Mac Software Update Locking Up During Restart

Dec 26, 2018  Now boot up your MacBook again and tell it to restart and try to update the software again. If the reboot takes a while, that’s okay. Let it work out any kinks, and see if it. It allows checking the functionality activated during startup and performing its diagnostics. To launch Safe Boot, turn off your Mac, then start it up holding down the Shift key. If you wish to get feedback on how the process is going, restart the computer holding down the Shift and Command-V key combination. While the Mac is entering the Safe. Mar 27, 2020  Click Software Update. This will check for updates. If there is an update available, click the Update Now button and follow the onscreen instructions. If you are using an earlier version of the macOS software (macOS High Sierra and earlier), you can update your Mac by going to the App Store app. And then click Updates.

  1. Mac Software Update Locking Up During Restart Windows 7
  2. Mac Software Update Locking Up During Restart Iphone
  3. Mac Software Update Stuck On Restart

Are you Having Trouble Downloading or Getting a Big Sur Beta Update to show up in Software Update?

Big Sur Beta #2 was just released today and some users are having problems getting the new beta update to show up in System Preferences > Software Update. The same thing goes for the Command Line Interface or CLI using softwareupdate -l. Other users are saying that they are getting strange errors or download issues. Let’s dive in and see what’s going on here. If you missed it, my Beta 2 patch notes article is here >

Table of Contents

  • 1. Download Problems/Errors
  • 2. Big Sur Beta is not Showing up in Software Update – GUI
  • 3. Big Sur Beta is not showing up when using softwareupdate -l
  • 4. Other Problems, Snapshot Errors + Troubleshooting
  • 5. DTK Mac Mini ?

1. Download Problems & Errors

If you are having download problems/errors the solution is usually pretty simple, try again! Most download complaints come on the very first day the update is available. One thing that you will notice is, the download speeds can be slower. Usually that means that hundreds if not thousands of other users are trying to get the same update. Normally after a few hours everything clears up and you can download the update without any errors. I have included a screenshot of the error message that you might get below.

Download failed An error occurred while downloading the selected updates. Please check your internet connection and try again.

2. Big Sur Beta is not Showing up in Software Update – GUI

For most users, when a new Big Sur Beta is released it will show up in system preferences > software update. Your software update pane should look like the screenshot below.

Notice that on the left hand side it says that Updates for this Mac are managed externally. This means that you are enrolled in the Beta Program.

Software Update might look like the screenshot below.

Apple specifically calls this out in the Beta 1 & 2 Patch Notes.

Software Update might unexpectedly indicate updates for your Mac are being managed by, instead of indicating your Mac is enrolled in the Apple Beta Software Program. This doesn’t impact your ability to update macOS Big Sur 11 beta.

Beta 1 & 2 patch notes.

As the note says, you should be fine but in this case the new beta update is NOT showing up in software update!

What if you are not enrolled in beta or something happened to your enrollment? Software Update might look like the screenshot below.


The first thing you will want to do is to reinstall the Beta Profile.

This usually gets you up and going again. You might need to close and reopen System Preferences > Software Update. Once your Mac is enrolled in the Developer Beta Seed, you should see Beta 2 show up in Software Update or in terminal via softwareupdate -l

If software update still says No new software available. You might need to check a few things.

  • Unenroll & Re-enroll in Developer Seed
  • Look at SeedUtil’s Options –sudo /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/Seeding.framework/Versions/A/Resources/seedutil
  • Unenroll from the Beta Program sudo /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/Seeding.framework/Versions/A/Resources/seedutil unenroll
  • Enroll in the DeveloperSeed Beta sudo /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/Seeding.framework/Versions/A/Resources/seedutil enroll DeveloperSeed
  • Close and re-open System Preferences > Software Update
  • The new Beta should now show up.

3. Big Sur Beta is not showing up when using softwareupdate -l

This is pretty cut and dry, as the GUI is just running softwareupdate -l in the background. If the new beta does not show up with the softwareupdate CLI check, follow the GUI instructions above.

4. Other Problems, Snapshot Errors + Troubleshooting

A few other things might go wrong when trying to check for updates.

