Is There A Better Voice Transcription Software For Mac

Dec 22, 2019  Transcription software are very helpful for those users who are having large chunks of audio and video files to be converted into a text document. Here we brings you Best Transcription software windows/ Mac 2020 with which you can transcribe audio into text file. Also check – best usb bootable software / best file transfering software iphone. The software is powered by an all-new, next-generation speech engine. It utilizes 'Deep Learning' technology for a more accurate dictation and transcription. Dragon Professional Individual for Mac 6.0 adapts to your voice and environmental variations. You can use your voice to dictate and edit reports, send e-mails and notes, and even fill out. The State Of Dictation Software On Mac In 2020. Unfortunately even in 2020, the market for desktop dictation software for Mac is extremely small. For years the leading solution has been Dragon Dictate Professional for Mac but the developer Nuance dropped a bombshell in October 2018 that it was discontinuing the product.

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Best Transcription Software for Mac, in recent times, is made straightforward with these instruments. You have game plans to make smooth changes even to full data. Also, you can block unwanted websites to make your Mac system more secure and improve its functionality..


  • 1 Top 7 Transcription Software for Mac Worth Considering!

Top 7 Transcription Software for Mac Worth Considering!

Given below is the list of top 7 transcription software for Mac that you can go through. And, opt the best one that suits your device.

Express Scribe

Express Scribe is one of the most critical choices concerning understanding in Mac. You can call it fantastic sound player programming also. Express Scribe urges you to play sound and video content so you can improve the interpretation technique. Appeared differently concerning a run of the mill media player, you have higher authority over the speed just as how the deciphered substance is made. There are several masters features one may adore. For instance, Express Scribe offers comprehensive assistance for foot-pedals. You can get one of these pedals and use it for controlling sound playback.

Additionally, this transcription software for Mac empowers you to stack synthetic substances from a collection of sources, including little voice recorders out there. The eminent aggregation of hotkeys moreover makes it easy to regulate voice/video. It reinforces both sound and video playback and plays designs, including encoded correspondence records.

You can likewise use capable USB foot pedals to control playback. This interpretation programming usually gets and stacks archives by the web (FTP), email, or over a close-by PC organization. It likewise works with talk affirmation programming to this change over talk to content. Using the fitting and play foot pedal, you can make your foot control the playback as you type, which can empower you to assemble your forming speed. You can similarly stack CD sound and begin filling in as the sound weights.

Visit: Express Scribe


InqScribe brings the best of the two universes concerning understanding in Mac. It does not have such an essential, capable interface like Express Scribe, yet it is not irrelevant as Descript either which is another decent transcription software for Mac. The truth is that you can decipher in a reliable area, without struggling with other customization needs. There are decisions to save the record and to insert substitute ways and bits.

Using scraps, you can incorporate a significant part of the time used words in a single snap. With Inqscribe, you can make a captioned QuickTime movie or even print the transcripts. You can add time codes to rebound to a particular point in the film cut. Basic controls are maybe the best thing present in InqScribe, ant time of time. You can incorporate a wellspring of the sound and start the playback. On the right side of the window, there is an opportunity for interpreting as well. As said previously, this transcription software for Mac does not display any lavish features here. On the other hand, it offers a circumstance for quiet presentation.

Visit: InqScribe

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Transcriva is one of the interpretations programming that sorts out User Interface. It has been organized to such an extent that the interpretation system is put first. There are capable features like sustenance pedal assistance; be that as it may, Transcriva revolves around how successfully you can decipher. It is a pervasive choice concerning deciphering gatherings and related substances.Also, it empowers you to playback your transcripts when your decoding is over. The transcription software for Mac also goes with foot pedal assistance to ease things for you.

Moreover, besides this, there are such immense quantities of customization features available to fit each customer’s needs. Transcriva is most likely the least confusing way to deal with interpreting video or sound. In the two cases, you have straightforward methodologies to monitor your turn of events and modify the technique. For instance, this transcription software for Mac has a littler than a customary player for video playback. On the other hand, you can control the sound and speed when you are using a sound player as the source.

