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Free Calendar Making Software Mac

Gone are the days when you would use a printed calendar to keep a tab on your days, festivals, or important tasks. Several modifications later, over the years, the calendar is an app now. No more do you have to follow a paper or desk calendar because life is about smartphones and laptops now.

Dec 29, 2018  Price: free version available; upgrade starts from $27.96. Google Calendar. Google Calendar is one free app which is super easy to use without compromising on any functionalities. The interface comes with a simple layout where everything is nicely organized. Swiftly add calendar events or advanced events in just a few key hits. Download photo calendar software to try all of these options and see which one works best for you. Choose from a variety of layouts Photo Calendar Creator comes with a huge collection of layout templates, with virtually any calendar type available: wall poster, spiral-bound, booklet, pocket, folding desk calendars, weekly and monthly planners, etc. Let your creativity soar with PrintMaster v7 Platinum, the ultimate design software for personalized print projects.Get started with one of 4,700+ inspiring templates or start from scratch to design a truly unique creation. Add flourish to any project with more than 165,000+ irresistible images. Feb 01, 2016  Download Desktop Calendar Maker 1.1 for Mac from our website for free. The most popular versions of the tool are 1.1 and 1.0. This application's bundle is identified as com.stairways.calendar. This Mac app was originally produced by Stairways. This application works fine with Mac OS X 10.6.5 or later.

You can either follow the inbuilt calendar on your devices or download an app for advanced functions. In short, it’s much more convenient these days, but yes, you still need a calendar. You can now do a lot more with these calendar apps. We especially like the sleek looks, added features, and the customization options. Windows being the highly used platform across the world, we have listed some of the best calendar apps for Windows for your convenience.

Mail and Calendar

For those using a Windows PC, Mail and Calendar by Microsoft Corporation is one of the recommended calendar apps. It’s a lightweight app that does not require as much space as Outlook. It’s an independent app and so, does not need to be installed separately as an Office bundle.

This app keeps you updated on your email messages, helps you manage your schedule, and stay in contact with friends, family, and colleagues. Whether you are working from the office, or from home, this app is perfect for quick communication. It also helps you concentrate on the major aspects of all your accounts. It’s compatible with popular accounts like Gmail, Office 365,, and more.

Price: free to download

Efficient Calendar

Efficient Calendar helps you manage your time efficiently, using the Calendar, Tasks and Events Modules. It comes with a responsive interface where the major features are located on the left end of the calendar. It also offers multiple calendar views (Day, Week, Month, and Year) along with list view helping you to keep track of your appointments and events.

It’s an easy to sync app that helps you synchronize your PCs and Mobile phones in just 4 simple steps. Among its other features are a powerful document letting you save your comments for ant tasks or events, option to set priorities for events and tasks, a regular reminder on the pre-set events or tasks, and a Recycle Bin (with backup and restore feature) where you can trash your old and unusable data.

Price: free version available; upgrade starts from $27.96

Google Calendar

Google Calendar is one free app which is super easy to use without compromising on any functionalities. The interface comes with a simple layout where everything is nicely organized. Swiftly add calendar events or advanced events in just a few key hits. Moreover, it sends repeated reminders, so that you do not miss on any important events and tasks.

Some of its other great features include,

  • Ability to send emails and messages to yourself;
  • Option to update the priority of certain events (free or busy);
  • Option to share your calendars with each other;
  • Ability to sync to any app on your system;
  • Absolutely free of cost.

Moreover, you do not even need to check if your spouse is busy or your friends have planned for any trip. Simply download the Google Calendar and stay informed at all times without any hassle.

Price: free to use

Mine Time

Another great free calendar app is Mine Time, that’s easy to set up and simple. All you need to do is to connect to service accounts and voila! You can install this app or even update, in just one click. The best part is, it integrates with all your other calendars on the your device, such as, Google Calendar,, Exchange, iCloud, and all CalDAV service. So, you can have all the calendars at one single place.

