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Apr 30, 2020 ⚠ Fairly Demanding: You'll need a recent Mac. System requirements: OS X 10.9.5, 2.2 Ghz Intel Core i3, 4 GB RAM, 10 GB HD space, NVIDIA Geforce 330M, ATI Radeon HD 3870, or Intel HD 3000 with 256 MB of Video Memory. Role-Playing: Medium: No: Wasteland 2: Director’s Cut. Jul 04, 2020  If you’ve heard the phrase, “Once you go Mac, you never go back,” you know it holds true. Macs are premium devices that offer amazing features, apps, and top-notch desktop programs supplied. MacOS Catalina's iPad apps for the Mac are here, but the story is just getting started. Catalyst has been slow to take off on MacOS 10.15, but here's a look at the state of tablet apps migrating.

Mac OS X is an incredible operating system, far superior to Windows. Apple is designed to be secure and well-optimized for the hardware, but also elegant, simple and user-friendly. They thought about everything that they put in it and the results are spectacular. It comes built in with an armada of apps which are incredibly useful to the users and most app are really cherished. However some are completely ignored by users, even though they are extremely useful and could make their lives much easier. Check out these best Mac OS X apps you might have missed:

10. Digital Color Meter

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For a designer, color is everything. So how great would it be if you could have an app which could tell you the color of a specific pixel on your screen? Well, it turns out that you do have one. Digital Color Meter allows you to know what the color is of a specific selection on your screen. You can choose how big or small the area is, with the smallest that the area can go being a single pixel. The app which is one of the best Mac OS X apps, will allow you to lock both the x and y positions of the selector and also to view the color in native values, sRGB, generic RGB, Adobe RGB or L*a*b*. It will even allow you to view the red, green and blue values as a percentage or as a hexadecimal value and once you have found the value of the color, you can then choose to send to it to the clipboard as either text or an image. You might wanna check out
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9. Grapher

Programs which allow you to draw complex 2D and 3D graphs are usually thought to come with a big price tag. Well, not any more. Grapher gives you all the power of programs like Autograph but for free. It’s definitely among the best Mac OS X apps. You still have complete control over the axis and the graph layout, you still have the ability to create any graph known to man and you still have a wide range of examples built in, but the interface is simple and user friendly and all of it is completely free. It doesn’t leave out half of the features because you’re not giving money for the app, you get ALL of the features that you get from competitor apps but for a competitive price.

8. Stickies

Most people probably think that Stickies is a bit of a joke. It isn’t. It is one of the best Mac OS X apps. It is great to remember anything that you need to refer to often. You can use them to remember important information for your day to day use of your Mac, developers may often use them to keep certain snippets of code that they need to use often or designers may use them as mood boards for inspiration.

The best part is the fact that they are fully customization. You can get to choose the color of the note, the color of the text, the font of the text, the size of the text, the kern of the text and also the baseline of the text. You can add in images and use the markup feature to draw over them and you can choose to make the note window translucent, but best of all, you can choose to make it a floating window. This means that even if another window is in focus, the note will still stay above that window. That makes a lot of difference.

7. Terminal

Many people would cry at even the thought of using the Terminal, but actually it isn’t as scary as you may think. The commands are simple and very easy to learn and if you can’t remember one, you can look it up or keep some in Stickies. This app adds so much more control to the user. Using it allows you to customize your Mac so much. You could show hidden files, change the speed that the dock appears, alter file permissions, make screenshots to default to .jpg instead of .png, scan your network and so much more. It really allows you to turn your Mac into a personal computer.

The best part is that because Mac OS X was built on top of UNIX/Linux, it uses the same terminal, which has all of the same commands in it. This means that lots of you may even already know lots of commands for the Terminal but also it means that there is so much support online for those who might not be experienced with UNIX/Linux.

6. Activity Monitor

Most people will be familiar to Windows’s Task Manager. It’s a very useful program for people who know what they’re doing with it. It allows you to view all of the processes running on your device, so amongst other things, you can see what is slowing down your machine the most. Activity Monitor ranks among the best Mac OS X apps. It gives you all of the features of Task Manager but with a user interface that is much more refined and much friendlier to the user. You can see how much of the CPU each process is using, how much of the RAM each process is using, how much energy each process is using, how many bytes each process is reading and writing to the disk and how many bytes and packets each process is sending and receiving over the network.

