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Mar 06, 2018  iData Pro is a foremost database application for Mac users. Users consider this database management tool to be a superb solution for keeping any kind of. Dec 17, 2016  You forgot to specify the application and criteria for best. So here are a few best database options: Flat files: best because there’s no database and they can be handled in a text editor. SQLite: best because it’s built into OS X and the CoreDa.

Collate and Manage data conveniently with Best Database management app for mac – Managing hefty database could be a daunting task if you don’t follow a proper methodology. However, if you are a mac user then there are a plethora of options which makes things expedient for you.
There are several third party database management applications for mac which are not only easy to install but are convenient to use. If you are in a hunt for some of the best database management app for mac then you must know about the following apps.

QuasarDB is a high-performance database software with distributed, column-oriented layout & native time series support. Features such as in-memory capabilities, API access & unlimited storage help users manage complex time series use cases in financial applications. Read more about QuasarDB. Access is an easy-to-use tool for creating business applications, from templates or from scratch. With its rich and intuitive design tools, Access can help you create appealing and highly functional applications in a minimal amount of time. Tailor your custom apps to your business and your customers. SQL Database Pro for Mac relates to Developer Tools. The most popular versions among the program users are 2.2, 2.1 and 1.2. This software for Mac OS X was originally designed by Impact Financials, Inc. This app is suitable for Mac OS X 10.8 or later. Our built-in antivirus checked this Mac.

Ninox for mac

Ninox for mac is an easy to use flat-file database system through which the users can create or manage heavy databases in minutes. This database management app for mac has excellent features like grouping, calculations, multiple filters and table relations. Its ability to sync through iCloud makes the data accessible from multiple devices.

Sequel Pro for mac: Best database management app for mac

Sequel pro for mac is an excellent database management app for mac users who need to work upon MySQL databases. This application allows the user to choose their preferred language which includes Ruby, PHP, BASH or Python.


It has the ability to automatically highlight the custom queries. The user can also customize the query editor font. One of the most magnificent facets of this application is that the user can easily set up a connection with the local MySQL server on their mac device which further makes it one of the best database management app for mac.

Querious for mac

With this DB application for mac working on vast databases has become an easy task. Some of the best features of this application are its ability to view, search, edit, export, import, configure and monitor the MySQL databases.

Querious for mac allows the user to open raw CSV or Tab files and further lets them split, join, add, remove, reorder and process various rows and columns. This database management app for mac doesn’t only deal with managing the data. It also enables you to check the status of a server such as the number of connections, bandwidth used and the queries running on the server.

Best Mac Software Free

iDatabase for mac:

iDatabase for mac is a convenient database application for the mac users who wish to manage multiple data which may include their expenses, projects, membership lists etc. The application presents around 22 ready to access database templates through which the users can manage any kind or type of information.

Some of the popular templates include inventory, movie catalog, accounts, projects, records, expenses, events, vehicle management amongst others. iDatabase for mac can be easily synchronized through WiFi for iPhone.

Valentina Studio for mac:

Valentina studio for mac has excellent features which include database schema editor through which the user can easily create and modify schema objects of supported databases which include a table, views, fields, enums etc.

With the help of diagram editor, the user can design new diagrams and explore various existing databases visually. Some of the other convenient features include SQL editor, Query Builder, Related data editor amongst others.

The mac users surely have umpteen options to choose from when it comes to the best database management app for mac. However, the above-mentioned mac database management apps are considered to be the best database management apps for mac. Expedient features and easy user interface make database management an effortless procedure for the mac users.

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Best Database App For Mac

1. SQLiteManager

Features and functions:

· Thisfree database software for Macprovides a complete support platform for REALSQL servers.

· The SQLiteManager not just supports SQLite2 and SQLLite3, but also supports the conversion of a SQLite2 database into one of SQLite3.

· This database software provides certain advanced features that have been built into the software, such as query optimizer, language reference and virtual machine analyzer, etc.

Pros of SQLiteManager:

· Most database operations - be it insert, delete, table view, triggers - all are handled effectively by SQLiteManager. Tables can be dropped, created, or renamed with no hindrance.

· This database software not just helps as a query machine but also helps generate reports effectively.

· Blob data can be read and shown by SQLiteManager in TIFF, JPEG, or QuickTime format.

· Importing and/or exporting mechanism is effectively handled.

Cons of SQLiteManager:

· Although frequently used SQL queries are specially categorized, it is a drawback that frequently used databases are not listed up separately. Using the file dialogue each time does get tedious.

· This database manager works perfect for simple queries but fails to handle complex or large filter criteria.

User comments/reviews:

· SQLiteManager is a fairly thorough app. It provides a neat GUI into SQLite if you know your SQL.

· It offers basic data viewing/editing facilities.

· Unlike many alternative applications, SQLiteManager does open SQLite database files on AppleShare volumes, uses a proper Mac OS Cocoa GUI (not ugly Java) and allows editing of views.

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