Moreover, you can also view the insights that display the stats of how many times you caught up with your co-workers in the last few months, or how many times the date of an event has been changes, and much more. The responsive interface allows you to schedule events or carry out actions easily. This cross-platform app learns your daily arrangements and preferences using AI. Best of all, all this is available for free!

Price: free to use

Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is a lot more than just emails. It also integrates calendar along with contacts, task, and much more, all under one roof. The calendar function allows you to stay organized more conveniently. From booking conference rooms to keep a track of RSVPs for meetings, all that is possible directly from your calendar.

You can also share the calendars that help you to make plans and synchronize schedules, and even view the availability of your colleagues. Moreover, it offers company level security and keeps your sensitive data secure by working round the clock. Best of all, your travel schedules and bill due dates, are automatically taken up by the calendar and sends you regular reminders so that, you do not miss on your important events.

Price: 30-days free trial available; Upgrade starts from $70/Yr/PC

My Calendar

My Calendar by Microsoft, is one of the best calendar applications for Windows. It’s a pretty new app and is already doing well in terms of popularity. It comes loaded wit different categories that allow you to customize calendar views, offers viewing in live tile format, lets you add photos to birthdays, and task management.

Among its other major features are:

  • Lets you view the calendar in day, week, and month;
  • Option to quickly change between calendar views to view the chosen day in multiple views;
  • Lets you view the birthdays, vacations, and other special events;
  • Allows you to also view name days in the calendar;
  • Different customization options available to view the calendar;
  • Does not show up ads;
  • Improved calendar view with week view in grid format;
  • Allows you to select from multiple live tiles;
  • Offers the option to manage tasks;
  • Lets you choose visible calendars from all the calendars available on your system.

Internal birthday calendars are optimized and you can now add photos to birthdays within the calendar.

Price: free to use

Lightning Calendar

Lightning Calendar is a Mozilla project that helps you stay organized with your schedules and other important events in life. The calendar is completely assimilated with your Thunderbird or Seamonkey email. You can easily manage several calendars, build your own list for all to-dos, send an invitation to friends for special events, and even subscribe to public calendars using this calendar app.

Price: free and open source

One Calendar

One Calendar is one of the simplest and user-friendly calendar apps around, and that’s the whole reason why it is so popular. Offered by Microsoft, this app allows you to add all your calendars in one place under a good-looking, compact calendar option. What’s more? It’s also extremely customizable. Among its major features are:

  • Provides a core platform where you can view Google Calendar, Outlook Calendar, iCloud, Office 365, Exchange, Facebook events, and more, all at one single place;
  • Brings all your calendars under one roof;
  • Allows you to view and manage any appointments, events, and schedules so that you do not miss important events;
  • Lets you filter the appointments you want to view, smoothly;
  • You can add, update, and remove appointments, based on your requirements;
  • Allows you to filter and search what you are looking for, quickly;
  • Offers multiple views such as Day, Week, Month, and Year;
  • The data stored on the device is secured;
  • Lets you work in the offline mode without needing an internet connection;
  • Compatible with several different calendars of Google and Office365;
  • Offers customizable colors, weeknumbers, themes, live tile format, print option, and drag and drop facility.

Price: free version available; premium version available for $4.99

Hope Calendar

If you are looking for a straightforward app, but feature loaded, Hope Calendar can be a great choice. What we especially like is, no fine-tuning is required in the device settings since it simply blends with your current settings for the calendar and outlook. Some of its other features are:

  • Simple and neat layout offering all that you want to view at first sight;
  • Compatibility with other apps like, Google Calendar, Outlook, Yahoo, Exchange, Office 365, and iCloud;
  • Offers heat map allowing you to view the busier days in a quick glance;
  • Allows you to view your future appointments in an easy, live tile format;
  • Facility to get an attractive imaged capture of your imminent days in an agenda view, easily;
  • Option to view upto five appointments in a large live tile format;
  • Allows you to add appointments easily by simply double-clicking or skipping to the current day with a click and hold;
  • Option to hide appointments or get a quick view of the hidden appointments when required.

