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When printing emails using Mail, I found that the fonts were always too big. After looking around in the print options, I found two solutions. The first one is for when you want the line to be wrapped at a particular point (e.g. after the longest code line):
  • Double click the message you want to print.
  • Resize the message window which just opened, such that the message is wrapped the way you want.
  • Press Command-P, and choose Mail from the print settings drop-down menu, and then choose Scale message to fit.
  • Preview, then print, and the email will be wrapped exactly the same way as seen in the message window, and the font size will be adjusted to make that happen.
The second solution, which will conserve correct font sizes, is this:

Mac Mail App Update

  • Press Command-P, and choose Mail from the print settings drop-down menu, and then choose Keep the same apparent font size.
  • Preview, then print, and the e-ail will be wrapped in order to match the message font used by the sender of the e-mail.

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Mac Mail App Prints Small

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I don't know why the

My printer is printing text too small and I've changed text size but still happening-please help All I have been trying to do is print out mapquest driving instructions-I select the size font and the print comes out sooo tiny each time. I now can't access bing or google chrome either. It says my resolution is too small so I went to screen. If you need to focus on unread emails only, please open the Mail App on your Mac. Then look for the small “Filter” button at the top of the message list in any mailbox. If you are using iOS, then tap the button in a lower left corner. The button looks like a series of lines atop one another.

Rewrap message to fit option doesn't work for me, and I don't know if it's the same for other people. I hope this will help people having the same problem, assuming there are any.