  • 1. If you updated to macOS Big Sur 11 beta from a previous version of macOS, Software Update might show “Unable to check for updates – Failed to download the documentation for the minor update. Please try again later”
  • If you upgraded from 10.13-10.15 for example you might get this message. Follow the instructions below.
  • Start up from macOS Recovery.
  • If your data volume is encrypted, use Disk Utility to mount it.
  • In Terminal type rm -rf '/Volumes/Macintosh HD - Data/private/var/folders/zz/zyxvpxvq6csfxvn_n00000y800007k'
  • Restart your Mac.

2. Softwareupdate Error on a T2 Mac

The volume can not be used because it is not snapshot booted.

-> Current device configuration requires an alternate installer to perform the update.

NSLocalizedDescription=Current device configuration and target is invalid for install in the current state. Please try again., NSDebugDescription=[SUMacControllerErrorPreflightPrerequisiteCheckFailed=7722] Failed to perform PreflightPrerequisite operation: The volume can not be used because it is not snapshot booted.

If you get this error, you need to boot to recovery and set “Startup Security” to HIGH! –

5. DTK Mac Mini ?

A macOS Big Sur is not Intel/Apple Silicon unified yet. A DTK version of Big Sur has not been released yet. I will update when it becomes available.

For the specific time Mac users want speed on the system regularly like After update current MacOS, On Login time or Access Apps, Use Safari or third-party web browser. Get rid of all the problems by following the tips below. That’s really easy and handy on Mac Freezes up constantly or slow.

Many of you, impatient to use the new version “macOS High Sierra” on Macbook. Consistently every update comes with new features and to give more comfort to users, but sometimes it leads to some problems which irritate the user. So here are some important tricks so that you can use the device smoothly.

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Fixes to consider for Improve Mac Speed and Performance: Bypass Mac Freezes Issue

1) Disable Location Services

When you are on the WiFi connection, System regularly checks the current location and Mac freezes every few seconds or App in Use. So, Disabling Location Services will improve the speed of the system because when you turn off it, the apps which use location services will automatically be stopped and hence it results in good speed. To disable it follow the steps:

Step #1: open system preference (Go to the top Apple Menu or Search in Spotlight search)

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Step #2: tap on security and privacy

Step #3: open up privacy, and on the side, you will see Location Services, turn it off.

2) Disable Night Shift Mode on Mac

Night Shift Mode is a new feature which was launched with the updated iOS 9.3 and in Mac 10.12.4. For Mac users, it is available in 2012 macs and later models. To turn off Night Shift Mode follow the steps:

Step 1: Tap on the Apple symbol and open up System Preferences

Step 2: Tap on “Display”.

Step 3: there you will find three options ‘Display’, ‘Color’ and ‘Night Shift Mode’.

Step 4: tap on Night Shift Mode and from “Schedule” and turn it off.

Turning on Night Shift Mode will cause the constant use of Location Service if sunrise and sunset option is selected. And it will create a burden on the system, so it is better to turn it off or choose the “Custom” option.

3) Check for Updates (On OS and APPS)

Another factor can be possible for the freezing of macOS Catalina is Update of OS as well as of Apps. It is necessary to maintain Mac up to date with all the latest versions of software because whenever any update arrives, it comes with new features which help the system to run smoothly. But before updating you should consider some factors like,

Check whether the Mac is compatible with that version.

Enough storage should be there

Mac software update locking up during restart windows 7

Prefer good internet connection or possibly use a wired connection.

Before updating, must back up all the data

And there are a lot more things to consider while you update mac. Applications which you are using on mac should be updated from time to time to run device flawlessly. Here, some steps are given so that you can easily check updates on mac as well as applications of it.

Step 1: to open frequently search App Store on Spotlight Search box.

Step 2: there on the top you will find an option “Updates”.

Step 3: Next, you need to search for updates and tap on install if an update is available.

4) Force Close the Apps

If mac is not responding properly or the application is freezing then you must force close that application and re-launch it. It is very easy to force close applications, and there are various alternatives are available to close applications.

