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Aug 09, 2018  50+ videos Play all Mix - MPC Touch MacOS DisplayLink issue finally resolved (MacOS High Sierra to MacOS Mojave Beta) YouTube The MPC Cheat Code - Speed Tips and Secrets Revealed. The MPC Touch is the future-forward progression of our legendary MPC series, encompassing the classic feel and workflow of previous models while adding a never before seen touchscreen workflow. “Our new MPC Touch is an incredibly noteworthy event in the evolution of the Akai Professional product lineup.

Jupiter Rising


Akai Professional presents 'Jupiter Rising'. A dedicated MPC instrument expansion re-creating the richness and sonic depth of the most famous synthesizer in history.

Jupiter Rising delivers 128 patches for Standalone/Desktop MPC Hardware/Software sampled at the highest quality bringing you the most authentic sample-based emulation to date. Sound designer Matia Simovich spent over 4 months creating detailed patches then sampling, layering, editing each patch staying faithful to the original sound.

From Lush Deep Pulsing Pads to Fluttered Leads & Modulated PolySynths, Jupiter Rising will take you back in time to the iconic richness of the 80s synth era. Each instrument Patch inside Jupiter Rising loads instantly inside MPC Standalone/Desktop /Force Keygroup mode. Load multiple instances of patches or blend any of the internal Air FX plugins directly to patches making them your own.

From classic 80s movies & electropop to today's Electronic Club Scene, Jupiter Rising will sprinkle a touch of magic dust over your productions.

Akai pro mpc softwareSo, I am completely new to MPC software. I have a new Touch and I am trying to configure it with my Mac Air OSX 10.12.1 but I am having issues.
I have downloaded the installer and have completed the first four steps. But, I am continuously getting stuck on the Configure Screen step with the 'Need More Juice' message.
Depending on whether I turn the power on before or after I start the configuration step the software will also just hang on the 'Looking for MPC Hardware' screen, even though it is connected and showing my desktop on the Touch. I have tried many times.
I have turned off the mirroring function on the Mac and restarted at all previous steps when necessary.
Any help will be really appreciated. This is easily the most complicated set up for a controller I have ever seen!

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