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The Soulful Instruments

Akai Professional & MSXII Sound Design are proud to bring you the latest in our MPC Expansion Instrument Series sound packs.

The Soulful Instruments expansion is exactly the detail to attention and quality you've come to expect from MSXII Sound Design. 64 key groups of vintage upright pianos, Precision Bass, Rhodes, horns, EPs, Wurlizter, Clavs, Organs, vintage analog synths, and much more! Tracked and processed through high quality, vintage preamps & outboard gear, this MPC Expansion pack will take your sonics to the next level immediately.

Akai Mpc 3000

To take it a step further, MSXII Sound Design has utilized the incredible stock set of FX that ship with the MPC to enhance the sounds in The Soulful Instruments. You'll find that this expansion pack is every bit of a learning tool as much as it is a unique set of instruments. The intention is for you to study this internal signal processing to become a better music producer.

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Per usual, MSXII Sound Design & Akai have teamed up to build another timeless instrument. Soul music is felt. Soul music is timeless. Soul music has and will continue to stand the test of time. The Soulful Instruments MPC Expansion pack is built from this pedigree. The Soulful Instruments is compatible with the MPC Live I & II, MPC X, MPC One, Akai Force, and MPC Software.

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*Demos include drums & percussion from the Soul Provider 1 & 2 expansions*.

Akai Mpc 2500 Software Mac Pro

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