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Can someone explain how Wake on Lan is setup on the Apple TV app? I see no setting in the app. My current setup is I have the Emby server running via docker on an ubuntu server 20.04. WOL is correctly setup on the server which I can wake up from my macbook. However it wont wake up from the emby a. Apr 14, 2020  Step 2: Windows operating system WoL setup. Open Device Manager. Find and open Network adapters. Ignore Bluetooth connections and virtual adapters. Double-click (or double-tap) Network adapters or select the. Right-click or tap-and-hold the adapter that belongs to the active internet.

Anyone know of a Mac app that can send the WOL 'Magic Packet' to a WOL enabled computer?

The target machine is a FreeNAS server built on old Dell PC hardware

WOL is enabled on BIOS and the NIC is alive even when the PC is off, so WOL should work

Need to be able to send the WOL command over the netwrok to get the NAS box to wake from OFF occcasionally when I want to performanc maintenance etc.

I currently have it set to wake via BIOS every night for the nightly backups, then shut down again.

I also have the BIOS set to 'Power On' after power failure/ I can turn it on via a remote control mains switch, but this does mean shutting down other PC (via their respective WebGUI's) on the same power strip before doing this. These machines are locted in the attic, so it is a pain to manually climb up to them to power them on manually

To get a WOL command sent from the main house computer to wake the NAS server when needed outside of th ebackup hours would be a great addition

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Online Wake-on-LAN Services

Here are some websites that allow sending magic packets to boot up a computer over the internet. They are free services that can be used by anyone.

6. Wake-On-LAN Online

This webpage is able to send the required packet data to your computer over the internet. A useful feature is the scheduler that allows you to send the magic packet on a specific day and time up to a week in advance.

Enter the external IP address and MAC address of the target computer into the boxes. Then press “Wake Up my PC!” The service seems to use both ports 9 and 7 by default but you can add your own with “:[port]” after the IP address. Multiple MAC and IP addresses can be used if you separate them with commas.

Visit Wake-On-LAN Online

7. Depicus Wake on LAN over the Internet

In addition to the Windows tools from Depicus, they also have a page on their website that can send the magic packet over the internet to your computer.

The external IP Address and MAC Address of your computer is required. The subnet mask and password boxes can be left alone if you have no specific need to change them. The page also says the port can be left at the default of 4343 but we got an error if the box was empty. Port 9, 7, 4343 or anything more specific if you wish is fine.

Visit Depicus Wake on LAN over the Internet

Wake-on-LAN from the Command Line or PowerShell

Using the command line or PowerShell to send Wake-on-LAN packets to another computer can be quite useful for business, professional users, in batch scripts and to make desktop shortcuts.

8. Wake On Lan Command Line (WolCmd)

This tool is another entry in our list by Depicus and is a simple command line tool to send the Wake-on-LAN signal. The syntax is quite simple.

WolCmd [MAC address] [IP address] [Subnet mask] [Port]

An example would look like this:

wolcmd 26-63-A4-79-B8-12 9

The MAC address, IP address and subnet are required but the port will default to 7 if you don’t supply one.

Download Wake On Lan Command Line (WolCmd)

Another useful command line tool we found was simply called WOL. It additionally allows you to supply a password and a custom subnet.

9. Send-WOL PowerShell Script

There are a few PowerShell scripts around that can send a magic packet and this one is hosted on the Microsoft Technet Script Center. Download the script, open it and add the argument for the computer(s) you wish to wake.

Send-WOL -mac [MAC address] -ip [IP address] -port [port]

Save the script and execute it from PowerShell or the command line. Only the MAC address is truly required, the default port will be 9 if you don’t supply your own.

Download Send-WOL PowerShell Script

Use Wake-on-LAN to Start a Computer From your Smartphone

If you are unable to send the magic packet to your PC from another computer, an alternative option is sending it from another device like a smartphone or tablet. There are loads of apps around and the Android app we’ll look at is free, popular and does the job quite nicely.

10. Wake On Lan for Android

This app is quite easy to use because if the computer to start up remotely is switched on and available on the local network, you can find it automatically. Just press the add button and select the device from the list. It’s IP and MAC addresses will be added so you don’t have to do anything else. If you are connecting from outside the LAN, replace the local IP with the external IP or add a new connection manually.

All you have to do is press one of the devices in the bookmarks list to start the computer remotely. A handy function is the ability to add a widget to your home screen that can send the packet data to a selected device just by pressing the icon. By default the magic packet is sent three times, it can be changed up or down in the app settings.