The best part is, it uses your current calendars and so, it does not need to be set up separately. Moreover, your personal data does not ever go to the servers.

Price: free version available; pro version available at $2.49

Chronos Calendar +

If you are a looking for a calendar that focuses majorly on the looks, then it has to e the Chronos Calendar+. It’s a chic calendar app with a host of features while maintaining its elegance. It’s loaded with attractive features and also provides integration with all the calendars on your device.

It provides support for multiple languages (more than 30) and offers holiday correction for different countries. Moreover, you can also customize the calendar in rich live tile format and also the calendar look. What’s more? It also features integrated holidays and other different special days for more than 70 countries, which is unique in itself.

Explore ore with Zodiac signs and moon phases. Smart add feature and the option to see the calendar in multiple views are some of the other major features to look upto.

Price: $2.49

timeTable Tile

timetable Tile lives upto its name by helping you to add your courses and lectures with the start and end time specified. You can also add the name of the place and the teacher and keep a tab on your courses and lectures schedules effectively. The main screen displays the lectures scheduled for today. You can alter the setting to display the past lectures for today.

Once the app is launched, it displays a live tile showing today’s lectures. Using the AppBar, you can reach the Course page and here, you can add, remove, change both the lectures and the courses. Semantic zoom allows you to easily find and open the courses. You can also navigate to the lecture with a Weekly view from the start screen. Here, you can view the lectures categorized by days.

Price: free to use

With a fast and busy schedule these days, it’s easy to forget your important events and miss on special days with friends or family. Download one of these popular calendar apps and never miss a date at work or with your loved ones.

Event Calendar

The Event Calendar, as the name suggests, is specially designed to keep track of event dates. For instance, you can easily keep a track of important events like marriages, festivals, birthdays, vacations, and so on, easily, using this app. It sends you regular notifications, keeping you alert till the event approaches. This app, basically, does not let you forget any upcoming events and even create a schedule a for those.

Among its other features are:

  • Option to add different events and save them into the cloud;
  • Option to view the notifications;
  • Get notified on Desktop with the toast notification option;
  • Allows you to save unlimited events on the cloud;
  • Protects your sensitive information from unidentified access.

Price: free to use

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We are in the digital age where we still need to utilize calendars to manage our lives. Calendars were first to introduced thousands of years BC, and still we use them and find them useful in our lives. Humans have managed to transform calendars and, make them more useful.


On this post, we have reviewed some of the best calendar creating software which we can use to create our custom software which suits our tastes and preference.

Calendar Creator Deluxe

The calendar creator deluxe is one of the best calendar creating software in the market. It allows you to design your calendar the way you please and also edit it and customize it if you deem it necessary. You will be able to make the most of a number of features in this case. The software application also allows you to set reminders.

Photo Calendar Creator

Photo Calendar allows you to create your very own personalized calendars. Unlike other software applications, you will be able to add your own photos to your calendar. Also, you can print them and distribute them. You will also get lots of free and cool templates to make your calendars.

Create Photo Calendars

This particular calendar creating software would allow you to decorate the calendars you’ve created with your personal designs. As for the main calendar, you would find tons of templates to choose from. You can download this application to experiment with your calendars and try out cool designs.

DG Flick

This calendar creating software is one of the top rated calendar makers in the market. The best part about this software application is that you will be able to create your calendar in your own language. Also, you do not have to start from the first month of the year. You could start from the month you want here.

Easy Calendar Maker

The Easy Calendar Maker is the best option for those who haven’t tried out such software before. You could just download the software and start using it. It is easily accessible across all platforms and that makes it one of the popularly used software applications. The design of the calendar is up to you.

