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Name: Citrix Receiver

Description: Citrix receiver for Mac, currently known as Citrix Workspace, is an application that allows the users to connect his remote device to the office server directly. The app is free but it is compatible with only Citrix servers. This app is highly favoured by the employees these days because it can highly increase their productivity.


Offer price: Free

Operating System: Mac, Windows

Application Category: Tools

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Citrix Receiver is perfect to run and protect apps, users, devices and networks by using cloud strategy. The app allows the users to have access to the Citrix virtual apps and Desktop apps on any operating system. It has brought an intelligent revolution in IT by compressing the whole work area into a secured and protected screen.


  • Secured connection
  • Offers quick access to apps and desktops
  • Easy to deploy and use
  • Integrates capabilities of other Citrix client technologies.
  • All data is accessible within the app
  • Files can be uploaded


  • PIV smart cards might fail.
  • It does not support all languages.
  • Enabling maximum color depth policy makes the app unresponsive.
  • Fails to paste screenshots in the MS word.
  • The Error message appears when connecting.

Citrix Receiver:

Functions of Citrix Receiver

Initially released in 2009, Citrix Receiver for Mac is the client component of XenDesktop and XenApp that allows the clients to connect to Citrix servers. The prime functions of the Citrix Receiver are to link the user to the XDesktop and XApp desktops and all apps and to send apps, links and documents to other devices.

When Citrix Receiver is used in combination with Citrix StoreFront, the users can avail instant access to all their applications, files, mobile apps and desktop on any Operating system with a common interface.Citrix Receiver provides a secure connection between the user device and the Citrix Receiver through various security technology.

One such technology is Citrix NetScaler Gateway. Because of embedded browsing and single sign-on, the security of data is ensured and the productivity of users is increased.

Download for MacOS

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Main features of Citrix Receiver

App protection

Citrix Receiver for Mac supports app protection. This add on feature enhances security while using this app. This amazing app protects the entire system key logging and screen capturing malware. It protects confidential data and information of the business or corporations and prevents the users and hackers from taking screenshots.

Synchronizations of keyboard layouts

Blackberry Workspaces App For Mac

Before Citrix Receiver, it was necessary for the client device and Linux VDA to have the same keyboard layouts. Using this Citrix Receiver app for Mac, the keyboard layouts of both client and that of Linux VDA synchronizes automatically without delay.

Transmission of sensory information

The app is featured with location and sensor virtual channels to send sensor information to the running applications. For example, the applications use ambient light to control the screen brightness and use accelerometer data to run 3D modelling applications.


Citrix Receiver has many versions as it is regularly updated to meet the new and modern requirements of employees so that they can work productively for their success and that of business or firm for which they are working. It has evolved from ICA Client (former name) to the latest Citrix Workspace.

Importance of Citrix Receiver for employees:

Citrix Receiver enables the employees to work and perform efficiently anytime and anywhere without distractions.

  1. Feasible transfer of information

The app provides a fantastic user-experience and a unified workspace. The employees can transfer and receive everything from web, mobile and virtual apps to desktops, files and analytics. It allows the employees to use any portable device and manage a hybrid infrastructure efficiently and flexibility.

2. Increases productivity

Citrix Receiver increases the productivity of employees because it provides unified experience and takes the work out of work. Employees can do office work anytime and anywhere without any difficulty.

  1. Security

Citrix Receiver provides security to sensitive information. It ensures security through controls based on user contexts like role, device, location and single sign in. The employees can easily detect any unusual behaviour on the website.

Blackberry Workspaces App For Mac Windows 10

  1. Manage global business and corporations

Blackberry Workspaces App For Mac Download

In the case of international or widespread businesses, employees require easy and instant access to data and information. Citrix Receiver distributes data locally and globally and regulates workflows.

  1. Dynamic nature

To meet the needs of ever-changing business priorities, Citrix Receiver is flexible and updates repeatedly to cope with the changing demands of employers and employees. The employees can choose any version that meets their demands.

How to download?

Citrix Receiver for Mac is available with differing prices, features and in different editions. It works on all operating systems i.e Windows, iPhones, Linux, Blackberry and Mac. To download the Citrix Receiver app for Mac, the steps are as follows:

  • Open any browser and type and hit enter.
  • Click on Download Receiver for Mac.
  • Scroll down the page and click on ‘’Download file’’.
  • Once when the download completes, click on .dmg file.
  • Double-click on ”install Citrix Receiver”.
  • After agreeing on terms, enter local computer software and click on install software.
  • Again open the browser and type and hit enter.
  • Log in to the NorthStar network.
  • If the session does not start automatically then click on ‘’Standard Desktop’’.

Citrix Receiver automatically updates itself and replaces the old version.


Download Citrix Workspace App For Mac

With the freedom to choose work style, users can do their work efficiently anytime, anywhere and on any device. Citrix Receiver for Mac does not compromise on the security of data and its single point of entry makes the sensitive information protected. Having good internet speed, you can open any program, check emails, make alterations to the spreadsheets and attend the meeting virtually.