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MacTopos 5 USA

The best US topo maps for MacGPS Pro —
Guaranteed georeferenced and ready to use
Choose any state from the menu on the left.
DVDs and USB Flash Drives:
  • Individual states feature US Geological Survey 250K, 100K and high-detail 24K topo maps, and 2015 US Forest Service 24k topo maps (where available). Also includes MacElevation™ data, which allows you to plot your elevation profile for every adventure.
  • USGS Maps of the entire country in 100K (except Alaska) and 250K scales.
  • Buy only what you need and have it right away!
  • For faster downloading, USGS 24K state maps are accessible in about 1GB sections.
  • USGS 100K (except Alaska) and 250K Maps of the entire country in about 1GB sections.
See the difference between 24K, 100K and 250K Maps.

24K USGS Map

This is from a 24K MacTopos map, at approximately 7 miles x 8.5 miles per map, featured on every individual state MacTopos DVD (25K for Alaska).

100K USGS Map

This is from a 100K MacTopos map, at approximately 50 miles x 34 miles per map, with the 24K area highlighted in red.

250K USGS Map

This is from a 250K MacTopos map, at approximately 100 miles x 70 miles per map, with the 100K area highlighted in purple and the 24K area highlighted in red.

Combine MacTopos USA maps with your Garmin Topo maps.
Using Garmin Topo maps? While they work well on your GPS receiver, for an unparalleled level of detail on your Mac you should use our MacTopos maps. You can see the difference in these un-retouched screen captures of the same location on a Garmin Topo U.S. 100K map and a MacTopos USA map.

MacTopos USA Map

See the difference between MacTopos maps and other digital maps of the same location.
Comparison between un-retouched screen captures of a National Geographic digital map and a MacTopos map.

MacTopos USA Map

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