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Editing your photos can be a real pain. And finding the best free photo editor among so many design tools just adds to the problem. Fortunately, we’ve gathered the best free photo editing software in one place for you. In this article, you will find photo editors, image editors and even a photo collage maker. Best Photo Editing Software Download (2020) Below is the list of free photo editing software to download for your PC. These are perfectly good Photoshop alternatives available for editing images that are free to use. These software can do the same tasks done by Photoshop and sometimes more. So let’s proceed and know about top free photo. What is the best photo editing software when it comes to healing pictures? Definitely Snapheal Pro. This app was actually rated as the Best Mac App Store App in 2012. It uses the world’s most advance image healing algorithms” as stated by its developers and it’s truly a photo editing software.

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Here you can find the best free Mac photo editor software which are very handy to edit pictures on your Mac device. Mac always been handy as compared to Windows or Linux due to its gestures. And All most every video professionals uses Mac for their video or photo editing work. So make photo editing handy in Mac, we are today listing photo editing softwares for your Mac that you can use. Every mac photo editor mentioned on this list are absolutely free to use. You can download these free mac photo editors with the mentioned links and get started.

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List Of Best Free Mac Photo Editors

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Gimp mac photo editor: A free photo editor for mac

Gimp photo editor mac for the first mention in our mac photo editor list. It is an alternative to the adobe photoshop application. Just download the gimp photo editor mac application, which you download apps for mac.Gimp is a free photo editor for mac, which is a cross-platform application. You can also change it’s source code to suit your needs because it is open source.

Features of Gimp photo editor:

  1. Gimp photo editor for mac allows a customizable interface.
  2. Gimp photo editor for mac supports photo enhancement feature.
  3. The Gimp photo editor for mac supports many file extensions like JPEG (JFIF), GIF, PNG, TIFF.
  4. Also, Gimp photo editor for mac can also run on GNU/Linux, Microsoft Windows (XP SP3, Vista, 7, 8), Mac OS X (10.6 and newer), Sun OpenSolaris, and FreeBSD.

Seashore: A free Mac photo editor

Seashore is a free mac photo editor, which is an open-source application. The open-source application is one that has an open (editable) source code. Alpha channel editing, gradients, textures, and customizable brush strokes make the Seashore mac photo editor a user’s favorite. The Seashore photo editor for mac ultimately is based on the GIMP mac photo editor.

Features of Seashore photo editor:

  1. Seashore photo editor for Mac is a cross-platform photo editor.
  2. Seashore photo editor is a free photo editor for mac. (Which is right, you don’t have to spend a lot of money).
  3. Seashore supports TIFF, PNG, GIF, JPEG, JPEG 2000, and HEIC file formats.
  4. Seashore mac photo editor allows you to merge layers or create amazing transparency effects.

Chocoflop: Powerful Mac photo editor

Chocoflop is also a good and free mac photo editor. Surprisingly, it has non-destructive, rich text, core image filters, and raw support when working with a Chocoflop photo editor. Also, it is a trusted mac photo editor by 50000 users globally.

Features of Chocoflop mac photo editor:

  1. Chocoflop is a free mac photo editor. You don’t have to worry about spending on it unless you make an in-app purchase.
  2. Chocoflop is a non-destructive photo editing software for mac devices.
  3. Apple’s CoreImage technology can be put to use with the Chocoflop photo editor.
  4. As a user, you can also benefit from the real-time previews of filters of the Chocoflop photo editor.

Picasa: a popular mac photo editor

Picasa photo editor is the last mention on our list of Mac photo editors. Its features and ease make a famous photo editor of use. The Picasa photo editor is easy to use, and this is the reason behind its popularity. A Picasa web album is a global platform where users can share their photos after editing.

Features of Picasa mac photo editor:

  1. With Picasa mac photo editor, you can eliminate scratches & blemishes, fix red-eye.
  2. Picasa also allows you to do basic editing like cropping, turning photos into movies, collages, slideshows, etc.
  3. A Picasa web album to share pictures after editing.
  4. File importing and tracking features makes Picasa very popular.
  5. Google backs the Picasa photo editor and is hence trustable.

Fotor: Revolutionary Photo Editor and Design Maker

Fotor is arevolutionary photo editor and design maker. It is how they market themselves. For Fotor it is true however, as Fotor is a photo editor that is available cross platform. It is also available on Mac. You can edit photos only Fotor photo editor for mac. Not only this, you can also create collages or create a design from scratch.

