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  1. Apr 03, 2016  Unlike Windows, when you close a file in OS X, you don't close its application as well. For you to close the application, you need to right-click its icon in the Dock and select Quit, or to access the first menu to the right of the Apple menu (nam.
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Mac close application red buttonWhen you click the red button at the top left corner of a window on a Mac, you close that window. But sometimes this also quits the app entirely. There is a logic behind this, based on how the app operates. Apps that allow multiple windows for multiple documents usually only use the red button to close a window. But apps that normally operate with a single window and have no other reason to stay open, will quit.

Mac Close App Red Button Code

Mac OS X: One of Mac's most confusing features is the red close button, which you think would shut down an application but often doesn't. RedQuits is a free utility that closes applications when.

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