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IPad and Mac are easy to set up, maintain, and use. The Education Deployment Guide will walk you through every step of setup. Apple School Manager streamlines device management. And with thousands of powerful apps designed for teaching and learning, you can build a personalized learning experience for every student. Learn more about IT. Memory skills are critical in music education, and this app fits the bill for sure! A perfect game for the waiting room of any music school. Our Wish List: The instruments all take up one beat in the sequences but the guitar that the monkey plays uses up more than one beat, so sometimes you can’t hear the other instrument when it plays.

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Study after study shows that playing music is extraordinarily beneficial to children. As a result, developers have created some excellent music education apps which can engage kids of all ages in learning and appreciating music.

March 7th, 2019

1. Tune Train

This iOS app teaches young children to create and edit melodies with just the swipe of a finger. By playing in the Tune Train world, kids begin to learn about the fundamental structure of music, including pitch, notes, and chords. Free


2. Musical Me

This fun iOS app teaches kids 3-7 some of the fundamental components of music, including notes, rhythm and pitch. $1.99

Music Education Apps For Kids Mac

3. Kids Ear Training

For iOS and Android devices, this is a complete ear training program in an app. Ideal for kids who are already learning an instrument or who sing in choir, the app aims to “introduce essential musical elements and concepts and help the student identify those elements by ear.” $2.99

4. Theory Lessons

This iOS app includes 39 animated music theory lessons. It is a great option for older kids for whom the above apps are too basic or juvenile. We highly recommend it as a complement to their in-class lessons. $2.99

5. Music Tutor Sight Read Lite

Music Apps For Mac Os

This Android app offers quizzes and lessons for music students learning to sight read. Free

6. Piano Dust Buster

Use this iOS app with your real, acoustic piano or keyboard, or use the touchscreen option on your device. The app introduces a game component to learning piano, motivating kids to want to practice. Free, with optional subscription and in-app purchases

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Let us know in the comment section if you have any other cool apps we should download!