However, unlike how Task Manager shows the processes with very long and complicated names, most of which don’t make any sense, Activity Monitor shows the processes with much less complicated names and if the process is from an application, it shows that application name and icon. This means that all you see is either the name of an app or the name of a system process which Apple has appropriately named to make it very easy to work out what it does. There is even an option to change the application icon in the dock into a live updating graph about either the CPU usage, the CPU history, the Network Usage or the Disk Activity.

5. QuickTime Player

Most people already use QuickTime Player if they want to play a video on their Mac or Windows PC. However, there is a lot more that you can do with QuickTime Player on Mac. The big thing is that it can record. You can record audio and video using either the built-in camera or microphone or with external ones. Even better, you can record both the screen of your Mac and your iOS device with audio at the same time as well. That is a big feature which people have been struggling to do for years and now you can do it completely legally and completely free. Not bad for a built-in program is it?

4. Time Machine

This allows you to back-up all of your files and settings to a Time Capsule or any other Time Machine supported external wireless storage. It automatically backs-up any file that you update in the background to the Time Capsule but it makes sure that the Time Capsule keeps all versions of a document so you can choose a specific version to restore a file from. The best thing about this app is the fact that it is really easy to use and how it integrates very well with the whole operating system. For example, if you ever wiped your Mac or got a new one, you can very easily point to a backup on the Time Machine and it will very quickly restore your Mac to a mirror image of the state that it was in a couple of hours ago. Another useful list for you –
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3. Script Editor

Every single thing on Mac OS X can be operated in two ways. They can either be operated by the keyboard and trackpad or by something called AppleScript. AppleScript is a very simple and easy scripting language which can be used to automate time consuming tasks on your Mac. Many of you will be quite intimidated by AppleScript, but is what we call a very high level scripting language. The means that it is incredibly close to human language so it is very easy to understand. For example, this following line of code just gets the name of the open Finder window that was last used i.e. Document or Desktop – ‘tell application “Finder” to get the name of front Finder window’.

In case it isn’t obvious yet, Script Editor is a program which is among the best Mac OS X apps and which you can use to create and run AppleScripts or if you prefer JavaScript. You could use many other programs to create an AppleScript but there probably aren’t many programs which can run them.

2. Automator

Automator allows you to create thing called workflows which are similar to AppleScripts. However the difference between an Automator workflow and an AppleScript is that AppleScripts require you to open Script Editor and to run the script in that but workflows can be run when an action triggers it e.g. an item in the secondary click menu. This means that not only can you use Automator to automate time consuming tasks like AppleScript does, but you can also use Automator to customise your version of the operating system.

However, another benefit of Automator is that instead of having to code the workflows (which you can still choose to do if you want), you can create them by using a drag and drop interface and because there are so many actions to put together and because there is support for third party apps, it means that you can create just about anything with Automator. This pne ranks thrid in our list of best Mac OS X apps.

1. Spotlight Search

After Apple revamped it in OS X Yosemite, Spotlight Search has been the most useful feature on the Mac, one of the best Mac OS X apps but the tragic thing is that most people just ignore it as they think it is just a big faff. However, after you start to get used to it though, Spotlight becomes a much quicker way to boot up apps and documents, to find the definition of a word, to find a certain iMessage or E-mail, to find a contact, to find news about a specific topic, to find a place in maps, to find an event in a calendar or to search the web. Spotlight Search becomes especially quick if you turn on the keyboard shortcut for it in settings (⌘Space).

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10 Best Mac OS X Apps

  1. Spotlight Search
  2. Automator
  3. Script Editor
  4. Time Machine
  5. QuickTime Player
  6. Activity Monitor
  7. Terminal
  8. Stickies
  9. Grapher
  10. Digital Color Meter

Written by – Davs Grove



I love my Mac and I have hundreds of applications installed on it. As a result I wanted to do a post on what I believe are the top 100 Mac applications that are essential to any user. I’ve picked a variety of applications that I could think of. I have tried to go for the cheaper free option, but quite a few you have to pay for. If you think I am missing an application leave a comment with a link to the app and why you should think it should be included, it doesn’t have to be long, I just want your opinions. If you disagree with any leave a comment with your reasons.

