Disable Managed Software Center Mac

I had the same problem on my iMac after I locked my iMac with 4-digit iCloud PIN.


A guide to setting up an Apple Mac for DevOps and software development. This is current for macOS 10.14 (Mojave). Do This First! Log in once, run Software Update, and ensure that the operating system is at the latest point release. After all of the updates have been applied, restart the computer. Note: The version of the Mac client agent displayed in the Mac preference pane may be different than the version collected by hardware inventory and displayed in the Configuration Manager Console. For more information about how to upgrade the Configuration Manager Mac client, refer to the How to upgrade clients on Mac computers in System Center. Click the Block M in the Mac Menu Bar Click 'Managed Software Center' Click the 'Updates' tab along the top. Managed Software Center will check in with the software server and find any applications that have been 'pushed' or sent for install. Aug 07, 2015  Managed Software Center is a macOS (OS X) application that makes it possible to install software that WCER Technical Services has packaged and receive updates to installed software. Managed Software Center allows the user to perform installations, updates, and removal of approved software on their schedule without intervention of an administrator.

The Parallels Mac Management add-in has been a GREAT addition for enterprises already using System Center Configuration Manager to manage their Windows systems to ALSO manage their Macs.

The solution in my case was to make 'Internet Recovery' (Apple Support gave me this solution):

1. Power off your Mac

2. Power on and hold Command-Alt-R buttons

3. Mac boot with EFI PIN lock (padlock icon with bar)

4. Enter your 4-digit iCloud PIN or your Apple ID password and press Enter

5. Internet Recovery process can take about 10-15 min then Mac will boot normally.

Disable Managed Software Center Mac Computer

If not, call Apple Support for help 🙂

Disable Managed Software Center Mac Os

No data lost was in my case of Internet Recovery