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Re: DHCP by MAC Reservations Only Actually, if you want to use the Cisco IOS DHCP server, you don't even need to configure a dynamic scope nor exclude a range. Instead, you'll have to create a host pool for every manual binding, which can be unhandy depending on the number of bindings required.

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How are all the devices wired? If you're fortunate enough to have everything homerunned to a patch panel, you're golden. If you can easily at least get (most of) the desired static devices homerunned to a patch panel, you're okay. If you've only got a bunch of remotely located switches/hubs/other workgroup topologies daisy chained together, it's not so good...
Was thinking of a way to take the printers and other static devices off of the main school grid, and assigning access to them via a separate routing table (and subnet device)... which has the added benefit of freeing up space of your existing super-net. A bit of a pain to start with, but it should get easier over time, until all printers/similar static devices are moved to the non-super-net subnet. After that, you should be able to live easily with only one static range in your super-net, and the WAN overlords ought to remain happy. Really just depends on how easy it is to consolidate the wiring for the desired devices to be placed on the proposed routing table. Good luck.