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Free Residential Construction Estimating Software Mac Download

Construction Estimating Software for Mac is an underserved market because most developers are focused on Windows. Whether you engage in residential or commercial contracting, you’ll find that BrickControl satisfies your requirements for advanced software that’s compatible with Macs and indeed with a range of other popular computing platforms.

Totally FREE yet fully featured estimating program for your building projects. Operates on the FREE Apache OpenOffice spreadsheet Calc. Contains 24 Trade worksheets automatically reporting back to. CoConstruct is the #1 highest rated custom home builder & remodeler software. Starting at $49/mo, it's the only all-in-one construction software with single-entry, spreadsheet estimating that allows you to enter your measurements and formulas once, and have that information flow through the estimate, specs, selections, bids, proposals, change orders, budgets, including to and from QuickBooks. STACK Construction Technologies provides industry leading takeoff and estimating software for professional construction contractors. Our easy-to-use, cloud-based platform helps users to transform and streamline the pre-construction process by empowering them to quickly and accurately measure digital plans, collaborate with team members, customize materials and pricing and finalize project.

Easy to Use and Powerful

As a dedicated piece of estimate software, BrickControl contains all the features you need to come up with accurate prices on projects both large and small. Make your estimates as detailed as you desire with support for multiple, nested levels. Import your data or enter it manually.

Construction Estimating Software for Mac and Windows

As a proud Mac owner, you’re probably happy to find home building software that’s compatible with your system, but you may have doubts as to its ability to play nicely with others. Put your fears to rest: BrickControl is compatible with Mac, Windows and really every other modern OS.

Assess the Profitability of Any Job

Because the BrickControl construction estimating software for Mac enables you to view the expenses and income of any project separately, it permits you to see where your money is coming from and going to. Refocus your efforts on the most rewarding opportunities.

Convenient Web Interface

It’s possible to log into BrickControl anywhere with web access, so you can view your budgets and other files from residential houses, business facilities and other job sites. Make alterations to your plans in direct response to what you observe rather than relying on second-hand reports or having to travel elsewhere to update your records.

Print Out Customized Documents

The estimates you create with the BrickControl construction estimating software for Mac would be of little use if you couldn’t print them out. Fortunately, there are a wide variety of printing options and templates for you to peruse. Select the format that you feel is best for your estimates and certification reports.

Suitable for Mobile Devices

BrickControl is a potent example of how cloud based project management software can assist you. Your industrial, commercial, residential and educational job locations might be scattered all over the map, but you can always touch base by connecting through your iOS or Android tablet or smartphone.

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Free Residential Construction Estimating Software

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