Each application will be split into a couple of major sections. There are some applications that could be in more than one section, but that is not the point of this post. I will also include a link and a bit of descriptive text on what the application is about. There may be duplicate items of the same nature i.e word processing, i’ve included this due to the differences each application has. The list is in no particular order, mostly alphabetical.

If you want to take your knowledge of Mac apps a bit further I recommend these two books on Amazon, Cool Mac Apps and The Little Mac Book they have got some raving reviews and are probably a good read. I’m sure if you look through Amazon there is plenty of stuff that you can find.

Computer Files

This section is all about programs that can be used to work with files and applications

1) AppFresh
Software updater is great for Apple applications, but appfresh has the ability to check third party apps for updates. A great little tool for keeping up to date.

2) AppZapper
Although applications are easy to uninstall on a mac there are usually small preference files hanging about. Appzapper cleans up an uninstall all of those files.

3) Disk Inventory X
A simple program that scans your disk and visually shows what files takes up how much space, good to visualize if you are running out of space and you have some size hogs.

4) Grand Perspective
Very similar to Disk Inventory X, shows you what files take up how much space on your website.

5) OpenPlist

A very cool little tool if you need to end up editing Plist files.

6) Quicksilver
One of the best applications ever made for the mac. Its a quick launch tool that enables you to open and do practically anything. Very fun and really increases your productivity.

7) Stuffit
An application design to unstuff or unpack nearly any file. Great if you use archives a lot.

8) TextWrangler
A very cool text editor that lets you edit text files quickly. Sometimes more powerful than text edit.

9) TidyUp
An application that enables you to search through a list of files finds duplicates. Great if you have many files and you need to organise them.

10) Todos
Leaves no application behind. A very visual way to view all of the applications on your computer. Kind of surpassed by the stacks in the dock.


11) UnRarX
UnrarX gives you the abilty to easily uncompress .rar files. Very good, although stuffit can now handle .rar files.

12) Xslimmer
Give your mac a diet. It goes through and removes the powerpc or intel parts of your program. It can really reduce the size of applications. Can also break them if you are not careful.


This section is all about applications that use the internet or this type of connectivity in some way.

13) Adium
A simple all in one AIM, chat client. Supports, Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo and many other through the use of plugins and basic support. It does lack some functionality in some chat protocols.

14) ApGrapher
A great little program that offers the ability to find information about the wireless networks whizzing around your head.

15) Azureus
One of the best bittorrent clients out there. Has lots of user extensions through the use of plugins.

16) Colloquy
A really powerful application that can be used for the IRC networks. Special care has been taken in this application to make it blend in with the rest of the Mac OS theme.

17) CSSedit
A must for any web developer. CSSedit offers the best tools around to help you edit and modify CSS code for you webpages.

18) Cyberduck
A small lightweight application for ftp. Has some small niggles, but it is free. Transmit is better if you use ftp a lot.

19) Firefox
One of the best web browsers around in my opinion. Has a massive add-on library which you can customize to your needs. A viable alternative to safari.

20) iStumber
I found this a great small application that enabled you to view wireless and bluetooth networks quick and hassle free.

21) LittleSnitch
The application that snitches on any application that is trying to access the net to phone home. Great for protecting you privacy.

22) Netnewswire
A very popular RSS client for the mac, nuff said.

23) Skype
Offering superior calls over the internet, it is the application if you do a lot of talking and want a good quality transmission.

24) Transmission
A light weight bittorrent application that is gaining popularity. Its personal choice at this point of transmission verse Azureus.

25) Transmit
A great application from Panic that will feature a couple of time in this list. It is a powerful application for ftp uploads and downloads.

26) Undercover
A piece of software that dials to the undercover servers if you computer has been stolen. Great if you use a laptop, less useful on a desktop.

27) Unison
Another piece of panic software that enables you to use the usenet newsreader networks. A really good piece of software if you use usenet a lot. If you are looking for a good news provide I recommend Giganews.

28) Vidalia
A GUI controller for the Tor anonymity network. One click on, one click off, simple and easy to use. Best of all its free.


This section is all about video, images and sound. Anything of this nature is included here.

