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Sep 20, 2013  Cubetto BPMN is especially designed to create process models very easily and very quick. This is supported by an automated layout which gives all models the same look. The app is available in English as well as German and it has a multi-language support for the created models. Presumably next week Apple will approve the new version with XML export. Find and compare Business Process Management Software for Mac. Free, interactive tool to quickly narrow your choices and contact multiple vendors.

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Business Process Management Software

Business process management (BPM) software is a tool for creating, optimizing, and managing processes like invoicing, budgeting, marketing, financing and accounting. Managers take help of this like a collaborative platform to develop and enhance complex processes as per changing business requirements. Many of the new era organizations utilize BPM tools to coordinate, schedule, and synchronize interdepartmental job flows. The tools can also be used to test and perform the effectiveness of new strategies and formulate best practices for future prospects.

Benefits of Business Process Management Software

The crucial need of BPM has increased because organizations seek to stay competitive by automating their important workflows. BPM software offers the following advantages:

Business agility: It provides you customize and calibrate processes as per business needs. Utilize the software to build a dynamic environment that will enhance and automate processes with the possibilities of management functionality, which organizes non-programmers to add/change business logic in a BPM statistics.

Better compliance monitoring: BPM software allows organizations comply with industry norms and regulations. It does this by coordinating and integrating department-specific modules that sync and mix up with the BPM software on the much higher organizational level. The software documents procedures and ensures compliance with the relevant safety and security measures.

Features of Business Process Management Software

Business process automation: Managing information, tasks, and procedures by automating job flows and processes thereof.

Business Process Modeling Software Mac Pro

Collaboration: Work collectively and simultaneously with client team on a given project. Buyer can also communicate and share information with multiple stakeholders in real time and access it anywhere.


No-code: Creating new processes—using the drag-and-drop function or the visual interface—without having to write down any code, makes it much user-friendly.

Process mapping: Defining and visually mapping all the details and relationships between clients business process models and the elements of of said models.

Process modeling and designing: Mapping and designing buyer’s business processes into digital job flows to enhance buyer organization’s overall productivity scenario.

Reporting/Analytics: Viewing, tracking, and reporting key measurable points to analyze buyer’s business performance.

Cost of Business Process Management Software

Most products available in the market are priced on a “per user, per month” basis and can be divided into three pricing tiers based on the starting prices. A premium product is priced higher that may also have special features like custom plugins and a library of advanced workflow templates.

Points to Check while Buying Business Process Management Software

Integrations: The buyer must check that the vendor should have allowed third-party integrations or provide a customizable API platform to seamlessly integrate client in-house applications. Check whether the built-in templates can be customized to buyer business. Request free trials and custom demos that let buyer validate the software’s interface and performance.

Deployment time: Time depends on the complexity of the processes that are required to be automated and customized. Some BPM tools can be used straight out of the box, while others need tweaking the built-in, industry-specific templates. Check with the vendor about the time required to deploy their software, training duration, and the IT support provided.

Type of solution: There are three types of BPM software in the market. List buyer business challenges and map each issue to a software feature. For example, small businesses prefer basic BPM systems for the user-friendly interface. The advanced BPM software are certainly for dynamic working conditions because these allow third-party integrations. Meanwhile, intelligent BPM is held by organizations that require to get into complex and real-time operational intelligence.

Business Process Management Software Trends

Adaptive case management for wider implementation: This process can mix and match different sub-workflows into one “case,” eliminating a monolithic, complex workflow. It provides multichannel integration, social collaboration, and mobile support to create an dynamic working environment. When managing fast and dynamic progresses, companies will enable adaptive case management technology that offers human-like decisions, not based on predefined flowcharts. BPM software vendors are providing the human-like ability to deal with adaptive cases such as intelligent BMPS. An iBPMS offers managerial staff to get structure adaptive processes to choose the best planned action.

Demand for no-code/low-code BPM is on rise : Companies are increasingly embracing no-code/low-code BPM applications to decreases software complexity and a long learning curve. These applications go for dynamics so hat buyer don’t need to hire programmers. It takes over traditional application development procedures with ready-to-use application form builders, drag-and-drop features, and prebuilt integrations.

Business Process Modeling Software Mac Download

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This article provides a comparison of Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN) tools.