Method 1:

Direct click on Apple logo and click on Force Quit Application or use Keyboard Shortcuts (Shift + Option + Command + ESC).

Method 2:

Mac Software Update Locking Up During Restart Windows 7

On the dock you will find the running application, right-click on that application will enable you to force close that application.

5) Disable Reopen Windows when logging back in

If you feel special when Mac Freezes after login, then uncheck “Reopen Windows when logging back in”. See below image,

Before ShutDown, Uncheck The option in the above screen

Mac Software Update Locking Up During Restart

You enabled this option on shutdown Mac, in the next log in your Mac recall all running apps first, So it will take a long time on access screen or use the app.

6) Restart Mac in Safe Mode

Generally when a system or device is not responding, then you prefer to reboot it. But rebooting should be done in safe mode for better results. Entering mac in safe mode is a very simple process. By following a few steps, you can do it by yourself:

Step 1: at first shut down the device

Step 2: Press the power button to directly on Mac, MacBook, and iMac.

Step 3: turn on the mac, and then press the shift key as soon as you hear a sound until the apple logo appears.

Step 4: wait for the system to enter in safe mode

Step 5: login on Mac and the upper right corner you will see safe mode symbol.

7) Disconnect Additional devices

If the mac is connected with devices like printer or speakers even if they are not compatible with the system, then it is advisable to disconnect it at the very first moment. Rather than this if more devices are connected, then it is also a major reason behind lagging of speed or freezing of mac.

8) Apple Diagnostic and Apple Hardware Test

Apple Hardware Test is very useful when you have doubt on any hardware part of the system. This test will give you complete information regarding which part of the system is an obstacle for you. The following steps will only apply to those macs which are introduced after 2013.

Step 1: Remove or disconnect all the external devices which are connected to mac except keyboard, Ethernet connection, Mouse, AC plug, and Display. Apart from these if any other device is connected, then it will cause an error.

Step 2: shut down the mac

Mac Software Update Locking Up During Restart Iphone

Step 3: Next, start the system and press and hold D until Apple Hardware Test icon appears on the screen.

Step 4: After that, you need to select the language which is comfortable for you using a mouse or up and down arrow.

Step 5: now to begin the test click on the test button

Step 6: as soon as the test will be completed you can review the results on the screen.

Step 7: After that, you need to restart or reboot the device for quitting the test.

9) Delete or uninstall unused apps

Sometimes we don’t know which apps are hidden, or we are not using, and they act as culprits for our mac, so it is better to remove that app. There are lots of benefits of deleting this kind of apps like your storage will increase, RAM will remain free, devices will work flawlessly and much more. One can delete the applications which are downloaded from the app store or another website, but you can’t remove the applications which are part of a system like Safari.

Apps from the App store can be deleted by below procedure

Step 1: on the dock hold down the app which you want to remove until it starts to wiggle and then delete the app.

Mac Software Update Stuck On Restart

Step 2: later, if you want to download it you can access that app from the app store.

Check Task Manager from all running process in Activity Monitor. Shut down unnecessary apps. On my Experience, I Face the issue or Slow down the system when I use Mac apps like Skype, Google Chrome, MS Office Excel or Word.

10) Optimize storage space

Storage Optimization is another alternative to improve the speed of the device, and it is very easy way compare to others. macOS will store data in the cloud and will save the storage on the system and make available for you whenever you needed. Storage optimization will help the device to delete videos, music and other files which are not been used by you.

Step 1: go to Apple menu

Step 2: Tap on About This Mac

Step 3: Then click on Storage

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Optimize storage: Auto remove watched iTunes movies, TV Shows, Email Attachments.

Empty trash automatically: Automatically Erase items after 30 days from Recycle bin.

Reduce clutter: Delete documents and Data that all are no longer needed.

Some apps are unable to remove or uninstall, try CleanMyMac and get GBs of Free space, Reindex Spotlight, Old log files, iTunes files, and Backup, Repair Disk, Delete Web cookies and Web extensions automatically on macOS Catalina, macOS High Sierra. It will diagnosis Safari related problems – Mac Safari freeze on type in the address bar or While we launch safari and other apps as well.