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If you are sharing the same iCloud account any data you sync with the account (such as contacts) is merged, and any actions you take on one device (such as deleting contacts) also takes place on the device(s) sharing the account. To fix this, you need to be on separate iCloud accounts.

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Jan 13, 2020  1. It lets you transfer call logs from Android to iPhone directly. It allows you to preview and then select the call logs you want to transfer. Besides call logs, it also can help you transfer contacts, messages, photos, music, etc. Click here to download AnyTrans for iOS on PC/Mac computer and follow the steps below to transfer call logs.

With this call blocking app, you can block incoming calls and block texts from specified numbers, unknown numbers, partial match with the first digit, rejecting all calls except for numbers registered in the address book, numbers not registered in the telephone directory, etc. You can hide incoming from the numbers that you wish. Recover Call Logs on iPhone from iCloud Backup. The fact is that once you activate iCloud, the log of all calls will be synchronized to iCloud immediately, and once you find a call disappears from the “Recent Records” list, you can restore the record. Here is how to extract the call logs on the iPhone.

One of you needs to migrate their iCloud data to a separate iCloud account/ID. In your situation, this might be able to do with his phone. To do this, go to Settings>iCloud on his phone, tap Delete Account, choose Keep on My iPhone when prompted. Then sign back in with a separate ID and choose Merge to upload the data to the new account.

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Once you are on separate accounts, you can sign into each account separately on and delete the other person's data from each account.


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To get the contacts on you iPad into your husband's iPhone and iCloud account, make sure his phone has Contacts turned to On in Settings>iCloud. Download the app My Contacts Backup on your iPad and use this to back up your contacts as an attachment to an email. Send this email to your husband. Have him open it on his phone and tap the attachment to import the contacts to his phone, and to his iCloud account.

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