Decade Review: Photography Improvement

I want to preface here that it’s not about the gear, it’s about the photographer and their skill. With everyone jumping on the 2010 to 2020 decade review bandwagon, I thought it’d be cool to share with you and explore how my photography skills have developed the last decade.

Starting out 2010s, I hit the ground running with a $200 GE point-and-shoot camera. Keep in mind I was about 16 and had little aspiration of being a professional photographer. At the time, I’d dreamed of working for an international corporation, localizing content in their marketing department.

Supercell over North Platte, Nebraska

Taking a documentary style approach, I captured what was around me. I loved the post-process and as many did in those times, I went a little overboard on the editing…Okay “a little” is an understatement but hey, we all start some where.

Progressing to 2015, still in business school at university, I’d largely given up my corporate dream. I’d upgraded to a Sony a6000 and pursued portrait photography. Good things happen when you take action after what you want and need in life. I started to really see photography not only as a creative outlet but something I wanted to be a bigger part of my life.

Incorporating human connection and interaction combined with a ton of self-teaching and practice ensued the following years.

Mirroring composition and post-processing skills gained in those initial 5 years of the decade with the peopling and technique skills of the last five, has brought me to this point in 2020. Instead of shooting anything and everything, I have greater direction in my work.

I’m excited for what the 2020 decade review will bring!

Going forward, I want to focus more on branded work including product photography, head shots, and brand story sessions. I’m also starting my YouTube channel up again to document the process as I’m almost starting from scratch in my business after the move in 2019. If you’re interested in learning more about photography or the process of starting and running a small business, head over to my channel.