Download Wake On Lan for Android

Test Wake-on-LAN is Working in Windows

If Wake-on-LAN isn’t working or you just want to test to see if the remote computer is receiving the necessary data, try using Wake on Lan Monitor. It’s another tool from Depicus and can be used to test if the magic packet is reaching the target computer.

Launch the tool on the computer you want to send the WOL signal to, set the required port and press Start. Then send a Wake-on-LAN packet from another computer using one of the options above. If the data is received, the tool will display it in the window. If you receive nothing there is something in your set up preventing the packet from being sent.

Note that different programs default to different ports when sending the magic packet. For instance, FUSION WakeUp on Lan and WakeMeOnLan default to port 40000 while WakeOnLANx defaults to port 7. If you are not required to set a port in the program, make sure you know what its default is during testing.

Download Wake on LAN Monitor

Make Sure Your Computer is Wake-on-LAN Ready

To enable the Wake-on-LAN feature in the BIOS, in addition to an obvious option which is usually named something like “Wake on LAN”, you may have to enable an option called “PCI Devices power on” in the ACPI configuration and power management settings.

You also need to make sure the LAN driver in Windows has the WOL feature enabled. Right click on (My) Computer > Manage > Device Manager > Network adapters. Double click on your Ethernet controller and look in the Advanced tab for “Wake on LAN”, “Wake from shutdown”, “Wake on Magic Packet” or similar.

Make sure it’s enabled. Also, go into the Power Management tab and tick “Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power”, “Allow this device to wake the computer”, and optionally “Only allow magic packets to wake the computer”.

While the system is switched off, make sure power is still getting to the network adapter by checking to see if the light is on near the connector on the motherboard or card. If not there is no power going to it then other settings may need adjusting.

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Additionally, tools like Teamviewer, R-HUB remote support servers etc. also provide remotely turning on and accessing the computers. You can use the same.

Apostol Dorel1 year ago

How you can wake up on LAN your PC if you’re not in the same network?


Page 2 might help you with that, those options can WOL over the internet which is essentially the same thing.

dan1 year ago

this is “8 programms to use wake-on-lan to turn your computer on” describing exactly ONE way (WOL) – it is not 8 ways to turn a computer on … grrr :-P


We called it 8 ways to… because there are not 8 programs or 8 websites, but a mixture. And you only have so many characters for a title.

F4CKAU1 year ago

turn on and wake up is 2 completely different things.. thats what he meant. Its clickbait in essence xD


Wake on LAN will “turn on” your computer from off, wake up brings the computer out of sleep/standby. Two different things but “wake” is used for both.

Also, the commenter above did not mean the difference between turn on and wake, he was unhappy that the title says “8 ways…” when he believes there’s only one way mentioned.

tehhellhound2 years ago

The PC that I wanted to start up has to be on Wi-Fi due to practicality. what I did was get one of those remote controlled smart outlets and set the BIOS to default to power on. I have a UPS and a gas generator so I’m not going to lose power to that PC otherwise. I just shut down the PC as normal then cut the power for about 30 seconds when I want to start it up.


if the power to the network adapter is off while the computer is off, you need to be able to send a broadcast to it to wake it up.
in order to do that, an always on 3rd party device is needed that is in your home network like a tablet or old phone.
for that i wrote an app called wol proxy for android which can do the broadcast for you and still allow you to wake the PC:

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For Android users – small app to wake up your PC
Description here
It works even in cases where the computer behind the router NAT and port forwarding does not work (and it does not help if the PC is turned off).



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Thanks my friend, your post was of great help. It saved me a lot of money. I was going to buy a remote power switch and “ATX push to on” from Deltronix. Thanks again.

Mac App Wake On Lan Pc

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Very informative, thank you so much! I’ve been looking for a way to turn my computer on from school + use logmein =)


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WHAT A NICE THING!!!! YOU JUST SAVE ME LOT WORK HOURS, because someone have lost the keys of the server’s room, I had to work remotly, but, for a mistake turned off the server, but, I was able to turn it on again with the software Fusion WOL, thanks a lot for your advise.


Nice article, I already use VNC to control my machine but sometimes I forget to leave my PC on. This will help a lot, the only thing I need now is a decent router which supports dynDNS.

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Very cool!!! I used the wake up from the internet entered my home IP and MAC addy from my office and Voila! My home computer turned on. I used a remote support proggy to turn computer off and access everything THANKS!!!!!


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Mac Wake Up On Lan App

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