Desktop Calendar Maker

If you want a bright and colorful calendar for your desktop instead of the same boring one you’ve always had, you could give this a try. Since this is accessible across multiple platforms you wouldn’t have to worry about the usability factor. You can just download the software and start using it.

Calendar Creating Software for Various Platforms

The thing about calendar creating software is that it needs to be compatible with the platform you’re using. Otherwise, your calendar wouldn’t be functioning to its fullest potential. But don’t worry, you would find tons of software applications for calendar irrespective of the kind of platform you’re using.

Free Calendar Creating Software for Windows – Win Calendar

This calendar creating software allows you to create all kinds of calendars both weekly and monthly. The design of the calendar is entirely up to you. The calendars are in an excel or word format which makes them really easy to print and edit. For a professional look and a smart calendar, you should opt for this software application.

Windows users have a wide range of calendar creating software applications to choose from. For example, there is Win Calendar. This allows you to divide your calendar on a weekly basis or monthly basis, depending upon your needs. You could even create your weekly schedule here to help you remember important events and dates.

Free Calendar Creating Software for Mac – Calendars Professional

Like Windows, there is also a number of calendars creating software in the case of Mac users. If you’re one of them you could try out an application called Calendars Professional which was released into the market in 2014. Ever since then, it has gained tremendous popularity amongst Mac users. It would allow you to design, edit and print your calendars with ease.

Free Calendar Creating Software for Android – Calendar Photo Frames

For Android users, there are plenty of options in calendar making software. For example, if you want to create a printable calendar for yourself or for professional reasons, you could use the Calendar Photo Frames 2016 which would allow you to design your own calendars. The design is entirely up to you. After you’re done with it, you can even print it.

Most Popular Calendar Creating Software in 2016 – Smart Draw

If you’re looking for free calendar creating software then you must try out Smart Draw. Smart Draw allows you to design your calendar just as you want it to. Plus, all downloads take place through a secured gateway and that makes it one of the most trusted software applications. Also, you will be able to experiment with your calendar.

If you want a recommendation for the best and most popular calendar creating software in 2016, you should opt for Smart Draw. With this software, you can add lots of cool themes to your calendar, share it across different platforms, customize them and you would also be getting round the clock support in case you’re facing problems while operating it.

What is Calendar Creating Software?

Of course, you do not need a special introduction about what a calendar does. But if you’re not aware of what a calendar creating software is, you could be missing out on a whole lot. A calendar creating software is a kind of software that allows you check the dates, the holidays in a month, world holidays and even set your reminders.

You will be able to carry out all sorts of calendar related activities on this software. Your personalized calendar will now be just a click away with all your important dates marked on them. This is the best kind of calendar to have with you on the go. You would also be able to set reminders on the calendar creating software.

How to Install Calendar Creating Software?

Installing calendar creating software is pretty simple. All you have to do is get your hands on a user-friendly calendar creating software. Once you do, you would have to visit the official website of the calendar and click on the download option. Most software applications do not need to be installed separately. Once you download calendar creating software, you will be able to start operating it.

Free Calendar Making Software Mac Free

Benefits of Calendar Creating Software

There are countless benefits of using calendar creating software. This is particularly helpful if you have a tendency to forget dates and events. You could just make a note on your calendar and you’ll get a reminder well in advance. You wouldn’t have to worry about missing out an important date ever again. You could even make entries regarding birthdays and other dates that you usually forget and set an alarm.

Plus, most of the calendar creating software applications are really easy to use. If you’re in a hurry, you could rely on the calendar creating software to help you out. Once you download the calendar creating software, it would be available on your desktop screen. You can access it anytime you want.

Remembering dates have certainly become much easier with the help of calendar creating software. All you have to do is find a reliable software. The software applications that have been mentioned above are trusted ones and would be of immense use to you. With this to back you up, you wouldn’t have to go to the trouble of remembering dates ever again.

Desktop Calendar For Mac Free

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