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Have you ever made two folders on your computer that should really be one? If you handle a lot of different files and documents on a daily basis, you’ve probably come across that issue often.

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Keep It App For Mac Replacing Together 3 4

If you’ve ever found two files on your computer with the same or slightly different names, there are two things you can do to free up space on your Mac. One way to do it is to replace one folder with the other. When that’s not an option, you’ll need to learn how to merge files on your Mac.

Learning these file handling tricks is a good next step after you learn how to move files on your Mac. Read on to find out how to join two folders into one without losing any of your files.

How To Replace Files On Mac

If you know that you have two identical files or folders on your computer and want to only keep one, you can do it by replacing one of them with the other.

  1. Choose the file you’d like to keep.
  2. Click on the file to select it. Then drag it on top of the file you’d like to replace.
  3. When you drop it, you’ll get the pop-up window asking whether you want to Replace the second file or Stop.

If you choose Replace, Finder will delete the second file with all its contents. So before you do that, make sure you have a recent backup of all your files so you don’t lose any important data.

Alternatively, you can select Stop and learn how to merge two files instead. That way you can keep all of your files without building up clutter on your computer.

How To Merge Two Folders

When you’re not sure whether two folders have the same contents, you can play it safe by merging them together.

In order to merge two folders with identical names on Mac, follow these steps.

  1. Choose the final location of the merged folder. You need that to decide which of the two folders you will be moving.
  2. Select the folder that you want to move.
  3. Hold down the Option key (Alt), then drag the folder you’d like to get rid of towards the folder you want to merge it with.
  4. Still holding the Option key, drop the folder.
  5. You’ll get the pop-up window that will now have an option to Merge the files.

Note, that Merge option will only appear if the contents of one of the folders differ from the contents of the other folder. If both of your folders have the same items in them, you will only get the same Stop and Replace options.

How To Merge Two Folders On Mac With Different Names

If the two folders you’d like to join have different names, you can simply change one folder’s name to match the other and use the method described above to merge them.

Another way to do it is to manually move the contents of one of the folders to the other.

  1. Open the folder that you want to get rid of.
  2. From the ribbon menu on top, choose Edit > Select All to select all the files inside the folder. You can also do it by using the keyboard shortcut Cmd (Command) + A.
  3. Drag and drop the files into the second folder.
  4. After you move the files, delete the empty folder.

If the two folders you want to merge have the files with the same names, you’ll get a pop-up window asking if you want to Keep Both, Stop, or Replace the file. Choosing Keep Both will save the copy of the file with the same name and the word “copy” added in the end.

Use The Ditto Terminal Command

For advanced users, there’s one more way to merge files on a Mac. You can use the Terminal command called Ditto.

  1. Open Spotlight and type Terminal into the search bar.
  2. In Terminal, type in the Ditto command.

The command uses the following syntax:

ditto / source / destination

We have a folder with the name Test Folder located on the desktop, and a folder with the same name stored in Downloads. Here’s what the ditto command for those two folders looks like this:

ditto -V ~/Desktop/”Test Folder” ~/Downloads/”Test Folder”

If the name of your file only has one word (like “Test”), you won’t need to use double quotes in the command.

  1. Press Enter, and the command will overwrite the contents of the destination folder with those of the source folder.
Keep it app for mac replacing together 3 years

Mastering the Ditto command might seem a little tricky, especially if you’ve never used Terminal before. However, it’s a more sophisticated and effective way of merging two folders on a Mac.

Learn To Use Your Mac Intelligently

File handling on Mac can be a little confusing if you don’t know how the system works. However, learning to operate your files is essential if you don’t want to run into problems like not having enough space, or struggling to find the right file in a pile of digital clutter.

Once you master commands like replacing and merging files on Mac, have a look at how to permanently delete and password protect your files on Mac.

Do you suffer from overpopulating your computer with identical files? How do you normally solve that problem? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

Keep It is a notebook, scrapbook and organizer, useful for writing notes, saving web links, documents, images or any kind file, and finding them again. Available on iPhone and iPad, and as a separate app for Mac, Keep It is the destination for all those things you want to put somewhere, confident you will find them again later.

Keep It is the successor to Together. Find information for Together users at the bottom of the page.

Download Keep It from the App Store and choose a monthly or yearly subscription to get a free trial. Cancel the subscription any time up to 24-hours before the trial expires and you will not be charged. Read more about subscriptions.