Visit: Transcrivia


Dragon is organized unequivocally to empower you to make files, spreadsheets, or presentations faster. This transcription software for Mac is important for sending messages and for balancing structures. The understanding by Dragon is extraordinarily accurate. It is fit for bleeding-edge customization incorporated with the objective that it alters well to even the most business express wording that you use every day.

It can decipher all commonly used associations like .mp3 aif, .aiff, .wav, .mp4, .m4a, .m4v. For careful interpretation, it can, in like manner, get notes. You can, in like manner, change words for the terms you use every day, insert substance or representations that are as often as possible used, and make course interchange ways for horrid endeavors. You can, in like manner, decipher voice updates from your mobile phone or conservative voice recorder, advanced communications, or sound reports of any single speaker’s voice to content quickly.


Compared with the other interpretation programming, it is sure that Descript is, to some degree, extraordinary. As a matter of first significance, it has one of the most current UIs we have any time seen. Descript is, at the same time, a specialist translation programming similar to a sound proofreader. You can likewise use this program to decipher sound substance and use some insightful features usually. It is revered for how coordinated this transcription software for Mac is to the element. You have considerable authority over how a sound archive is played and coordinated with the deciphered data. This would be useful as time goes on when you have to make changes.

Is There A Better Voice Transcription Software For Mac Pc

Descript furthermore incorporates most likely the best joint exertion and analysis choices we’ve seen. Talking about features, Descript has various to offer. Instinctive handiness makes you complete the interpretation in the blink of an eye. Constrained by Google Speech, this instrument furnishes an incredible level of precision concerning mechanized translation. Leave that aside; you can still use Descript as a different strategy to deal with the other collection of manual understanding.

Visit: Descript

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VoxSigma Speech to Text

VoxSigma is a decent transcription software for Mac which is present with extensive language multilingual talk to-content limits. Recalling the necessities of master customers, it can unravel even cuts with slight uproars. Additionally, it is significant in the substance to talk about gigantic measures of sound and video reports and allows you to edit the videos as per your needs. For instance, convey data, either in bunch mode or logically. Data available from call centers can be sparse down using these.

At first, the sound sections that contain the talk are recognized by the language. This transcription software for Mac has adaptable features that can isolate voices whether or not some encompassing songs are playing and is fit for changing over them into the substance. VoxSigma yields an XML record with remarks including talk and non-talk areas, speaker names, and words with time codes, splendid conviction scores, and complement. You can change this XML record into plain messages.

Visit: VoxSigma Speech to Text


You can use ATMac for creating your messages, for visiting and for other substance to talk needs. This transcription software for Mac can recognize various English dialects and accents, including American, Northern Ireland, Southern, Australian, British, Indian, and considerably more.

ATMac spread the full extent of Apple machines with a comparative esteemed, notwithstanding, favored lead times over the Apple Webstore.

Visit: ATMac


Similarly, as the freedom of the standard Apple things like transcription software for Mac, we sell a full extent of Mac Peripherals, Accessories, and Software, which give food to the most current similarly as the more settled machines and applications. Also, if think that your personal machine is slowing down with time, refer to this article to boost its perfomance.

Which is the best transcription software in the market right now?

Are you looking for the best transcription software or a medical transcription software? Voice transcription software of today is much different from those of the past. The sheer complexity of the audio to text software programs or the best transcribing software is something to behold.

The transcribe software of today, which convert “audio to text” is capable of working on multiple platforms such as Windows and Mac. They can be used as an interview transcription software or music transcription software, or as a software to transcribe audio files and video files of any sort.

The best transcribing software converts audio to text, voice to text or video to text in a matter of seconds, and are easy to use.

How does a voice to text transcribing software work and where can it be useful?

A voice transcript software can be useful in a number of situations. For example, it could be used in medical transcription. Medical transcription software has been used for a number of years now, but it is only now that they have become truly popular.

In the past, you had doctors in the US dictating their notes on a Dictaphone, which was recorded by a small recording device. The audio files were then sent to BPOs in India, the Philippines and other places where a team of medical transcribers worked on the audio files, transcribing it into a text format.

This was an elaborate process and consumed many man-hours. This was fine as the medical transcribers in countries like India were working at very low wages. But it was still an inefficient way to do things.

