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Right now, you can get extended free trials for several streaming channels, including Showtime and Acorn TV, as well as free access to EPIX with no subscription required. Apple Channels were introduced last year, allowing Apple TV users to subscribe to third party services including CBS All Access, HBO, Starz, and others. The feature is. AT&T Now app on Apple TV 4K. This is a sub for discussions related to AT&T TV Now and AT&T TV We are now welcoming all current and future users of the new AT&T TV slated for nationwide rollout in February 2020. (Now available in select markets) All cord cutting discussions are welcome! AT&T TV NOW does offer packages with these popular channels, but in larger, pricier tiers. Additional AT&T TV NOW packages. These AT&T TV NOW packages do not include HBO®, but they do offer many channels you’d expect from basic or even higher-tiered cable TV packages. These packages are ideal for those who want a streaming experience with. At definition, (used to indicate a point or place occupied in space); in, on, or near: to stand at the door; at the bottom of the barrel.

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Several weeks ago, AT&T announced that it would be rebranding its DirecTV Now streaming service to AT&T TV Now. That rebrand has officially started rolling out to users starting today.

When you open the DirecTV Now app on one of your devices, you’ll be presented with a pop-up telling you that the service will soon become known as AT&T TV Now. AT&T is quick to note that you still have the “same TV freedom” with the new name.

As detailed by TechCrunch, the DirecTV Now took to Twitter today to tease that its account “is about to get a whole new look.” This was a clear hint at the impending rebrand, and the company confirmed that the change is officially starting to roll out to users today.

At this point, the DirecTV Now app is still branded as such in the App Store on iOS and tvOS. As the rebrand rolls out, we expect this to change sooner rather than later. Your app should update automatically, AT&T says.

For existing DirecTV Now users, not much other than the branding will change, at least in the short term. If you ever need to sign in to a TV app (such as ESPN), you’ll need to choose AT&T TV Now as your provider rather than DirecTV Now. If you’re already signed in, however, you shouldn’t have to reauthenticate. It’s unclear how the change might affect the Apple TV’s single sign-on feature.

At&t tv now app mac

As we explained last month, the goal with the rebrand is to streamline AT&T’s streaming TV services. The recently announced AT&T TV platform will use the same app as AT&T TV Now. Ideally, the company only having to maintain a single TV app will improve the experience across the board.

Have you noticed your DirecTV Now service rebranding to AT&T TV Now? Let us know down in the comments.

Heads up — this account is about to get a whole new look. Stay tuned for an exciting announcement. 👀

— DIRECTV NOW (@directvnow) August 13, 2019

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Apple TV App User Guide

The Watch Now pane in the Apple TV app is the place to start watching movies and TV shows (not all content is available in all countries or regions). Find what you want to watch, add it to your Up Next list, then start watching.

Browse content

  1. Open the Apple TV app on your Mac.

  2. Click Watch Now.

    The Up Next row displays content you’ve added to Up Next, including content you’ve started watching but haven’t finished.

  3. Scroll down to view recommended TV shows and movies—including collections hand-picked by experts as well as dedicated categories based on your viewing history.

  4. Click an item to see its rating, description, available viewing options, and purchase or rental information.

Play a movie or TV show

When you find what you want to watch in the Apple TV app on your Mac, click it, then do any of the following:

  • Play the item: Click Play. (The Play button is available for free content, content you’ve already purchased, or content on Apple TV channels you subscribe to.)

  • Subscribe to Apple TV+: Select “Try Apple TV+ Free” or Subscribe, then follow the onscreen instructions to confirm your subscription.

  • Subscribe to an Apple TV channel: Click “Try [channel] Free” and follow the onscreen instructions.

  • Buy or rent a movie: Click Buy or Rent, then select the option you want and confirm your purchase or rental. For details, see Pick a movie to watch.

  • Buy a TV show episode or season: Click Buy, then select the option you want and confirm your purchase. For details, see Pick a TV show to watch.

See what’s up next

At&t Tv Now Mac App

The Up Next row displays content you’ve already started to watch or plan to watch.

  • In the Watch Now pane of the Apple TV app on your Mac, scroll to the Up Next row to see shows you’ve recently watched or added to Up Next. To see additional items, move the pointer to the beginning or end of the row, then click the left or right arrow that appears.

    Shows and movies appear in the order you’re most likely to want to watch them. For example, when a TV episode is finished, the next episode automatically appears in Up Next. And if you’ve already caught up on a show, whenever a new episode becomes available, it immediately shows up in the beginning of the Up Next row.

    If you have an iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Apple TV and are signed in with the same Apple ID you use for the Mac, your viewing progress and episode selection stay in sync in the Apple TV app on those devices. For example, you can start watching a show on your Mac and finish watching it on your iPad, or vice versa.

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Add a movie or TV show to Up Next

  1. In the Watch Now pane of the Apple TV app on your Mac, click an item to see its rating, description, available viewing options, and purchase or rental information.

  2. Click Add to Up Next.

    The Add to Up Next button changes to In Up Next, indicating that the item is added.

Remove an item from Up Next

  • In the Watch Now pane of the Apple TV app on your Mac, click In Up Next. (If you don’t see the In Up Next button, first click the item in the Up Next row.)

At&t Wireless

Start watching from Up Next

  • In the Watch Now pane of the Apple TV app on your Mac, move the pointer over an item in the Up Next row, then click the Play button that appears.

    If the item is not available to play immediately, follow the onscreen instructions.

Click the Close button to return to Watch Now.

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