Notes, Links and Everything Else

Make Notes

Create notes with built-in styles that look good and read well on all your devices. Notes can contain checklists, bulleted and numbered lists, dividers, links, sketches, images and other attachments.

Save Web Links

Save web links to Keep It, view them in the app, open them in your browser, or save them as PDFs or web archives for offline reading.

Add Anything

Any kind of file can be created from stationery, added to Keep It, and opened for editing in their other applications. With iCloud, changes are automatically made available across your Macs and iOS devices.

Preview and Edit

Keep It generates thumbnails and summaries for most files, can edit its own notes, Markdown, rich and plain text documents, add highlights and notes to PDFs, and show images, web pages and most other documents. Any item can be encrypted with a password.



Keep It can store everything in iCloud and make it available on your iPad, iPhone, and Mac too, with Keep It for Mac.

Share Folders and Items

Keep it can share top-level folders and individual items with other Keep It users via iCloud. Participants will see all changes automatically.



Folders let you organize items and bundles hierarchically, when needed. Select a folder to see everything it contains. Swipe right on any expandable folder to focus on it. Use drag and drop to rearrange folders, bundles and items.


When you need to gather things into one place, make a bundle. Items can be in more than one bundle at a time, and when you remove the bundle, everything else stays where it was.


Use labels to color-code items for quick visual recognition. Labels are listed in the sidebar so you can quickly see everything with a particular label.

More Lists

Use the Recents list to see things you’ve added or viewed lately, with the latest shown at the top. Favorites provide quick access. Deleted Items are automatically removed after 30 days.

Search and Filter


Keep It can search the content of most files, can recognize text in scanned PDFs and images, including attachments. While searching, suggestions appear as you type, allowing you to narrow down results to exactly what you need. Save searches for later reuse.

Tag Filter

Keep It’s Tag Filter makes finding things by their tags easy, and works with search and the selected list. Choose a tag to see all the tagged items and any other relevant tags; choose another tag to drill down further.

Where You Need It


Add web links, text, photos and videos from within other apps with Keep It's Share extension, available in most apps. As you do, you can choose to append text to an existing note, specify tags, and choose a destination folder or bundle.

Works with Other Apps

Keep It integrates with the Files app so you can access everything in Keep It from within other apps. Drag and drop files, text and links to Keep It on iPad. You can also copy clickable links to items for use in other apps, and automate with Shortcuts or x-callback-urls.

Keep It is the successor to Together, and Keep It for Mac can import your Together libraries. While many things will be familiar, Keep It offers some great new ideas and improvements, including:

View and Edit

  • Dark Mode
  • Summaries and thumbnails in the list
  • Icon view for browsing items by their thumbnails
  • Predefined and custom styles for notes and improved file attachments
  • Text for notes and rich text scaled to match the Text Size setting on iPad and iPhone
  • Insert dividers in notes
  • Edit Markdown files with syntax coloring and a choice of editor and preview styles
  • See a word count for notes, Markdown, rich text and plain text documents
  • Automatically rename items created from stationery
  • Add sketches to notes
  • Annotate PDFs and images, both standalone files and attachments

Organize and Manage

  • Folders can show all items in nested folders and bundles
  • Contextual menus
  • iCloud sharing for both folders and individual items
  • Swipe right on any expandable folder to focus on it and the things it contains
  • Recents list shows added and edited items across all your Macs and iOS devices
  • Deleted items automatically removed after 30 days
  • Selecting multiple items shows options to add them to a bundle, move to a folder, change the label or add tags
  • Each list can have its own sort and view settings


  • Scan multi-page documents using the camera
  • Save web links as PDFs or web archives in the app and share extension
  • Share extension can append text and web links to notes and other editable text files
  • Add files, text and links with drag and drop on iPad
  • Add notes and append text to notes with Siri
  • Works with the Files app
  • Extensive Shortcuts support for creating notes, automating imports and working with items
  • Supports x-callback-urls for automating imports

Search and Filter

  • Search the current list or All Items
  • Choose from suggestions, and combine suggestions to create complex searches
  • Text recognition makes scanned PDFs and images searchable, including attachments
  • Refine searches with keywords and natural language for dates
  • Save searches for later reuse
  • Search Keep It with Siri
  • Find and highlight occurrences of text in all editable text files, PDFs, web pages and more
  • Create and edit powerful saved searches that match items against multiple rules
  • Tag Filter can filter combinations of tags in the same straightforward way on both Mac and iOS

…but just about everything in Keep It is more refined, works better, faster, and often makes more sense.