The introduction of medical transcription software has changed all of that. Now you can have medical records transcribed at the click of a button, as easy as you like.

Another useful feature of a transcribing software is in the customer support of various companies. It may have come to your notice that the call centers of many large companies no longer make use of actual human voice to answer queries.

You will instead be greeted by machine voice recording which asks you certain questions and evaluates your answers. Your answers are then converted to text with the transcribe software so that it can be easily interpreted by the human agents later.

The transcription software makes use of different types of audio file formats like AAC, Audible 2, 3 and 4, AVI, MP3 VBR, MP3, Apple Lossless, AIFF, and WAV. These software applications are also capable of working with the following video formats – MOV, MP4, m4v, DAT, H.264, VOB, and MPEG-2.

Here’s what happens – the voice transcription software converts words into text every time you dictate to your computer. These transcribe software can be used even by the visually impaired to write emails, articles, online journals, and blog posts and for medical transcription and legal transcription.

Applications of transcribing software

Transcribe software have a number of great applications. They have been used by the US military for over 50 years now. They are also used in the healthcare and telecom industry.

One of the biggest advantages of these transcribe software is that they permit hands-free computing so that even those with disabilities such those who are visually impaired and find it impossible to use the keyboard can write emails, articles and books, just as well as anyone else. It is a simple matter of dictating a command, the transcribe software makes sure that the commands are properly interpreted by the computer.

Here’s a look at the 5 of the Best Transcribe Software

(1) Dragon® NaturallySpeaking 13 Home

Dragon® NaturallySpeaking 13 Home costs $59.99 and is easily one of the best transcription software out there. It not only converts audio to text but allows you to perform a number of tasks such as surfing the internet, writing emails, using Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites and ensures that any voice command you give is understood and acted upon by the computer.

This software works equally well on Windows and Mac and is considered to be highly accurate. In fact, its accuracy is close to 99.9%, which is as high as it can be. This software can be used for a variety of tasks such as dictating, editing, formatting and so on.

The Dragon audio to text software is considered by many to be the best speech recognition software out there. It can be used to compose letters, memos, memoirs and much more with absolute ease. The software captures your thoughts in the text form on Word or Notepad with absolute ease.

This software can be used to visit any website on the internet, perform Google searches, find directions on Google Map, look for files in your hard drive and much more. You can send out emails, use Facebook and Twitter or send instant messages. You can manage your calendar, engagements or schedule appointments by simply dictating voice commands.

This transcribing software is highly efficient, accurate and super fast – it is actually much faster than typing manually. You can use it for a variety of than typing manually with your hands. You can also use this software for editing and proofreading tasks.

Is There A Better Voice Transcription Software For Mac

Price: $99.99 $59.99

(2) Scribie Service

Scribie Service is one of the new transcription software on the market that has been making a lot of waves recently. What makes this software so interesting is that that it can be used for a variety of purposes, such as for research or for school work.

It is available in different pricing packages. The Budget version of the software can be purchased at a highly affordable $0.75 per minute for a 5-day plan. The Regular version of the software can be purchased for $1.50 per minute for 36 days while the Rush version transcribes at $3 per minute.

Scribie Service is very accurate. In fact, it gives you an accuracy of 99%, which is as good as it gets in the business. The turnaround time of 24 to 36 hours is also very good. It transcribes your files at a cheap rate of $0.75 per audio minute and offers freebies such as timestamps, speaker tracking, multiple speakers, and sends the file in Word document form.

What’s more, it allows you to track your transcription’s progress using the Transcription Progress Tracking feature. This means you can check your file from transcription, then review it and then proofread it before doing a quality check. The software comes with a unique feature called as The Integrated Editor, which makes it possible for you to check your transcript with your audio file.

So just click on the audio to view the text or vice versa. Also, if there are any blanks in the audio transcripts, this software finds and fills up any missing information.

Price: $1.50/min for 36 hours turnaround time

(3) Dragon® NaturallySpeaking 13 Premium

Dragon® NaturallySpeaking 13 Premium is priced at $129.99 and is an advanced version of the Dragon® NaturallySpeaking 13 Home which we reviewed earlier. This is the most sophisticated transcription software out there and is considered to be the most popular of all speech recognition applications.