NameCreatorPlatform / OSBPMN VersionFeaturesDiagramme exampleFirst ReleaseLatest ReleaseSoftware license
Model processesExecute processesMonitor processesOther
ActivitiAlfresco Software, Inc. and the Activiti developer communityCross-platform (Java-based and SaaS)BPMN 2.0YYYModeler, Simulation, Execution. Data elements are not supported. Limited supported formats (read/saved internally in BPMN format without exporting capabilities).2010-05-17[1]2016-01-29[2]Apache License 2.0[3]
ActiveVOSInformaticaCross-platform (Java-based)BPMN 2.0YYY20052014Proprietary
ADONIS (software)BOC Information Technologies Consulting AGWindowsBPMN 2.0YYY19952015Proprietary / Freeware (requires registration)
Alfresco Process ServicesAlfreso Software, Inc.Cross-platform (Java-based and SaaS)BPMN 2.0YYY20172018-06-14Subscription. Price based on number of users, computing power and support levels.
ARIS ExpressSoftware AGWindows (and Linux, Mac unofficially)BPMN 2.0Y2009-07-282017-06-29Freeware (registration needed)
BiZZdesign ArchitectBiZZdesignWindowsBPMN 2.0YYYIntegrate with ArchiMate, User collaboration, Support for Collaboration diagrams, BPMN 2.0 XML Export & Import,20122014Proprietary
Bonita BPMBonitasoftWindows, Linux, MacBPMN 2.0YYSupports several formats (read: BPMN, jBPM, Bonita, XPDL; write: Bonita, BPMN2, PNG, JPG, GIF, PDF, BMP, SVG).20012019-10-24[4]GNU GPL[5]
Borland TogetherBorlandWindows, Linux, Mac, Solaris2009-07-04Proprietary/Shareware
Edraw MaxEdrawSoftCross-platformBPMN 2.0YYY20102015Proprietary
Enterprise ArchitectSparx SystemsWindows, Linux, MacBPMN 2.0YYY20002019-01Proprietary[6]
Flowable ModelerFlowable and the Flowable communityCross-platformBPMN 2.0YYY
Flowable BPMN model snippet
2017-10-13[7]2018-05-22[8]Apache License 2.0[9]
IBM BlueWorks LiveIBMCloud (browser based)BPMN 2.0YProprietary
IBM Rational System ArchitectIBMEnterprise Architecture toolBPMN 2.0+Y2014, SeptemberProprietary
Imixs-BPMNImixsCross-platformBPMN 2.0YY20152017[10]GNU GPL
jBPMRed HatCross-platformBPMN 2.0YY2019-11-27Apache License 2.0
LucidChartLucid Software IncCross-platform (browser based)BPMN 2.0Y2011updated twice a monthProprietary - 14-day free trial on team accounts / Free professional accounts for educators and students / Free version
MagicDrawNo MagicWindows, Linux, MacBPMN 2.0Y2007-09-242014-06-02Proprietary/Shareware
Microsoft Visio 2013MicrosoftWindowsBPMN 2.0YRead: MS Visio.

Write: MS Visio, EMF, PDF.

ModelioModeliosoft (SOFTEAM Group)Windows, Linux, MacBPMN 2.0YIncludes BPMN, UML, ArchiMate SysML, Java round trip code generation, documentation, TOGAF, XSD, WSDL.20092019-04-17[11]GNU GPL[12]
OmniGraffleOmni GroupMacY2010Proprietary
PragmaDev ProcessPragmaDevmacOS, Linux, WindowsBPMN 2.0YYPragmaDev Process includes an editor, an executor, and an explorer. The executor goes through the process step by step and can generate an execution trace. Traces can be replayed manually or automatically. The explorer automatically explores all possible scenarios. During exploration an associated property can be verified.20192020[13]Freemium
Software Ideas ModelerDusan RodinaWindows, LinuxBPMN 2.0Y2009-Aug2017-JanProprietary
SYDLE SEED CommunitySYDLE SystemsCloud (browser based)YY2012-072012-07Freeware
yEdyWorksWindows, Mac, Linux/UnixBPMN 2.0Y2013-03Freeware
NameCreatorPlatform / OSBPMN VersionFeaturesFirst ReleaseLatest ReleaseSoftware license

Modelling Software Free


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