Features of Fotor mac photo editor:

  1. Fotor has thousands of design templates to make posters online.

  2. You can create stunning collages using the Fotor photo editor.

  3. Many photo editing effects are also on Fotor app for mac, with which you can also edit photos for Instagram.

  4. You can also make custom theme edits for holidays and cards. Fotor has many features, and also has a premium upgrade where you can purchase more design templates.

  5. Beauty edit photos on Fotor is easy, and anyone can do it within seconds.

Download Fotor.

Pixen: A BONUS Application mention!

Pixen is a photo editing software for Mac on our list. Although it is not free but we choose to feature Pixen in our list of mac photo editors because it has more than just photo editing features. Animation editing, multiple layers capability, and a title view make Pixen the right choice for editing pictures on mac. While animating you might want to screen record. Here’s a way to screen record on mac. You end up paying a very little amount for a truckload of features. If the free versions do not cut it for you, then this one is the best option!

Features of Pixen mac photo editor:

  1. Pixen is a professional pixel art editor that’s available on Mac and iOS.
  2. Pixen supports high zoom levels, apart from animation editing.
  3. Also, Pixen has a broad color palette that compliments the color-rich photos pre and post-editing.
  4. The Pixen mac photo editor comes with hotkeys and pressure-sensitive drawing.
  5. Pixen photo editor supports PNG, JPEG, GIF, ICO, BMP, TIFF, RGF, and SVG file formats.

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Best Free Photo Editing Software For Mac 2012


You can refer to this list before selecting your next photo editing software. Let us know in the comments which photo editors are your favorite. Keep coming back for more tech updates, tips, and tricks.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What is a photo editor?

A photo editor allows users to fine-tune images and make necessary edits. Basic photo editing involves cropping, color correction, and more. Advanced features of photo editing include using layers, transparency control, etc.

What Photo Editor comes with Mac?

‘Photos’ is a built-in photo editor on the Mac device that is already installed on every mac device.

What is the best free photo editing software?

There are many free photo editing software for mac like Gimp, Chocoflop, Picasa, and more.

How can I edit photos for free?

To edit photos for free, you can download any photo editing software we mentioned in our list.

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Everyone knows that MacOS is the best platform for image editing, but finding the right software isn’t so clear. Photoshop is the default choice, but the insane pricing can put it outside the budget for a huge number of people.

There are quite a few free or low cost options, but it can be tough to narrow down between them. After all, some online tools (like Pixlr) are just as effective as the lower-end editing applications available through the App Store.


These tools are our picks for the best free and low cost photo editors for Mac.

GIMP (Download)

GIMP is the closest free tool to Photoshop, but comes with a steep learning curve that can be tough to master. Despite its age, GIMP is still updated regularly and serves as the go-to tool for a huge number of people.

The default suite of tools is powerful, but if you don’t find what you’re looking for, GIMP works with a huge number of third-party plugins. You can expand its utility and functionality to near-infinite levels with a bit of Google searching.

Best Mac Photo Editing Software

The great thing about GIMP is that if you’re already skilled with Photoshop, you can get the hang of GIMP relatively quickly. You’ll need to learn the names for the different tools, but it has almost as much power as Photoshop for none of the cost.

Pixelmator (Download)

Pixelmator is a paid tool available for download on the App Store for $29.99, but it comes with a 30-day free trial if you want to give it a whirl and see if the app works for you.

Pixelmator has a lot of powerful painting and retouching tools that let users change images in any way they can imagine, as well as compatibility with a wide array of different file formats including Photoshop. This means you can open a Photoshop file with various layers and manipulate it just like you would in its original format.

Pixelmator takes advantage of macOS features to provide users with a full-featured suite of image editing software that competes with the best of them.

Fotor Photo Editor (Download)

Fotor is a popular free photo editor for Mac that many of you might have used before. It’s available as an online tool, but if you find that you prefer it for quick and easy edits as opposed to something with more features, you can also download it from the App Store.

Fotor lacks many of the more advanced tools you’ll find with GIMP or Pixelmator, but it does offer a lot of powerful features that less-skilled users will appreciate. Fotor can automatically touch up images and process dozens of images at a time with its batch tool. You can also create collages and set your own borders.

Instagram has nothing on Fotor. Best of all, it’s free – but if you want access to its Pro features, a subscription is $4.99 per month or $19.99 per year.

Photoscape X (Download)

Photoscape X is another free photo editor for Mac that appeals to a niche audience. That said, it has tools that some of the others do not, including the ability to create animated GIFS.

Its primary function is to fix and enhance photos, with all of the tools you associate with image editing. You can merge photos together to create HDR effects, rename multiple photos at once, and add up to 26 different textures.

Photoscape X is free to use, but it does have in-app purchases that you can invest in to expand its function.