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Nov 21, 2018  ZoneAlarm Free Firewall retains its title as Editors' Choice for free personal firewall protection. Pair it with a top free antivirus, or install its own built-in antivirus component, and you've. Jun 09, 2020  Webroot: Webroot's antivirus software packages start at $29.99/$39.99 for one year and a single device with basic malware protections and a few extras.At the high end, these plans cost up.

Internet security is one of the more pressing issues facing us today. Nowadays, there are any number of threats online that could make surfing dangerous. It is relatively easy to have your computer compromised by malware that could come from just about anywhere, such as malicious websites.


There are measures you can take to avoid being compromised in such a fashion, such as firewalls. Firewall software can be used to control your internet traffic based on rules you set up. The Best Firewall Softwarecan keep you safe by monitoring what goes in and out of your system, giving you more security than what you may already have.


Untangle NG Firewall



Free Firewall


What Firewall Software Can Do for You

There are different kinds of firewall that you can use that differ based on the scale of the protection they offer. Some firewalls, like Network Firewall Software, can monitor traffic between several networks. This would do well if you wanted a firewall for several computers at a time. Firewalls in general can keep your system safe in several ways, such as

  • Safeguards Your Identity – Since firewalls can regulate your internet traffic, they can also be used to regulate what information comes in and out of your network. That includes personal information, so you can keep your identity out of the hands of hackers.
  • Filters – Firewalls can impose filters on what sites users on the network can visit, so websites you think are suspicious can be blocked. With this, you can prevent malware from entering your computer by closing access to the sites where they come from in the first place. You also have the option of monitoring internet usage on computers in the network, so you can watch where people visit.
  • Improves Performance – Firewalls can also speed up your computer’s performance. One feature of firewalls is monitoring and regulating the amount of bandwidth available, which can be used to improve internet speeds.


ZoneAlarm for Windows

Good firewall software for mac download

NoRoot Firewall for Android

Intego for Mac

pfSense – Most Popular Software

Other Features of Firewall Software

Though there are firewalls that can be used to monitor entire networks, there are also smaller firewalls that are focused on monitoring individual computers. These are Personal Firewalls, and are generally installed on one computer. These firewall software may not be able to monitor an entire network, but they are still capable of protecting your software. Firewalls have other features that can contribute to keeping your system safe.

  • Compatibility – Many firewall software are aware of the fact that devices other than computers are at risk, so they offer firewall protection for those devices, such as phones and iPads.
  • Simple to Use – These software are also designed to be easy to use, so that any person can protect their systems with ease.

Good Firewall Software For Mac Windows 10

Firewalls are too useful a tool to really go without them. They serve as an additional security measure that can keep unwanted software off your computer and keep you from sending confidential information out, but they can do more. Firewalls are capable of controlling what websites users can visit and improve internet speeds. They are also compatible with different devices and are simple to use, so there is no real reason not to have this software.

Mac Network Firewall

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