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Epson today announced a new version of Epson Projector Professional Tool (EPPT), a free software utility that helps users setup networked projectors in a meeting space that includes support for macOS for the first time.

Prospective buyers have several purchase considerations, including which operating system (OS) the software supports. While Windows products previously dominated the workplace, the increasing popularity of iPhones, iPads and iMacs means that more and more businesses are looking for project management software for Mac devices. Sep 08, 2018  The project initially started with end-to-end Mac OS X FileVault 2 support, and later added support for BitLocker (Windows), LUKS (Linux), and Duplicity. The goal of this project is to streamline cross-platform enterprise management of disk encryption technologies.

In a press release, Epson said the software provides easy access to the powerful projection features in the Epson Pro-L Series laser projectors, including geometric correction, edge blending and screen matching.

According to Epson, the new version of EPPT offers:

  • Efficiency features that allow users to control projectors without a remote
  • An Easy-to-use, intuitive user interface
  • The ability to control multiple networked projectors
  • Easy access to powerful tools built into the Pro-L Series like geometric correction and edge blending
  • The ability to adjust the brightness and color of networked projectors via built-in cameras
  • Tiling assist to deliver seamless multi-projector displays

Mac Os Project Management Software


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In a statement, Ramzi Rhakra, product manager, large venue projectors, Epson America, said the software is seeing traction among live event production companies.

Free Project Management Software Mac Os


“We are excited to launch the latest version with updated functionality and support for macOS, allowing even more users to take advantage of this advanced and intuitive software,” Shakra said.

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Kevin Winkler, owner of audio and video production company Blockhouse Studios, said in a statement that the company has been using the software since it’s initial launch.

“Whether using four or 16 projectors, the EPPT software has allowed us to blend, warp, color match, and configure projectors from one central location. With an easy to use interface, we can quickly train our teams to execute stunning projects time and time again,” Winkler said.

Epson is consistently leading in projector innovation, and we are excited to see the addition of macOS – it will greatly help in the pre-production and execution for our future digital art experiences.”