29) VLC
The all in one application for watching videos. Supports nearly every codec imaginable.

30) Aperture
One of Apples Pro programs for organizing and altering photos. A very powerful application although comes with a bit of a price tag.

31) Audacity
A free audio editor which has a few advance features that make it create for editing audio for your videos or other applications.

32) Blender
A free 3D modeler which has the same power of many of the most advance applications on the market. Comes with quite a steep learning curve.

33) Delicious Library
A very cool application used to organise your books, movies, games and CD’s. You can use your built in iSight to save time by scanning your books. Very cool and fun to use.

34) DeskLickr
A simple application that uses the vast photo resource of flickr to change your wallpaper every so often. Makes a cool change.

35) Desktastic
Another Panic app. This time it can be used to write directly on your desktop. Very cool if you use a tablet for your daily work.

36) Gimp
The free image editing program. Used by many open source and linux users. A create start since Leopard doesn’t include any image editing software.

37) Google Earth
One of the best applications from Google. Use it to zoom in on planet earth and explore the world around you. A great time waster, as well as a very useful tool if you are going anywhere and want to check out the surroundings.

38) HandBreak
An open source application that can quickly convert DVD’s to Mpeg-4.

39) iLife
The all in one package made by Apple. I don’t think this needs any explaining.

40) iShowU
This application takes a direct recording of your screen. Great if you want to make recordings of specific applications. You need a good CPU, a bit of a power hog.

41) Joost
A very hot application that lets you watch free TV. Beautiful application even though the amount of TV stations are a bit small.

42) Photoshop
The high priced application for real pros who want to edit and manipulate images and photos. Not for people with tight wallets.

43) Pixelmator
The medium priced application that has a lot of great image editing potential. Not as expensive as Photoshop.

44) Shapeshifter
Bored of your interface? Let shape shifter change it for you. Not Leopard compatible although this is likely to change.

45) Theme Park
A great little app which lets you delve into the resource files for applications and lets you change them. Not as powerful as Shapeshifter but lets you tweak little bits of your operating systems interface.

46) TVShows
A little app that downloads all of the torrent files for your favourite TV shows. You need a bittorrent client to finish the process off.

47) Wallsaver
Puts your screensaver as your wallpaper. Add a bit of life to your desktop.

Little Apps

Little Applications are small applications in size that add a bit of functionality or are just plain cool.

48) Autorate
A simple piece of software that rates your musis in your iTunes library based on the number of plays and track skips.

49) Fish
A simple little program that shows you little fishes swimming around.

50) iAlertU
A little program that can arm your computer. Moving your laptop will set of the alarm and alert you to intruders.

51) Liquidmac
Once again using the motion sensor in a laptop. This program fills the screen with water which you can play around with by moving your computer.

52) MacSaber
Let your Mac become a jedi. Once again using the motion sensor makes cool lightsaber noises. Don’t let the mac fly out of your hands as it has with a couple of people.

53) Quinn
Tetris on the extreme side of life. A cool little app with amazing graphics on the old arcade favourite Tetris.

54) Resize ‘Em All
A little program which can be used to resize images.

55) Rulers
Put a ruler on your screen. This application lets you measure nearly anything on your screen, great if you are in the design world.

56) smcFanControl
A small application that runs in your menu bar to control your fan speeds. A must if you think your computer runs a bit hot.

57) TimeOut
One for the work-a-holic. A little application that tells you to take a break and stop what you are doing.

58) Wallsaver
Sets your screen saver as your wallpaper. A great little program to add a bit of movement to your desktop.


This section of essential applications is all about tools. These are tools to do specific task or just to give you information.

59) Apple Remote Desktop
One of Apples many programs that lets you work effectively on your network. This app lets you look in on a remote desktop and work with it remotely.

60) Battery Health
One of many tools used to help you find out how much juice is left in your Mac battery. A tool for any laptop.

61) BootCamp
Installing Windows on a Mac is never easier with BootCamp. A simple program that create a partition on you disk for installing windows.

62) BwanaDik
A menu bar monitoring tool for you network. Lets you find tons of info about you LAN and WAN in one easy to reach place.

63) Carbon Copy Cloner
For serious back ups you need something like Carbon Copy Cloner that can clone your entire drive quickly and easily.

