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Best Free Mac Video Tracking Software Downloads


Are you a video game developer? If so, you must be aware of the term Motion tracking or matchmoving?? It helps in animating characters, adding other VFX related features in your video game and gives you information in real time that how much of animated data gets generated within a given span of time.

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For using Motion tracking, you need to use software programs or applications on your system. Find below the list of programs:


PFTrack is considered one of the best and high-end matchmoving software in the industry for performing all levels of VFX innovations. It is the first choice for creative geniuses, because it is immensely flexible, has superb functionality and works with complete precision for camera control and frame sync with its technology.


Developed by Imagineer Systems, Mocha is an Academy award winner software, which has made its mark in creating VFX for several blockbuster Hollywood movies. Its high-end features include, graphics tracking, layering through correction, isolation through roto masking, removal of objects, calibration of 3D camera and image and creating digital beauties.


This software motion tracking software for animations, VFX, and games, is available as a non-commercial option. It is developed for aiming towards providing a platform to users for learning, creating and exploring the world of motion tracking or matchmoving absolutely free. Though its free but you can still use professional tools.

Motion Tracking Software for Other Platforms

Several variety and types of Motion tracking software options are available in the market for providing you with the best solution to handle VFX or animation related tasks. Based on the operating system installed on the system you use, like Windows, Linux, Mac or Android. Pick the compatible program and install.

WinAnalyze for Windows

Great Motion tracking software, when installed allows you to perform solving and labeling of loaded video files and tracking objects which are formerly loaded, for exploring and displaying them. It can calculate the velocity of the objects and can also derive acceleration computation. Predefined samples come with it.

Adobe After Effects CC for Mac

For creating visual effects and motion graphics, suitable for the web, tv or other videos, this Motion tracking software is amazing. Its features are interactions made faster, previews made smooth and rendering accelerated. Through it, any 2D characters can be brought to life and without pausing or stopping playbacks, panels can be resized.

SynthEyes for Linux

For tracking 3D cameras this matchmoving software is very effective. It can create data management & post of how during the shoot the real camera moved. For straightforward shots, fully automatic matchmoving is possible. Can perform stereoscopic tracking and extraction of textures can be derived or extracted from any image sequence.

Motive – Most Popular Software for 2016

For body data tracking and large volume precision finger tracking, this software is the most popular option. Tracking, labeling and solving can be done with just a single click, for creating the setup. Lens visualization and capturing of 3D images can be done automatically by external integration through codes support. You can also see Video Rotation Software

What is Motion Tracking Software?

In the world of VFX, computer animation and 3D modeling, Motion tracking play a very vital role as it increases the interaction between humans and computers. For making films and video games, Motion tracking is very crucial and it is termed as matchmoving. You can also see Video Splitter Software

Various software options are developed for performing Motion tracking. In any live action footages, by Motion tracking any type of computer graphics can be inserted. But the software will ensure scaling, orientation, and use of computer graphics in the correct position of the footage. Through tracking and calibration, it has the ability to bring 2D objects to life as well.

VFX is now the most crucial part of filmmaking, irrespective of Hollywood or Bollywood productions. And that is cause the demand of these Motion tracking software programs has been rising with each passing day. From non-commercial, affordable and highly expensive ones. choose the software which will fit your requirements.

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