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You should consider your needs...yes, you can cost manually, it is really about the time and having to do redundant tasks every time you cost. Considering the food price inflation currently in the market, costing needs to be rather regular. There are a scattering of free spreadsheets, but they tend to lack conversion abilities (converting volume to weight, etc.) and a useful history so you can track costs.

That being said, there are programs under 40 bucks which have a lot of great features if you just need to cost, record your recipes, and not have the program run your entire business. I would recommend CostGizmo -- it's 40 bucks, but they are really nice and will usually send you a coupon for 10 off if you just email them. It's a simple yet comprehensive app that gives you all the reports and output you need. It's all a very colorful and lively program, not clinical like a lot of programs. It runs on the Excel engine, though you don't see excel running when it is on.

Free Recipe Costing Sheet Template

  1. Jul 22, 2018  Food Cost Studio is a free food costing software program that allows you to track and control your food cost. It is a database program that is feature rich, and simple to use. Food Cost Studio has been designed with the end user in mind. The software was designed by a chef de cuisine who wanted something fast and a software program that would target food cost, and only food cost.
  2. Free Recipe Costing Software For Mac. Free Recipe Costing Software For Mac. Bryont Rugs and Livings July 25, 2018. Free recipe costing software on food costs using cheftec culinary software recipe cost calculator for excel food costing software for mac deholjp.
  3. Recipe Costing Template. The recipe template below is a fantastic tool for calculating your plate costs. The download version includes both a blank recipe form as well as a sample one. Thanks to Chef Bill Williams and Cam Zahradnik for their work on this template. This is an image of the blank template. Here’s an example of the template in use.

CostGuard Food Costing offers a free trial. CostGuard Food Costing is recipe costing software, and includes features such as billing & invoicing, built-in accounting, employee management, food costing, inventory management, kitchen management, menu management, Reporting/Analytics, and sales tracking. Software pricing starts at $495.00/one-time. CostBrain Restaurant Food Cost Management software for managing your restaurant. Take inventory, record recipes, and scan invoices with CostBrain. We’ve made our food costing platform, completely free, for everyone! To make everything from recipe costing to invoice entry a.

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If you want to go with a free spreadsheet for costing, I suggest googling 'menu (or recipe) costing spreadsheet free'. That will give you a top level search of several free spreadsheets that you can run in Excel like any normal workbook.