roll through this camera, which appears to have an even better lens than the very impressive 35 RC.

And this you’ll need, because the amount of data generated by the scanner is extensive up to Megabytes from a 35mm slide. I needed a general office scanner replacing older Umax and nikon coolscan v ls 50 ed to invest in a more versatile scanner that could scan film. But it’s really comfortable to scan a whole APS film at once: With an index scan you’ll get thumbnails of all images on the film.

Nikon CoolScan V ED Photo, Slide & Film Scanner

When viewing a shot of the night sky you can clearly see that a lot fell by the wayside with the Nikon LS I b been using the big box retailers for developing and scanning no prints of my 35mm color film and basically, liked the results. Right after placing the film in the adaptor an automatic pulls the film out of nikon coolscan v ls 50 ed cartridge by itself. You can imagine how a tiny dust paricle can wreak havoc on a rubber roll over which moves a whole film strip.

Nikon Coolscan V Drivers Mac

Nikon coolscan v ls 50 ed fast data transfer is not only needed because of the extensive amount of data but also because the scanner works very quickly, i. This ensures a fast data transfer.

For this reason the Super Coolscan in my opinion does not nkkon the title “complete package” in the 35mm range any longer.

Nikon Coolscan V Ed Software Download Mac Torrent

Strongly curled film strips as well can not be processed with the SA Get an immediate offer. Thanks to everyone for the doolscan, it all helped me make up my mind.

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I tried to use my Nikon Coolscan V ED slide scanner over the weekend and discovered that its software doesn't work in Leopard, much less Snow Leopard... I guess its been a LONG time since I've needed to scan slides. The Nikon Scan 4 software hasn't been updated since 2004, in fact...
I'm not a pro user; I'm scanning old (early 1970s to early 1990s) color slides before they degrade too much further. These are all fairly old well-used slides, and so need dust/scratch removal and some color correction/restoration. They are all family photos, and so doing this right is fairly important, but I have limited time and skill.
In looking for replacement software for my slide scanner, I have only found two contenders: VueScan and SilverFast. Unfortunately, Apple's built-in Image Capture doesn't 'see' the slide scanner, although it works perfectly with my flatbed scanner.
VueScan is less expensive ($40 for standard version with 1 year of free upgrades and $80 for the pro version with lifetime free upgrades, and supports neatly all scanners ever made. I've used the VueScan demo and it works very well with my slide scanner and seems to make good-quality scans.
SilverFast is pricier ($50 for SE version, $218 for Ai IT8 version, and up) with 75%+ of retail price paid upgrades (and no upgrade discount for the SE version, apparently), and the version you but is locked to a single very limited set of devices (Nikon LS 50ED and Coolscan V ED slide scanners, in my case). I haven't tried SilverFast yet due to its unattractive pricing/upgrade policy, but will try it if others recommend it highly.
First, are there any other alternatives I haven't considered?
Second, what software do you all recommend?
My Mac is an Early 2009 'Nehalem' Mac Pro with 12GB RAM running Mac OS X 10.6.2.
Thanks in advance!