This software is incredibly fast and accurate and does a lot of things for you, from writing emails, surfing the internet, Google searches, finding directions on maps and much more.

This transcribing software has an accuracy of 99.9 percent, which is impressive. You can use it to edit and format documents in MS Word or any word processor, dictate text or even edit and proofread text in the video or audio playback format.

This transcribing software is very good at internet research. It allows you to look for directions on a map, search for images, do a fact check and much more. It can be used with Gmail and Hotmail. This is one of the best transcribe software when it comes to boosting productivity. You can use it to write reports, do PowerPoint presentations, work with spreadsheets such as Excel and much more.

You can even use this software for cruising the social media, updating your status on Facebook, adding pictures to Instagram and tweeting on Twitter, or sending Instant Messages on WhatsApp.

You can also use this software for dictating notes, memoirs, and to-do lists. You can do all of these tasks and more three times faster with this software. As said earlier, the Dragon® NaturallySpeaking 13 Premium is reasonably priced at $129.99 and comes with a 30-day money back guarantee.

Price: $199.99 $129.99

Dragon® Naturally Speaking 13 Premium

(4) Seventh String Transcribe!

Seventh String Transcribe! is one of the very best music transcription software out there. It is priced at only $40. This software makes it easy for you to transcribe music, which is something that was considered impossible only until a few years ago. Back in the past transcribing music was considered to be a very difficult task as you had to start with the vinyl recording. This took a lot of effort.

Is there a better voice transcription software for mac pc

Seventh String’s Transcribe! is a much better way to transcribe the music from the vinyl recording. Using this software you can slow down the music and maintain the pitch at the same rate. This software analyzes the vocal chords and identifies each of the individual notes.

It frees you up from many of the mundane or repetitive tasks like copying the music to a DVR or cassette so that you can listen to it later. This software makes the transcription much easier and the whole process much simpler.

You will appreciate the playback interface that comes with the software using which you can play the music almost immediately from any point in the track and adjust the tuning with buttons such as review and cue. This allows you to slow down the music without making any major changes to the pitch. You can play with the sections, measures and the beats with ease as well.

Seventh String’s Transcribe! comes with a 30-day money back guarantee and costs only $40.

Price: $39 (also comes with a free version)

Seventh String Transcribe

(5) Express Scribe Transcription Software

Express Scribe Transcription Software is a highly sophisticated audio transcription software which you can use with a foot pedal. It is compatible with Windows and Mac. You can use this software to transcribe audio playbacks quickly and efficiently.

To use this software, you should install it on your laptop or desktop computer first and attach the foot pedal for the transcribing. You can operate this software by using the hotkeys on the keyboard. It comes with a number of great features such as a video playback, variable speed audio, multi-channel control, easy management of video and audio files and much more, which make it possible for you to type really quickly.

Is There A Better Voice Transcription Software For Macs

This software ware works with all audio files such as AAC, Audible 2, 3 and 4, AVI, MP3 VBR, MP3, Apple Lossless, AIFF and WAV and video files such as MOV, MP4, m4v, DAT, H.264, VOB, and MPEG-2.

It comes with a number of different foot pedals. Click here to see the list professional USB foot pedals supported by this software here.

This software makes it very easy for you to work with the playback by making use of the hotkeys on the keyboard when you are transcribing the audio files. It works with many different analog and digital portable voice recorders.

One of the best features of the Express Scribe Transcription Software is that it works very well in coordination with Dragon® NaturallySpeaking 13 Premium and simplifies the conversion of voice to text.

It also works FastFox text expander for transcribing legal or medical phrases and can function as a very good legal transcription software. It is a very productive tool and allows you to transcribe more in quick time.

This software is available as a free version and in the paid form. The paid version of the software is referred to as the Express Scribe Pro. You will have access to a free technical support and all audio and video formats with the Express Scribe Pro.

Is There A Better Voice Transcription Software For Mac Download

Price: $40 $19.99 (Basic) and $50 $24.99 (Professional)