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Last Updated: March 12th, 2019

In today’s hectic world video is a common form of entertainment. What if you have got a new video but you are unable to play on your Mac or a Windows laptop? No need to worry, there are several video converter software to convert the formats of any specific video file into another effectively with a single mouse click. Different operating system environments require different sets of this software, however, most of them are supported to be compatible with more than one operating system as well. Read on, the best video converters for Windows and Mac OSX.

Jul 08, 2020  Miro is another free to use, open-source video conversion tool for Mac users. Using the software, you can convert all types of videos to WebM, MP4, or OGG Theora. The program also allows converting your files for formats that are fit to be played on Android, iPad, and iPhone. Custom sizing and batch conversion support are additional features. Note: Handbrake only supports converting videos to MP4 and MKV formats and its latest version 1.1.2 doesn't get along well with the latest macOS Mojave. For people who are eager to convert video on Mac with output format like MOV, FLV, AVI, WMV, etc, you are advisable to find a Handbrake alternative for Mac to do the video conversion. Dec 27, 2019 This software is best video convertor software Window/ Mac 2020 and is known for its fast video conversion. This software has conversion speed 30 times more faster than other competitors. This Software can be used to convert AVI, MP4, MKV, MOV, 3GP, FLV and many more to HD videos.

These Are The Best Video Converter Software For Windows And Mac Users

Movie Conversion Software For Mac Download

1. Any Video Converter

Any video converter is famously renowned with the name AVC all over the world which is available as a freeware for any kind of video conversion related activities. More than sixty different input file formats can effectively be converted to the required file format very effectively in the least possible time. Few top rated and listed conversions including DivX and MPEG4 to VOB can also get converted supported with a nice to understand and follow interface. Batch processing activities for multiple files conversions are effectively carried out and the converted file is automatically saved into a pre-created destination folder of the software. Audios can be extracted as well as converted to any format such as MP3, WAVE as well as others using the software interface. YouTube, as well as the Google-based videos, can also instantly be downloaded simply by pasting the URL of the concerned file and clicking the download button to start the downloading procedures.

2. Freemake Video Converter

This is one of the best video converter software in use today even by most of the professionals as well as individuals. The software supports different video formats with much more than even 500 hundred in numbers allowing the facilities to play and download the videos from any social media platform as well as video file sharing resources as well. Compatibility and easy access are provided by any of the devices including smartphones too. In addition to the easy to use user-friendly interface, the software is made available with different specific tools to carry out several purposes including the creation of the subtitles along with rotation, cutting and streaming up of the files as and when desired with a different list of tools. .NET framework is needed to be installed in the laptops/ PC for downloading and using the software.

3. DivX Video Converter

The software is provided with an easy to use interface with very clean and multiple tools powered system. There exist different built-in options for inputs and outputs related functionalities for free as well the premium version as well. However, the free version is also efficient for handling the regular video conversion related activities without any hassles. Cloud-based storage and accessing capabilities are also provided using the software such as Google Drive, Dropbox etc to name a few.

4. XiliSoft HD Video Converter

This is one of the best and fastest rated video converters to convert any form of video to other compatible formats as per the requirements. This software consumes a few more CPU space in comparison to the others, yet it delivers very small output files which obviously is a good thing for professionals. Videos can be transformed into Quicktime videos, MPEG videos as well as TS videos etc to name a few. Pictures can also be captured in the formats such as JPEG, GIF, PNG etc.

5. MovAvi Video Converter

Movie converter for mac

MovAvi is a dedicated user-friendly interface support is provided along with this software for quicker conversion of any video file formats to the desired one. MKV, WMV, VOB, FLV types of files can effectively be converted into the desired video formats without any issues. Dedicated tools support for adding the titles, dropping, cropping are provided for best user’s feedbacks.

7. iSkysoft Video Converter

In addition to the other conversion based supports, it can even provide conversion support for the HD quality videos along with the dedicated online uploaded videos as well. Any audios or videos can be converted to over more than 150+ supported formats with more than 90 times faster rate of conversion. WMV, AVI as well as TS based video conversion activities can effectively be done over the Mac supported environment without having any hampering up of the video quality along with an exceptionally faster rate of conversion.

8. MacX Video Converter Pro

This software has been designed for the complete dedication of video file conversion for the Mac OS. Downloading, editing along with conversion kind of activities can be carried on smoothly along with the support for 50+ audio and 320+ video based CODECs supports. Intel QSV hardware based dedicated acceleration activities are supported inside the software which is among the world’s first in this regard.

9. MediaCoder

The software can be used to process the conversion activities of multiple file formats altogether using the batch processing techniques. QuickSync, NVENC based support is compatible with the software for high speed conversion activities in a shortest possible time. Multiple output formats are provided to highly optimize the videos for the best quality output in an increased pixel number with a natural wrap of originality as well.

Movie Conversion Software For Mac Free

10. Cisdem Video Converter

Conversion kind of activities using this software can be done simply by dragging the video files and selecting the desired format of video file conversion. Uploading videos to the YouTube channels along with social media platforms such as Facebook etc can also be done effectively along with the dedicated video file support for high-end devices such as iPhones, iPads etc to name a few.

The above listed are the best video converter software for Windows and Mac OS X which are being used by the professionals as well as the individual users all over the world.

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