64) Chmox
Chmox is a program that enables you to open .chm help files on your Mac. Chm files are not supported in preview.

65) Coconut Battery
A personal favourite of mine, this is another battery tool to monitor the health of your battery. I wish my laptop was run off coconuts.

66) DasBoot
DasBoot is a tool to create a diagnostic and repair kit for your computer to put on an iPod or flash drive.

67) Flip4Mac
The tool endorsed by Microsoft to help with those pesky .wmv files.

68) FreeDMG
This software creates drag and drop .dmg archives on the fly. Easy to use if you make a lot of disk images.

69) GeekTool
GeekTool is a preference pane module to show system logs, unix commands output, or images (i.e. from the internet) on your desktop.

70) Growl
A very useful tool that is used by many applications to show a clean way of displaying messages to you. Like the bubbles in Windows except a hell of a lot better.

71) Hardware Monitor
Hardware Monitor is designed to check the various pieces of hardware on you computer for faults and problems as well as give messages back to you.

72) Hex Fiend

Editing hex files cannot be easier with Hex Fiend.

73) HoudahGeo
HoudahGeo allows you to add Geo data to any image within the EXIF data. Helps you find your way around the world in your images.

74) iStat Menus
iStat Menus off a wide range of statistical analysis of your computer including various hardware bits. Their widget is one of my favorites.

75) Mac Pilot
This piece of software allows you to modify various parts of your computer that you would normally have to do through Terminal.

76) MacJanitor
This little app cleans up various system files and other bits and bobs to keep your computer running smoothly.

77) MainMenu
MainMenu is another piece of software to help you keep your computer running smoothly. This one has more advance options such as rebuilding the spotlight database.

78) MenuMeters
Another monitor piece of software but this one is designed to run within the menu bar.

79) Monolingual
Who needs to know French. Monolingual removes the languages from the computer that you do not need.

80) Operation
A project management tool that lets you organise your projects quickly and easily.

81) Parallels
Highly recommended virtualization software for virtualizing other OS’s.

82) Service Scrubber
Helps you organise and remove services from your menus (Name of App > Services).

83) SquidDan
Once a very popular proxy tool for sorting out your own proxy for handling your internet connection. Has become disused over time.

84) Stomp
Stomp those big files down to size. Helps reduce video files into more compressed formats.

85) SuperDuper
Another great backing up utility although its not fully Leopard compatible at the time of writing.

86) Synergy2
A very cool little application that lets you share a mouse and keyboard between one or more computers.

87) TinkerTool
A tool that lets you access more preferences the Apple has built into the OS.

88) VMWare
Another very good piece virtualization software to enable to to virtualize other OS’s.


This final section ,and to round up, is going to be all about top programs for use at work.

89) Cha-Ching
A simple money program that helps you organise your accounts, budgets and finances.

90) Concept Draw
More of a group of programs that offer a wide range of applications such as flow charts to mind maps.

91) Filemaker
A cross platform database application, that has amazing power and potential.

92) iWork
Apples work application package to complement iLife, a good package if you want the Apple integration although lacks on some features.

93) Microsoft Office
Office is one of the most prominent packages on the Windows machines for work programs. Very good on Mac, although some small annoying bugs.

94) Money2
Another application for managing your accounts. The interface on this program is amazing.

95) Neooffice
An Open Office port to Mac, like Microsoft Office, except its free.

96) Nvu
A very powerful webpage editor for designing and creating websites. Just as good as Dreamweaver.

97) Omnigraffle
A brill program that offers a really cool way of creating presentation diagrams. Check out the Omni Groups offerings for all of the cool programs they have to offer.

98) Process
Another program by Jumsoft on this list that lets you plan and organise your projects.

99) Quicken
Another personal finance program, but this one feels more corporate and official.

100) Yojimbo
A cool little program that helps you organise all your bits of information, great if you end up filling up dashboard with millions of stickies.

Cool Apps For Mac Os X 10 6 8

Well folks, there you have it, my personal Top 100 Essential Mac Applications. I hope you agree that there are some awesome applications out there. It has taken me over a week to put this togther and if you think I have missed any please leave a comment with the program you would like to include and a reason why.

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